How to Convert Mixed Fractions to Decimals

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Can you tell me how to convert 5 2/100 to decimal? I try to help my daughter with math.


and someone would explain to me how to convert 62 1/2 into decimal


Sorry if doing the whole procedure to convert a decimal to a fraction gives me a decimal number again, how is interpreted example 0.540 doing the whole procedure gives me 4.32 someone could help me please


Excuse me, how do I convert an integer to a decimal?
Could someone explain to me


Divide the numerator and denominator (5/4
5 รท 4 = 0.8)

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Sergio prepared 12 1 / 2kg of jam how many 1/2 containers he needs


If I have 25 meters of fabric and for a bag you need two fifths of fabric, how many bags can be made with the total amount of fabric?

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What about your operations to solve with the example?


It’s great, when I stay between one more website, but no, it shows you everything step by step, I understood everything, I give it five stras


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How to convert a decimal number to a mixed operation


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how much is a whole a quarter
in decimal

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I am 13 years old and I understood you just have to take a good look

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This will help me study and review what I did not understand about mathematics, thank you very much.


Camila bought a tie at L95.89 a pants that cost L215.95 more than the tie a shirt that cost L35.93 less than the pants and a pair of socks that cost L25.12 less than the tie A … . How much did the pants cost him B ….. how much did the shirt C cost him …. how much did the socks cost him D …… how much did I spend for everything SOMEONE CAN TELL ME


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