How to care for a belier rabbit

Do you share your life with a beautiful belier rabbit? If your answer is yes, get ready to have a great partner. The belier rabbit is beautiful and has cute floppy ears. In addition, they are sweet, peaceful and very sociable rabbits. It is a very good option as an animal with which to live due to its good character, its nobility and its intelligence.

However, having a rabbit is a great responsibility and if you want to give it the best care so that it is healthy and happy, we invite you to continue reading. Next, in a HOWTO, we offer you a guide on how to care for a belier rabbit.

How is the belier rabbit – characteristics

Did you know that there are several types of belier rabbits or subraces? Specifically, these are the ones that can be found today:

  • Belier French
  • Dutch Belier
  • Belier English
  • Belier or Lop Lion’s Head
  • Belier or German Lop
  • Belier or Lop of Kashmir

This breed of rabbits can weigh between 2 kg and 7 kg, depending on the sub-race in question. The life expectancy of a belier rabbit is between 7 and 9 years, but they are somewhat delicate animals and if you do not pay attention to their health and care, their life can be shortened. If you are a responsible and attentive guardian, your rabbit will have a great quality of life. However, keep in mind that rabbits are very sociable animals in calm circumstances, but that they are also territorial, especially in mating season. If you want to have more than one, make sure there is enough space for all of them and, in addition, we recommend spaying or neutering them.

In addition, the most characteristic feature of this species and that, surely, it will have already captured your attention, is that they have the very long and droopy ears. Although this is a trait that makes them more tender in our opinion, the truth is that it can also lead to some problems, such as otitis.

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How to care for a belier rabbit - How is the belier rabbit - characteristics

How to care for a belier rabbit – basic care

Now that you’ve learned more about what these animals look like, let’s talk about how to care for a belier rabbit. To begin with, we clarify that the care of this animal is the same as for any other breed of this species, although it is true that you have to focus a little more on the care of its ears and ears. So, start with the basic care of belier rabbits:

What do belier rabbits eat?

In summary, these are the foods these rabbits need:

  • Fresh and clean water (they need to always have availability)
  • Hay (they need large quantities).
  • Green leaves such as carrot, turnip, cabbage, etc. (they need a large quantity).
  • Roots, tubers, fruits and seeds (less quantity).
  • I think (little daily amount).
  • Treats or prizes (very little quantity and from time to time, as they have too many sugars).

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Caring for the teeth of the belier rabbit

This breed, like any type of rabbit, needs to gnaw constantly. Caution must be exercised with overgrowth of teeth and dental malocclusion which is one of the most common diseases in rabbits. This problem causes the rabbit’s teeth to grow out of proportion. That is why it is important to procure food or objects that can be gnawed frequently to have this problem under control; although if it occurs, you have to go to the vet urgently because the rabbit will stop eating as it is impossible.

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Cage and exercise for a belier rabbit

Beliers need a cage like any other rabbit, that is, as big as possible, with suitable bars, with a door on the side or in the front so that it can enter and exit by itself (cages with only upper door) and with everything you need inside (drinking trough, feeder, side hay tray, shelter, etc.). Likewise, it is necessary to ensure very good hygiene of the cage.

In addition, they must getting out of the cage several hours a day to exercise while you play with them or watch them, because inside the cage they will never have enough space.

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Bathing a belier rabbit

Wondering how to bathe a belier rabbit? The truth is that it is not advisable to bathe rabbits because they themselves have very good hygiene and it is not advisable to wet them often or use products that, really, may not be the most suitable. You only have to bathe them if they are very dirty and always use products such as shampoos for rabbits, which are not perfumed or have strong components that alter the pH of their skin. Also, you have to have special watch out for ears when bathing them to prevent them from entering water in the ear, accumulates and becomes an otitis. This problem is quite common in beliers, so if you have one, remember that this point is very important.

A good method to wash a rabbit when it is very dirty and without having to resort to wetting it is to do it dry with suitable products. Here we explain How to dry my rabbit.

How to care for a belier rabbit - How to care for a belier rabbit - basic care

How to care for a belier rabbit: clean its ears

To finish talking about the caring for a belier rabbit, We want to influence the care of your ears and ears, because as we have already indicated, they are very delicate. The fact that they have the very long, heavy and droopy ears, normally folded forward, makes them have little ventilation. The lack of ventilation in the ears facilitates the accumulation of bacteria, earwax and, in case of bathing them, water. All this can greatly favor the appearance of otitis: an inflammation and infection of the animal’s ear canal.

If you detect that your belier rabbit scratches one or both ears a lot, that he shakes his head more than usual or always to one side and if you see that his wax darkens or there is a lot of accumulation, then you will be observing several of the symptoms of otitis in rabbits.

If you detect it, you will have to take the animal to the vet to confirm the diagnosis and offer you the best treatment. Typically, this is clean rabbit ears with some ear drops medicated with the most appropriate medicine for the case (the veterinarian must choose the type of drops). You should apply the treatment for days and even clean the ears well, always respecting the time indicated by the veterinarian.

Furthermore, we recommend that for prevent otitis in belier rabbits, follow these tips:

  • Observe their ears daily to see their condition, to see that there are no foreign objects (for example, a piece of hay or plant) and to facilitate their ventilation. Do it daily or often but carefully so as not to damage or damage the cartilage of the ear.
  • Never bathe him with water or when doing so make sure to dry his ears very well.
  • Clean and dry your ears periodically. To do this, use a sterile gauze or several, wrapping it around your little finger and passing it through the ear of the rabbit and a little in the entrance of the ear. Then you can roll a gauze on itself to finish cleaning a little better inside the ear. This way you will never get inside completely, you will not touch the eardrum and, thus, surely you will not make it a year (something that could happen if you use ear buds) and you will make sure to remove dirt.
  • You can use specific drops to clean the ears of rabbits, but they are without medication. Apply a few drops in one ear and gently massage the base so that the liquid enters well. Then let it shake off and finish wiping it with gauze, as we have explained before.

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How to care for a belier rabbit - How to care for a belier rabbit: clean its ears

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