How to care for a bamboo – 8 steps


I loved it, thank you very much my sister and, my mother did not know how to take care of a banbu so thank you very much

Enriqueta Quiroz

I have bamboo on the ground, but I don’t know what to do with it, how to order it, guide it, if it has to be pruned and everything I have or should do to it is beautiful but messy, advice please

Daisy flower

My bamboo plant is in water

But I took it out in the sun all afternoon one day to maintain the water and now it looks yellow and run down 🤔😔.


It should not give it direct sunlight, it is an indirect light plant

catherine belmar

Hello, I have a bamboo stick in my office, my question is the following: do I have to wash the roots? What happens is that they are like with fluff stuck and I do not know if it will be good to touch them. I hope you can answer me. It is worth mentioning that nobody cares for this plant and it is not very big. Thanks.


What to do for bamboo reed bronchitis in water to get more shoots in each trunk I only have 1 and in another the shoot that I had has dried, what do I do to get more shoots

Margarita Ramirez Arellano

I have a 7 meter tall bamboo with little arms or suckers after two meters, which I have to do to maintain it or how I keep it in shape.
Thanks in advance.

I live in Querétaro.


Because the bamboo turned yellow and its leaves dried, it is planted in the ground, it gives it light through a dome, how can I improve its appearance, before it was intense green, it is a large office reception area

Fulton Pedro Cruz Vera

I have planted it in my home city of Montalvo, Los Rios province, Ecuador, and I tell you that a white flower in the shape of a bouquet bloomed and I liked your information based on this bamboo, you can send me more information


We change the bamboo from the pot and the leaves are turning yellow, what can I do?

noemi ester bisignano

Thanks for the information I will take your information into account.

Silvia Pallares ferrer

Hello, I have had bamboo branches for a year and I change the water for them once a month. They are not in a dark area. The branches and leaves have become too dark, what can Acer do to regain the beautiful green they had?

ana canedo

my bamboo was in a bottle with little water
its visible leaves fell, but inside the bottle there were 3 beautiful leaves
how to continue ‘


Hi, I have a sativa plant, how do I take care of it, I hope Garcias answers

Rossler Hector

how much water should contain the container where the bamboo stick is, cover only the root. The rest can be filled with decorative stones?


I have a water bamboo, about 2 months ago I moved it ….. and the trunk and its leaves began to turn yellow, the truth has never lasted so long … and now !!!! .. Could it be that this place is colder than I was used to ??

Maria del Carmen Terradez

I have a water bamboo that was beautiful and the stem began to turn yellow and the green leaves fell off. What should I do to cut the stem to get that yellow because if that continues to grow I think it will end up with my plant. Thank you!


Something would happen if I put together different kinds of bamboo in a single pot, I wanted to know if they die or wither or should I separate them each, thank you.


my bamboo plant its leaves have turned yellow what to do to avoid thanks

Berta Garcia

I have two bamboo plants inside the house and they are turning yellow, please let me know what I can put ………? Vitamins? Please answer me, very grateful!


What food (herbs, seeds, cereals, tablet) can I use to care for and feed my bamboo at home.


the laki bambuse turns the leaves yellow, they are cleaned with what thanks

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