How to apply ALOE VERA on the FACE

How to apply aloe vera on the face

Aloe vera is a plant that has numerous properties and health benefits, however, it can also be the best ally for the care of your hair and, above all, of your skin. If you want a natural product that helps you fight the signs of aging, blemishes and acne scars, aloe vera is an ideal alternative.

If you want to start incorporating this calming and energizing product into your daily cleaning, be sure to visit this oneHOWTO article. Discover how to apply aloe vera on the face and what are the properties, benefits and contraindications that you should know to get the most out of this ingredient … let’s go!

Properties of aloe vera for the face

Aloe vera is one of the plants that is most used medicinally, something that we must thank for its high content of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, essential organic compounds for the proper functioning of the body. However, many of the properties of this ingredient make it a great option also for skin care, especially that of the face.

These are some properties of aloe vera on the skin that you should know:

  • Soothing propertiesThese make aloe vera perfect for healing burns, dermatitis and eczema, as well as various types of irritations.
  • Moisturizing properties: if you suffer from dryness or acne, aloe vera can become your best ally, since within its properties, moisturizers are the most popular.
  • Antioxidant propertiesAloe vera is also a perfect natural product to fight free radicals that affect the skin, something that is due to its antioxidant properties.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: this plant also has anti-inflammatory effects that can relieve certain muscle and bone pain.
  • Healing properties: Aloe Vera is a refreshing and healing plant that, as we have already advanced, can help you treat burns, wounds and sores, among other skin problems.
  • Regenerative properties: the regenerative properties of aloe vera are essential to maintain the health of skin tissues.
How to apply aloe vera on the face - Properties of aloe vera for the face

Benefits of aloe vera on the face

Now that you know the properties of aloe vera for the skin, it is necessary that you know the benefits that its use on the face will bring you. One of the key points is that contrary to what happens with many facial care products, aloe vera is recommended for all skin typesIf you have dry, oily or very sensitive skin, this remedy offers deep, total and complete care without side effects. So, before we see how to apply aloe vera to your face, let’s see how it can help you:

Cleanses the skin in depth

Thanks to its regenerative and antioxidant properties, you can clean even the deepest layers of your skin in a simple way. In addition to removing dirt and dead cells that hide under the skin, aloe vera will allow you to deal with the impurities that accumulate on your face day after day and that are the cause of many acne problems.

Maximum hydration

The moisturizing properties of aloe are essential to deeply nourish the skin of the face (one of the most delicate of the body). From unCOMO we recommend its use especially during winter, since it is a season in which the skin tends to dry out much more and feel tight. When faced with dry skin, aloe vera may be your best option.

Aloe vera for face blemishes

Another of its great powers is to combat and significantly reduce the visibility of facial blemishes, especially those caused by exposure to the sun, by hormonal changes and by the passage of time. If you want to use aloe vera for blemishes on your face, it is best to use this product regularly and do not abandon its application until you see clear improvements.

Aloe vera for face wrinkles

The daily use of aloe vera serves to strengthen and stimulate the collagen and elastin fibers of the skin, which translates into a clear decrease in wrinkles, as well as other signs of aging. Thus, by applying this natural cell regenerator to your face on a regular basis, you will achieve a smoother and stronger complexion.

Aloe vera for scars

The healing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory power of aloe is essential to treat wounds and scars, since the saponin content of aloe vera is responsible for regenerating the most damaged skin tissues. If you want to hide a scar or reduce its size, the regular application of aloe vera can be of great help.

Aloe vera for acne

In this case, it is worth mentioning the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties of aloe vera, fundamental powers when it comes to drying acne on the face and reducing its swelling. If you have acne problems and are in treatment, combine it with the daily use of aloe vera and you will see noticeable changes in less time.

How to apply aloe vera on the face - Benefits of aloe vera on the face

How to apply aloe vera on the face – step by step

The time has come to discover how to use aloe vera on the face. Of course, there are several answers to the question how to apply aloe vera on the skin, since there are aloe vera creams, masks with aloe vera and other products to consider that will be better or worse depending on the skin problems you want to treat. :

Direct application of aloe vera

If you have an aloe vera plant at home, you can use it directly on your face in a very simple and effective way. Follow the steps that we propose below:

  1. It extracts the inner pulp of the aloe vera leaf, that substance with a jelly-like and transparent texture.
  2. Remove excess aloin from the leaf, a yellowish oil that could irritate your skin.
  3. With the skin very clean and dry, spread the aloe vera pulp on your face or only on the area to be treated. If you have a specific stain that you want to remove, for example, you can apply the liquid only to the stain. The same happens if it is an area with pimples or an irritated area.
  4. Let your skin absorb the aloe vera and remove the remains with plenty of water after 15 minutes.

A trick? If you have a very large leaf and you don’t want to waste the pulp, wrap it in aluminum foil and keep it in the fridge for a week at most. If you want more information about How to use aloe vera for blemishes on the face, take a look at this article and if, on the other hand, you want to know How to use aloe vera for facial wrinkles, follow this link.

Aloe vera creams and similar products

There are also very good creams with aloe vera and masks made from aloe vera, however, the aloe gels vera are the purest option after direct application of the plant. When purchasing a gel, pay close attention to the concentration of aloe vera it contains, since the higher the concentration (as close to 100% as possible), the purer and more beneficial the gel will be.

Another good option is to buy aloe vera-based creams (These can be moisturizers, anti-aging creams, anti-blemish creams, etc.), although you will have to watch out with the rest of the ingredients that these ointments include. If you wonder how to use aloe vera for face When it comes in gels or creams, you should keep in mind that each product may contain different instructions, however, they almost always follow this pattern:

  1. Make sure to clean and dry your face well before moving on to applying the cream.
  2. Using your fingertips, apply some gel or cream to your face.
  3. Massage the skin of your face gently, making circular movements and dabbing on the skin to promote absorption.

Mask with homemade aloe vera

The last way to apply aloe vera on the face is through homemade masks that mix aloe with other natural ingredients perfect for treating various problems. Depending on whether you want to make a mask with aloe vera for blemishes, acne, wrinkles or dry skin, you will have to make one mixture or another, so from UNHOW we invite you to visit this article on How to make a face mask with aloe vera. You will find very varied and effective options.

How to apply aloe vera on the face - How to apply aloe vera on the face - step by step

When to apply aloe vera for the face

You already know the benefits and contraindications of aloe vera for the face and you know how to apply it correctly to take advantage of its properties, however, you may have doubts about how long aloe vera should be on the face or when is the best time of day to use it.

You should know that if you are going to use the pulp of aloe vera directly on your face, 15-20 minutes action will be enough for the plant to do its job. However, many people wonder if they can apply a little aloe vera before going to sleep and let it act overnight. The answer is that yes, you can apply some aloe vera gel (or any cream that contains aloe vera) on your face before going to sleep and wash your face well in the morning before starting your beauty routine.

Also, the answer to the question “Is aloe vera good for the face every day?” it is also yes, …