How is the LUNAR CALENDAR for 2021


can you send me the 2019 lunar calendar


Excellent !! Thanks!!!

ofelia Giraldo

I find it very interesting to know the phases of the moon. My mother taught me to plant in waning, because trees or plants grow like bushes and look better and bear better fruit.


I would like a publication on how agriculture affects the moon


I want to know about August last quarter dates




I want to know when it is waning


What day the new moon falls on October 1 or 30, I would like to know what day the new moon falls. let it be friday


I want to know the phase of the moon

yuri guzman

I would like to receive by email the change of the moon in the calendar and more when it is a crescent moon


Hello, I would like to receive by email the change of the moon for the Gemini horoscope of May 24, 1957 in Love Money Health. Thank you very much very good the page is of interest, a greeting

Sigfredo Acevedo Rivera

This report is very interesting for older people who follow the moon phase (such as farmers and fishermen) thank you very much.

Jetsyel eduardo

Sorry for that, but every month they have a slight error, the crescent moon has the right to the waning moon, as you explained very well at the beginning. First comes a new moon, then a crescent moon, a full moon, and a last quarter moon, this may confuse many people who come to inquire. Thank you!

Lesli Suarez

Conchole I thought it was just me … Friend, you’re right, it seemed strange to me.

Isabel Delgado

Good night, exactly what date can I cut my hair?


On crescent moon


very interesting, I really liked knowing the phases of the moon, thanks

Erwin rujano

I would like you to help me investigate why the October full moon causes a hangover and once a year on this October moon the sea carries the sand off the coast

Mildred Santana

I need the correct hours when the moon changes after cutting my hair a little thought I wanted good weather to be it and the nails would deny very happy bel my hair long hair with in years before river re

Mildred santan

I want to be up to date. Of these we saw the moon I want to improve my hair I have it short and I want it to grow I have curly hair always gnawed that usual we saw the moon is very good


I want to know about the lunar calendar faxes of the moon and dates I consulted it in the calendar and I did not find this year I am interested in knowing in this month when is the crescent moon thanks

Stefania A

does the time matter? I want to cut the ends of my growing hair