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ByBill Toulas-January 11 2020.356 The most recent revelations highlight a previously unknown Windows evaluation system based in China. The people chosen to review the recordings were neither qualified nor supervised. Numerous of the highly sensitive recordings are still in the reviewers ‘ personal laptops. Even if their purpose was not to share or sell this data, Microsoft did not provide cybersecurity tools or training to help them defend it against hackers. One reviewer says he’s stored thousands of Skype phone calls for review in his laptop over the years and he’s not even inclined to delete them right now. The only context these testers gave Microsoft was their qualifications on language knowledge and their bank accounts. This is how far the other businesses were revealed last summer for doing exactly the same thing. Even if Microsoft did not realize their mistake about any of the steps they took in this project, they surely knew that any data that ends up on Bejing servers is subject to Chinese government scrutiny. Thus the Chinese government retained and used against individuals or even organisations could have already obtained confidential recordings from Skype and Cortana users from the United States or from other places in the world. It is inherently wrong to put cost-effectiveness above data protection and a gross breach of the trust of the consumers in Microsoft and its products. The organization has told the media that they have scrapped their grading systems for Skype and Cortana and that whatever analysis is taking place now is taking place in secure facilities and under strict supervision. It means there is no longer something going on in China and Microsoft says this has been the case since last summer. However some users have already been exposed with their files still residing on machines of other people with their sensitive data being available at any time in the future for possible misuse. Microsoft never contacted these customers, nor did they provide them with any kind of reimbursement for the irreversible damage they suffered.