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Here’s what to expect from Kodi in 2019 In New Versions Terms More Future Growth!!With the holiday season this year behind us many of you have already returned to your daily lives. Next we’ve gathered our 2018 observations and we’re sure that many of you have made some resolutions that you’re going to try and materialise. Now it’s time to look forward to 2019 and see what to expect. The editorial team at TechNadu are keeping a close eye on Kodi and his vibrant community. And you know how reactive the culture can be, too. Every day new addons emerge and hugely popular ones will disappear overnight. And we’ve seen a lot of talk about piracy in 2018, and how the developers of Kodi are trying to fight that kind of reputation. So, is 2019 going to be any different? What should Kodi expect in 2019? Let’s work it out! We’ve done our work and we’re ready to present our results as faithful Kodi Fans. So here’s what Kodi’s to expect from 2019!

1. Kodi v18 Leia Is (Soon) To be released officially 2. Kodi v19 Will be unveiled to The Kodi Community

We know very little of Kodi 19 at the moment. And considering that Kodi 18 is still under production, it is not shocking that the developers of Kodi are not yet focusing on the next major release. There are however some fascinating tidbits showing a path Kodi is going. As Kodi’s development team Kodi 19 says will come with Python 3 interpreter. To regular users, this is not such a big deal. However, for third-party developers it’s a big deal since they need to make their addons compatible with Python 3. This is done either using a converter, or from scratch, building their software creations. The good news is that Kodi’s developers announced this transition early so third party developers will have plenty of time to join the bandwagon.

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Flagship Features We can all agree that Kodi is already a hugely capable media player. It is also one of the fastest-growing applications however. Each year we see the release of new major versions-which does not stop the Kodi group from making their requests. We have turned to official Kodi forum when it comes to requests. First of all, on the forum you can find an interesting list of frequently requested features some of which were already approved. However we took a deeper look and found some requests for features that are so popular that Kodi developers will most certainly try to implement them. 1. Kodi on Samsung Smart TVs

A native Kodi version for Samsung TVs is one of the features which is often requested. As you probably know, Kodi is available on a wide range of devices – everything from laptop TVs and even media streaming devices to desktop computers. Samsung’s TVs, however, have never been on this list, which is surprising given Kodi’s broad app compatibility. We are talking about the Tizen TVs from Samsung here. If you’re lucky enough to have an Android TV-powered TV you can install native Kodi on Android TV. That is not the case with Tizen though. There have been some signs that Kodi developers are well aware of this condition and that their choices are being looked at. So making Kodi 19 run natively on Tizen would certainly be an answer to the prayers of many Kodi users. Kodi already supports the

AirPlay. It doesn’t bring exactly the highest level of implementation though. With that said it’s no wonder why many Kodi users are asking for more comprehensive support from AirPlay. We’ll have to wait and see if there’s anything Kodi 19 will do about the AirPlay. We also assume, though, that this could be something that is difficult to resolve. That’s because Apple has strict AirPlay limits, and the issue is that Kodi comes from an ‘ unknown ‘ source (instead of being available on the tvOS / iOS App Store). In other words, it must be sideloaded to your Apple TV and iOS devices. 3.

Full Web browser integration There has been a lot of discussion about having a web browser inside Kodi for several years now. Numerous Kodi users have expressed their desire to have a full-fledged Web browser or at least some form of such integration. This could open Kodi theoretically towards new skills. This request ranks high on Kodi’s official forum so we are sure that it has been noticed by Kodi’s development team. Furthermore, we do not have any official statements as to whether Kodi is prepared to have a full integration of the web browser. 4.

3D Stereoscopic support In Kodi

Final Thoughts

Dear fans of Kodi, this is where we end our 2019 Kodi predictions. Don’t hesitate to post your comments below in case you have anything to add. And of course stay tuned to TechNadu as we will be bringing you the latest Kodi news as soon as they happen.