88+ Hipster haircut For Guys

Complete the style with a matching beard and watch as all the women see you swoon. Remember the bushy mustache.

Ash Blonde and Man Buns

This hipster haircut instance has everything. The lovely color, a rich ash-gray blonde, a man bun, and the sides completely shaved. The nose ring is also a punk splash to the whole look.

Beach Waves

You’re lucky when you’re a hipster and want beach waves because they’re no longer just for women. A lengthy hairline, side-swept just to one portion and coated in some gel will get you there.

Big Wave Hipster Haircut

Big Wave Haircut. For additional creativity, side designs are added.

Braided Bun

Here you can see a hippie use of lengthy hair, where the hair is braided to produce a more advanced look instead of a simple bun. There’s facial hair to make everything manlier as well.

Brushed Back Blue Hair

Give your hair volume by smoothly pulling your fingers from the roots. Use a little styling gel to brush your hair back while running your fingers simultaneously through it.

Fade plum

The rich color of the chestnut compliments all skin tones and eye colors. Get your beard to match, and all the ladies ‘ hearts have won a golden ticket.

Choppy Tousled Peaks

Trim separate lengths into your hair and transform it into spikes using styling wax at the end. To make sure your peaks maintain their shape, use a big quantity of wax.

Classic Man Bun

Brush your hair until it’s smooth and curl back into a man’s bun. Tie the bun with an elastic hair in position. For a man with longer hair, this is the normal hipster hairstyle.

Combed Over in Waves

This is the hipster haircut that Count Dracula borrows from himself. Seeing that we all enjoy a nice reference in literature, we also encourage you to try it out. The color is an amazing blonde of dark ash. Moreover, hair separation is way in the back, creating the illusion of vampires.

Curly Taper Fade

The top portion comprises of dense curly height locks while the sides are tapered. The small beard compliments the hair’s curly texture.

Curly Top Hawk Haircut

While gradually fading, the undercut decreases sides and back. The curls at the top, however, you feel like or just let them be, are left wild for you to arrange.

Tinted Hipster Style

Another way is to dye your hair with funky or bright colors. This will offer you the correct hipster look, but it’s not for males above (although we’ve got a list of haircuts that look nice for older males).

Flowing Locks and Perfect Beards

This could be a perfectly manicured hipster man’s motto right here. A side sweep on one side with lengthy and lovely tresses, which also shows a shaven side and a lovely beard.

Forward Styled Fringe

Combine your hair and hang over your forehead. Use a little styling wax soft-set to keep the fringe up by making it look touchable.

Forward Swept Quiff

If you do not want your hair to be arranged in a clean vintage quiff, the best option is a fluffy one. Get your hair up for a clean look with styling gel and a comb.


If your hair is naturally dense and luscious, you can hold it all over your head. This sort of hair will simply make individuals want to go through it with their fingers.

Glamor and Style

A glamorous look. If you decide to consider this hipster haircut, you can get it as well and look like that every day.

Grey Means Wisdom

When he decided to sport this hipster haircut, this model did have wisdom. The brief sides and the comb over on his head’s dome make him look at the same moment exceptionally elegant and fierce.

Hair Raising

Add some styling gel and finger through your hair to make it simple to arrange. Comb from the roots upwards and adjust as you please.

Handlebar Mustachehipster

The ultimate hipster touch that can be added to your style is the handlebar mustache. Improve any haircut by teasing your moustache into thin curls of the handlebar.

White hipsters

White hipsters mean class and elegance. Combined with a patterned jacket and a bow tie, the ivory jacket will make you look like you’re off with the Queen for tea. Don’t miss the stick of walking.

Laid Hipster Cut

This laid back features a neatly styled pompadour hairdo. A patchy beard under the jawline and chin grows thicker and darker, providing a bit of definition to the look.

Layers and Lengths

Don’t worry about playing and experimenting with distinct lengths and layers when thinking about your haircut hipster. Being component of the hipster subculture means going beyond the norms and letting your creativity run wild.

Long and Medium Dreads

This hair includes dread wax, residue-free shampoo, comb and hair ties, but there is also a hipster strategy by leaving your hair to curl into dreaded knots.

Lost at Sea

In the hipster globe, the lost look at sea is preferred. It shows the picture of a very well-groomed seaman who just stumbled for a cup of coffee and a scone on the ground.

Man Bun, Undercut, and Full Beard

Keep your long locks in and there’s no better way to do that than a man bun. A dense beard enables to create the appearance more masculine.

ManicuredSlick Back

This is the mohawk’s rebelliousness with a classy cut neat style. Mixing provides you an amazing result about your appearance as a hippie.

Medium Pompadour

Pompadour is appropriate for males with high cheekbones and square jawls. The sides are cut short and a beautiful beard and a dense moustache finish the look.

Messy and Chic

This elegant man’s model of perfection demonstrates us what a chaotic haircut can do for a young man. As a result, it can breathe into its looks some fresh life, turning its style into a very cool and casual one.


Messy Curls

Wear messy curls long, thick and wavy. It provides them texture and adds some volume to the top as well. The sides are trimmed to form the beard’s appearance and contrast.

Mid Curls

Longer hair could transform as it develops into natural curls. Use your curls to add a little styling item as it dries. This can assist to identify and prevent your curls from becoming frizzy.

Modern Hipster Haircut Amish

Keep your hair comparatively intact and natural. To maintain it beautifully shaped, grow a complete beard and create some subtle grooming. Medium-length hair is worn.

Parted Full Beard Pompadour

Slightly slick the hair to one side and give it a distinctive side portion. A complete beard highlights the look as it highlights the square jawline and the style of your sailor.

Pink Caesar Haircut

Another of the classics, bring with Caesar a brief back cut, a front combed top, and accentuate it with a purple color and you’ll look like the largest hipster class.

Preppy Short Back and Sides

Close the sides and leave the hair longer and luxurious in the middle. To achieve a manicured and beautiful preppy look, carefully comb it backwards with styling gel.

Preppy Side Fringe

Combine your fringe carefully to one side to produce a hipster, add a few highlights to make your characteristics clear.

Pretty for College

Here’s a look at the ancient Ivy League haircuts and dos college. See the hipster haircut age when the kids from college never looked better!

Redhead Alert

You totally have to sport this hipster haircut when you have copper red hair and matching beard. It will emphasize the skin tone of your eyes. Besides that, it will also display the lovely characteristics of your face.

Rugged Man Bun

This untamed man bun version needs lengthy, messy hair. The top is full of wild texture and stray hair strands, while the sides are fading gradually.

Sharp Hipster Haircut

In this hipster haircut, a defined line and soft faded sides produce a ideal mixture of classic and contemporary. The top is sliced back and styled.

Shaved Head Beard Style

Sometimes only the beard itself is a hipster haircut. The voluminous beard and the handlebar moustache complement the bald head completely.

ShortSides with Perfect Spikes

Trim the back and sides near the opening and leave the part of the crown long. To produce perfectly formed spikes, use styling gel with a fine-tooth comb.

SideSweeps and High Collars

One way to make a tuxedo look cool and lively is to match them with a hipster haircut. You have the lengthy side sweep coupled with an excellent and well-groomed beard in this situation.

Silver and Black

You can always refrain from tinting your beard and brows if you don’t have a uniform color. This lovely model has been going for a silver steel shade combining it with its natural facial hair. A declaration is the courageous, perfectly formed eyebrows.

Simple Side Sweep

This haircuts between males, although not so obvious. Pair this look to give it a distinctive finish with a goatee.

Simplicity at its finest

The best one could be the easiest hipster haircut of all. Not to mention that sporting and daily maintenance is very simple. Ask your stylist about the best products you can use for hair care.

Slick Back with Fade

Slick and hippie, this classy look is incredible with temple fade all the way back to the ends. This haircut provides you some rough masculinity.

Welcome to

Smooth and Rough

While the temples generate a slight fade, the top is sliced back and slightly to one side, helping them mix with the dense sideburns. This look is emphasized by a beard.

Spikes All Over

You can always have two rows on each side of the head instead of splitting your hair on one side. Here spikes and hair product are a must, so you don’t feel limp and out of form when you hear.

Spikes and Leather Jackets

Look up with this incredible hipster haircut every day. You’re going to have to shave off both sides of your head and leave longer strands on top. Sprinkle them with a certain item. You can also let one drop on your forehead lavishly. Who says it is impossible for Superman to be a hipster?

Full hair spikes

In the hipster look, a haircut involving a complete beard is mostappreciated. For a mid-length classy sideburns, your hair and beard grow thicker and longer.

Square Fringe

Use your natural side panel to frame your face into a square fringe by styling your hair. This is because it provides you a mysterious look if you have soft characteristics.

Stylish Disheveled

If your hair is thin and straight, attempt asymmetric haircut with a light wax to make it a chaotic finish. Choose your style and adapt it to your requirements.

Save Hipster Haircut Shaggy

This haircut is a classy way to keep stuff interesting. The medium-length hair features a smooth, not too flashy cut and a slightly wavy and chaotic texture that goes well.

Swoop and Fade

Before swooping over the head, the medium-length hair at the top was provided a choppy texture. Below, the faded sides of the razor mix perfectly with the hair of the face.

Tapered Pompadour

The front is a voluminous pompadour with a height and a spicy texture, while a tapering razor fade adds style to this contemporary haircut hipster.

Textured Fringe

Use styling goods to sweep most of your hair and then pull out a portion to produce a textured fringe. Run your fingers through it to get the finest design.

Textured Beard Top

Keep your beard to medium length but adjust the hair on top of your head according to your characteristics. Give the hair a bit of texture by going through it with your fingers backwards.

The Artsy Hipster Haircut

No otherway to describe this hipster haircut variety is to describe it as pure art. That’s hair art. The spikes on top are not the classic chaotic ones, but rather look like completely symmetrical herecles. The sides were carved into perfection at the same moment.

Check our website for more asymmetric cuts!

Blonde Parted Long Top

This is a cool blonde haircut, as the name indicates. The sandy shades at the ends of the strands and the roots ‘ caramel color will add body and volume to your hair. You may also dye your beard and hair in the same shade if this is not your natural color and you want it.

Boxer From s

This is an excellent illustration of hipsters borrowing from s. The beautiful side of a la Fitzgerald split and gelled hair matches up to the letter with the antique mustache.

Choppy Hipster Haircut

Instead of a smooth and smooth look, you can always look natural and choppy. As a result, this hairstyle will add some depth and dimension to your look. Don’t worry about going for bold colors.


The classic hipster haircut is here to remain, beautiful and elegant as it comes. And we couldn’t be happier about it. It makes every person who wears it look manly, rugged and fancy alongside an oversized beard, all at the same moment.

Combover Hipster Haircut

If you don’t feel like it, you don’t have to cut your hair. In reality, thanks to trendsetters like David Beckham and Gigi Hadid, it’s the year of’ no part ‘ hair. The style is unisex and demonstrates that it can complement any kind of face.

Crow’s Nest Man Bun

So there’s the top man bun we’ve addressed above and then the crow’s nest guy bun. In a lovely show of masculinity and style, you can see it here. It sits on top of a ideal beard, moreover.

And we’re back to the mohawk. Only that, it’s a curly one this time. It also feels like the coolest thing we’ve ever seen when it comes to hipster haircuts. This again proves that they are really for everyone.

Cylinder Hipster Haircut

The cylinder on the top of the head is actually a fancy, jumbo-sized roll. So this is precisely how you can get it. Using a big curling iron or rolling your hair at night.

Cylinder Roll Makes an upgrade

Yes, although you assumed that the cylinder roll is the height of the hipster haircuts, it can and has been upgraded. It comes in the form of a few loose, straight strands for a touch of boyish charm hanging down your face.

D Hipster Haircut

This is another instance of how a straightforward hipster haircut can transform the line into art. As you can see, the depth and dimension of this beautiful cut accentuates the facial characteristics of the model.

Don Quixote

This implies moustache because the haircut is sufficiently easy. The reason is that it’s best to maintain your mane to a minimum when you’re sporting such facial hair.

The Elegant Hipster Haircut

This is the hipster haircut version of Clark Kent. This hairstyle is all about toned down and elegant with a classy atmosphere. The glasses offer you an intellectual atmosphere, while the crisp suit makes you look like a pro.

Funky Hipster Haircut

Here’s a hipster haircut concept for the creative ones out there that will tingle all your senses. Besides the fact that it looks totally incredible, cool and fresh, it will add a few inches to your height if you need it.

Half Emo

Borrowing from other subcultures again just to make them fantastic again, here’s the Emo haircut. This moment, however, is just half of it, coupled with a ideal fade skin and easy earrings for the stud.

Do you ask the Hipster Mohawk “

?” It’s really very easy. It’s a traditional mohawk, shaving off the sides and the bulk of the hair on top of the head. The hipster mohawk, however, needs you to sweep all your top hair on one side and add a glossy finish instead of the classic spikes.

Ice Cream

Because the crown portion looks like freshly squeezed ice cream, this hipster haircut has its name. This implies you will need to shave off your sides, however, in more technical terms, and curl the hair on top of your head.

Long Cut

This is a youthful Johnny Depp braving what turned out to be one of history’s first hipster haircuts. The very lengthy, natural and layered bob falls on his shoulders flawlessly. The cut also shows his incredibly beautiful facial characteristics.

Long Flip Front

If you don’t want to sport the hipster beard mark, you can always go over the top hairstyle like this one. The hair’s dark chocolate color sits on a shaven head in waves.

Long Hairflip

You can imagine why this hipster haircut is named after it. The model has an icy blonde hue that complements his eyes and skin tone perfectly. Besides that, his hair flip length and haircut style is exceptional.

Long Top Low Hipster Haircut

Nothing tells hipster like a completely custom-made beard. In addition, the outcomes are ensured when that beard comes accompanied by a lovely haircut. Go for a lengthy cap on one side of the head with one huge curl and faded sides.

The Long Undercut Hipster Haircut

is a very traditional haircut with military origins. By sporting an undercut and allowing the remainder of your hair to grow, you can spice stuff up hipster style.

Messy Man Bun

Looks like you’ve just rolled out of bed and you’re hunting for some coffee and it’s never been simpler for a bagel. Let your entire hair grow. Therefore, as it does, tie it up for a cool and sexy atmosphere in messy man buns.

The Messy Top Bun

The chaotic top bun has been all the rage in hipster haircuts in recent years as far as differences go. It actually feels so warm and effortless that many celebrities have also began to sport it. Moreover, it’s one of the simplest styles you can try.

The Messy Top Long Hipster Haircut

As the name indicates, to get to this hipster look, you must combine a military haircut with a chaotic top. Use lots of hair products to keep your locks in that place throughout the day. Only a couple of cool glasses and a nose ring finish the style.

‘s trending content!

The Mohawk Meets the Flat Top

Not only does the hipster haircut borrow from other subcultures, it also combines them to make one, awesome, hairdo. This is a ideal instance where the model went to a classic mohawk and made it a flat top.

Haircut Party Hipster

Here’s a look that bodes well in every scenario. If you decide to sport it during clubbing, however, you might just discover yourself at the core of attention. To get this look, combine an undercut with a very long sweeping back.

Samurai Man Bun

You get this incredible hairstyle when you cut your hair into a stylish bob. As a result, the longer hair strands in the front can be tied into a top knot and the back ones can flow.

Short and Hipster

This is an incredible illustration of what hipster culture can do for males everywhere. This amazing model is a perfectly combined ice blonde tuft of hair. He also has a natural chestnut beard and a ring of the nose.

Side Bob

Men may also wear bob haircuts as soon as they are correctly designed. Here’s a good instance of what it might look like. The model also sports a beautiful blonde ashy hue to his tresses.

Side Rasped Haircut

Take a cue from the army haircuts and shave your head almost the entire way. Nevertheless, don’t forget to add a touch of hipster to this. Allow the scissor attacks on top of your head to survive some of your mane.

Skin Fade Sides with a Long Top

If you want to do it in the haircut hipster company, you need to go for a bold haircut. It’s the ideal one. You can also sport a dashing moustache at the ends bent upward. Don’t miss the classic sunglasses and earrings.

Stylish Hipster Haircut

You can also go to Italian dashing and debonair if you’re in a mood. This is a straightforward haircut with and finish with a natural styling. Use some hair product if necessary.

True Lumberjack

True lumberjack exits and performs all kinds of physical operations. In addition, while doing all that, he looks nice. A bushy beard with a brief haircut and some amazing tattoos will create you the ideal lumberjack.

Very Long Front

A small item of hair can go a lengthy way. How about then a lot of hair product? That can effectively go the extra mile apart from going a lengthy way. Go up and sport a huge beard in order to complement it.

The Viking Hipster Haircut

You can also take a hint from King Ragnar and his Vikings and enter your way to the top of the cool hipster ranks. This is a top guy bun coupled with a back braid and shaved sides, just as used to wear the Northmen.

Young Elvis

For all hipsters, borrowing from the s is a large thing. So it just seems right to take the King as an inspiration for your style, isn’t it? To take this look into the s, add some ferocious tattoos and you’ll be set.

Top Knot and Full Beard

The sleekly stylish top knot is allled a bit to the back and although the short sides do not join the sideburns, the top side is perfectly balanced by beard and mustache!

Top Hipster Knot

Suitable for tattooed boys who want to tone down their aggressive look. The top knot operates completely well and is also smooth and helpful as the hair will remain in place for physically active boys.

Side Parting Tousled Hair

Use a tiny quantity of wax in your hand. Start from one side of your hair and run your fingers up and down to produce a fancy all-around look.

Tousled hair with density

Many hipster hair volumes in your hair, add wax styling and pull your fingers through it starting from the roots.

Tousled Waves

People will be eager to run their fingers through their hair and all you need to do is peel them upwards, adding just a bit of gel to maintain them in location, at least for a while.

Turquoise Tousled Hair

Give your long hair a boost with insane colors, combing it from the roots upwards. For this appearance, use a tiny quantity of styling gel and color the beard as well.

Twisted Quiff

Hipster haircuts will always require twisting. Combine the hair with a tiny quantity of styling gel into a standard quiff, but twist the comb as you run through your hair.

Two in One

Here’s an incredible hipster haircut for both straight and curly hair. All you need to do is either bring the straightening or curling iron to it, attach some hip accessories, and you’re done, depending on the sort of hair you have.

Ultimate Afro-Texture Spikes

High spikes of brief curly hair are something that only a hipster can do. The sides cut very brief while using a powerful holding hair gel the top is styled in elevated spikes.

Ultra Masculinity

The ultra masculinity shouts about everything about this look. From the dark hair and beard colour, to the over-sweeping hipster haircut, to the over-sized metal watch. You can be sure to wear a floral shirt in this event.

Undercut to handle this cut with Fringe “

.” With and without any facial hair, this undercut haircut operates well.

Unicorn Spikes

There are many methods for kids and gents to spike their hair, as both s and s believe. Now, in the form of a hipster haircut, here’s another one. All the spikes point forward, creating the edge and D depth illusion.