70 Flat Top Haircut

Afro with Tapered Sides

By cutting the ends of the hair all the same length, the top is long and can be arranged in a flat top.

Angled Front Flat Top

This hairstyle combines two kinds of haircuts with an accurate angle above the forehead and a fade cut to highlight the contrast.


Artistic Asymmetric Flat Top

In the image below, you should definitely attempt the flat top. It looks just amazing with its accurate asymmetric rounded cut that provides a slanting look on one side!

Asymmetric Flat Top

Forget about the old school flat top haircut and choose an accurate asymmetric cut to give you an amazing look.

Black Faded Flat Top

There is no doubt that this haircut looks best for black males because they have a natural textured hair benefit. Also, keeping this hairdo for a longer period is simpler for them.

Blonde Flat Top with Skin Fade

A version of flat top hair blonde with skin fade that is very available. This haircut is simple to obtain and retain if you have naturally curly hair.

Blue Slicked Back Flat Top

While removing the initial flat top look, this hair produces an impression of density. The hair on top looks like a square, while the blue coloring adds a contemporary touch to it.

Blunt Blonde Flat Top

For boys, the blunt blonde flat top is a very popular blend, regardless of their taste. To give it a rigid appearance, wax accuracy set off with brief sides, the top is bluntly sliced.

Bobby Brown’s Flat Top

Back in the’s, it was one of the most famous flattop haircut models, so it’s not surprising that a public figure like Bobby Brown also wore this hairstyle.

Classic Flat Top Haircut

Fine and thick hair can readily be used to make a flat top. Although it may not look as rigid as it appears on dense hair, a more personalized style will be given by the brief length.

Clean Flat Top

This lengthy center patch and clean sides look edgy in every way, particularly if you add some haircut designs.

Colorful Flat Top

Add a yellowish color to your top and make the women enjoy what they see.

Dapper Flat Top

If you like to take care of your hair and you don’t get out of your house without the ideal hairdo, it’s the flat top you need. It will undoubtedly highlight your beautiful characteristics and attention to detail.

Dark Faded Flat Top with Blonde Curls

Black people look wonderful with flat top haircuts as they work well with their natural hairs. This elevated flat top features a mid-skin with a chaotic blonde colored top fading along the sides and back.

Hard part with Fade and Design

A hard part with fade is already a lot of attention, but if you add some edgy shaved models, you proceed to the next level.

Difficult Parting Flat Top

Forget about the classic flat top haircut and choose a accurate asymmetric cut that will give you a smashing look.

Dramatic curls with fade

This haircut is distinctive and appealing due to the faded ends and the contrasting curly top. If you want to keep an amazing self-image, this haircut is just ideal for you.

Tinted Pompadour Flat Top

You can always combine the pompadour with the flat top and if you also somewhat color your hair, just a few strands, the outcome will look incredible.

Find real pompadour hair’s essence!

Extreme Flat Top

Fade Flat Top Haircut

The mid-faded sides and the dense center section offer you a classy yet cool look, especially if you’re telling your barber to round the corners.

Flat Leading

Another example of black men’s classic flat-top haircut. The longer the hair is on top, the more difficult it will be to style, but the more beautiful it will look.

Flat Prime With Fade

It is easy to recognize flat prime with fade and is motivated by groovy music videos. Similar to a that, the shape of your head follows this haircut, providing the crown volume.

Flat Prime with Fade and Design

Maintain the design trend and add a design of your own choice to the flat top hairstyles for males. The mid-faded sides, separated by a row, finish off the look with the dense top portion with rounded corners.

Reduce flat top crew

This flat top crew reduces men’s haircut is good for curly hair taming. This hair fade on the sides with a medium taper.

Fine Hair Top

You can still produce a flat top with good blonde and thick hair. You can also add your private touch to the look with the correct products.

Light Brown Hair Flat Top

This image shows an illustration of how this haircut can also be suited for males with light brown hair. If you were afraid the flat top might not be fashionable enough, this congressman would prove you wrong.

Flat Top Hawk

Try combining this haircut with a hawk while we’re at fresh and distinct components to add. The lengthy center portion contrasts beautifully with the naked sides, so hurry up and try it on your own!

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Flat Top with part

You’ve been mistaken if you assumed this hairstyle is only for young individuals. This clean and neat hairstyle works wonders for males of any era, so be not scared to attempt it on your own.

Flat Top with Mid Fade

One of the finest alternatives for curly hair is a clean mid fade and brief flat top. You can definitely use a flat top to your benefit if you have a receding hairline.

Flat top with a partial fade

By extending the back section, flat top haircuts such as the one below produce something comparable to a false hawk appearance. You can tell that in one you have two haircuts and that’s always nice.

Flat Top with Short Back and Sides

” You will look like a macho with faded sides and a perfectly trimmed top. This hair top haircut trimmed has also become the common men’s option.


‘ Hard Parting Flat Top Haircut ‘

‘ This uncommon arrangement is another trendy approach to the flat top. If you look at the image, you can see that straight lines on the sides delimit the flat top.

High Fade Pompadour

If you’re obsessed with the ideal hairdo, you’re searching for the flat top! It will undoubtedly highlight your characteristics.

High flat top haircut

Never go unnoticed! It will show the characteristics of your face and compliment asymmetrical face. Hold it in place with hairspray and you’re nice to go. The heavy flat top haircut matches casual and dressy activities in a versatile and distinctive way.

High Flat Top with Angled Front

Angled over the forehead and accentuated with a smooth fade cut, this flat top haircut demonstrates you how wonderful it looks when you mix two kinds of haircuts in one style.

High Top with Faded Sides

Your hair is free to create wild curls in the center patch, whereas the transparent sides point to the discrepancy between the two.

Higher Leading Flat Top with Fade

You will look like a star with a exactly cut top and smoothly faded sides. A fade is a common method for highlighting the top.

Higher Shine Flat Top

The comb over is used for the impression of a flat surface, but some curved components are current and powerful hair products support everything.

Highly Faded Flat Top

This extremely faded top is so perfectly formed due to the excellent texture of natural hair. The sides and back are faded in this haircut while the top with a round form is flat and high.

Josh McDermitt’s Combo

If you’re a man of the type “company in the front, party in the back,” McDermitt’s combination of flat top and mullet may be the correct option for you.

Light Orange Messy Flat Top

Another dyed hair concept. The light orange color of its top portion and the slightly rounded shape are what sets this haircut apart from other flat tops.

Lightly Faded Flat Top

The slightly stained flat top is one of the most advanced methods in common men’s haircuts. This look will fit anyone with smoothly faded temples and a exactly cut top.

Loose Flat Top with Buzzed Sides

By getting a square haircut with buzzed sides, you can achieve this Afro hair as a white guy. To maintain it in form, apply styling products to the top.

Low Flat Top Haircut

This hairstyle looks amazingly good on redheads owing to the sharp comparison between the shaved ends and the yellowish top.

Michael Cudlitz’s Flat Top Hairstyle

This haircut might have been acknowledged by those of you who are fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead when Abraham was launched. He couldn’t have looked more military-like with his tall figure, wide shoulders, weapons in hands and a reddish flat top.

Military Flat Top

This haircut is appealing as well as very masculine. Your hairdo will definitely make you feel great with a brief center patch and shaved sides.

Mini Flat Top Hairstyle

If you ask for a mini flat top, your sides will be completely rasped and the top section will have a low cut. It’s sure to be an simple hairdo to keep!

Modern Dyed Flat Top

Nothing shouts like a bold color! For males with powerful characters, the contemporary colored flat top works perfectly and it will definitely turn heads. Go for a color declaration like electric blue to highlight this hairstyle’s symmetry.

Modern Flat Top Hairstyle

Look at how this method can produce the most of brief, not too dense hair without resorting to dyeing tricks or other color changes.

See our separate page for more hair part suggestions.

Natural Curly Flat Top

Your curly hair will look incredible if you just shave your head’s sides and make the top look as wild as it can.

Natural Curly Flat Top with Low Fade

This haircut is living evidence that curly hair is intended to be the focus of attention for this part.

Natural flat top haircut with drawings

The design trend is really common so it’s a very good idea to combine the flat top with some side models that will enhance your hairstyle general look.

Natural Flat Top with

Add some edgy shaved designs to the next stage. In the picture below the model fits with suitable circular lines on the back of the head, while the flat-top is divided into two to produce a distinctive look at the back.

Natural Spikes Flat Top

This extremely low level Afro top maintenance.

Neat Casual Flat Top

You can make it stand directly with hair wax if your hair is not thick or dense enough. The sides are also shaved gradually.

No Shaven Sides Flat Top Haircut

You can take the flat top without giving up on your side hair and the result looks just as beautiful.

Old School Flat Top Haircut

This is one of the favorite options for high school boys who don’t want to take too long to style their hair.

Organic texture with rasped sides

If you have curly hair, a brief flat top can be difficult to produce. However, by maintaining the locks short and styled, you can get as close to it as possible.

Pompadour Flat Top

By mixing it with a flat top, medium length sides and a chaotic wavy top, the pompadour can take the style into the modern era.

Pompadour Flat Top

This is a more conservative flat top variation due to the reality that the pompadour has been linked to centuries ago. You can go and look contemporary and famous for this official haircut.

Precision Flat Top

This flat top is usually smooth with a medium length, but this Sassoon is a perfect cut. This flat top also features the ideal right angle above the forehead, with violet roots to make it stand out.

Precision Flat Top Haircut

This is one of the pictures showing a flat top cut with a ideal right angle over the forehead.

Purple Flat Top with Gradual Fade

This violet top flat haircut is perfect for anyone who likes a smart casual dress code. It’s also ideal when you need to wear a suit for unique occasions.

Quick Natural Curls With Temp Fade

Your curly hair will look exceptional if you just shave your head’s sides and make the top wild and free.

Quick Turkey Top with Fade

Making waves back in the’s, this hair and is still one of the top options for flat top haircut.

Real flatbed

Being the source of the flat top, this haircut features a dense and compact top section, whereas the faded sides continue to be gentle in comparison.

Salt and Pepper Flat Top

This flat top variation is perfectly balanced with black and gray all over the hair. Such mixing makes it look less traditional and more free-spirited instead of a flat top haircut.

Scissor Crop Flat Top Haircut

Easy to create and keep this flat top haircut. The sides are somewhat narrower than the top. The top is sharpened to give a flat surface appearance.

Sharp Line with Purple Flat Top Peaks

The nice thing about a flat top haircut is that it’s edgy and trendy enough to allow you to experience a lot of fun in different ways. This one features the top part with purple peaks.

Short flat top with undercut

The smooth mid and brief flat tops are the best for wavy hair. You can make it mix in with some assistance from a flat-top if you have a receding hairline.

Side Combed Flat-Top

What better way to stand out than to customize your hairstyle from the crowd? Add your standard flat top haircut with a casual side portion and the outcome will surprise you pleasantly.

Side Flat Top

This flat topfeatures a smooth side, smooth edges, sides shaved skin, and precise beard cut. You need hair gel and a comb for styling to make it look ideal.

Side Parted Flat Pompadour

This flat top is differentiated by its smooth edges, smooth side portion and comb over with quantity. To keep your appearance flawless, wear it in a natural manner.

Simon Cowell’s Flat Top

The X Factor juror is a big flat top fan, a great haircut if you have straight, thick hair you’re trying to tame.


 Super Sharp Flat Top

This super sharp flat is broader at the top than at the bottom. While the shape is accurate, the top is flat and this hair is a trendsetter that deserves your attention.

Textured Prime with Tapered Fade

Short flat tops inspired by undercuts are good for males who work for brief hairstyles.

Tupac’s Juice Haircut

Back in the’s, this hairstyle has become very popular and is still one of the best flat top choices.

High Fade Flat Top volume

A heavy taper fade makes a beautiful flat top for males with all hair types. Because the hairstyle appears voluminous, men with thin hair will enjoy this choice.

Wavy All Natural Textured Hair

You can take off the flat top without cutting your side hair and the result looks just as beautiful!

Wavy Flat Top with Beard

You can combine your waves back and shave your sides with a beautifully trimmed beard that gives you a slightly rougher tone than usual.

Wavy Flat Top with Faded Sides

This haircut is made special by the waves on the top and contrasting sides. If you want to get a cool picture of the dude, this haircut is ideal for you!

Wide High Top with Faded Sides

Immediately after the faded side, the high section begins to widen as it rises. No wonder this lofty look is often chosen over various flat top haircut types.

Wild Afro Flat Top

This haircut is unusual and arranged in a pattern that goes well with this hair form. In the middle portion, the high wild curls make the edgy bangs the focus of attention and attraction.