hough women’s hairstyles and haircuts may seem to give the most variety, there are also a range of creative and innovative men’s haircuts which deserve as much attention. The military is influenced by one of the oldest and most famous men’s haircuts.

High and tight haircut description and ideas

Referred to as the high and tight haircut, this haircut is best described as faded or completely rasped on the sides and back with a longer but generally short hair portion on the top. Check out the styles below if you’re in the mood for an edgy new haircut.

Dark High and Tight

Although revealing a fading haircut, dark hair is always quite attractive. Here you have a military style with an incredibly neat and polished short Mohawk quiff.

Side High and Tight

Inject some personality into your hairstyle, add a little pizazz to your high and tight hair. One way to pull it off is to add a chic rasped side part and a little longer hair peeled up to one side as seen here.

Dark Blonde Asymmetrical Crop

It seems at first sight that with such a short length you can have little variety. For high and tight hair cuts, asymmetry is a new thing and it works great.

Tall and Close to Receive Hairline

The shorter the haircut is the better when it comes to thinning hair and receding hairline. This high and tight hairstyle features shaved sides that obscure the receding hairline and remove most men’s trouble. 540.jpg” />

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Shortest Possible Cut

Sometimes breaking the rules is the best way to put your own spin on a classic haircut. This cut features a break from the high and tight traditional military style and opts for an all-round shaved look instead.

High and Tight Caesar-Inspired

It is popular today to take inspiration from one haircut and carry the design to another. This version of high and close, having been inspired by the Caesar haircut, turned out to be both polished and new.

Medium Blonde High and Tight

This high and tight blonde hair style with a brushed upward short quiff is complimented by a precise facial hairstyle that makes the final appearance more complex in a good way.

Bald Fade with Spiky Top

Spiky cuts often add a nice bit of edginess to any hair style, even if the haircuts are rather short and tight. This haircut fits well because the spikes are low and the actual cut is not overpowering.

Short Spiky High and Tight

If you want a shorter, more conservative side of your spiky hair, this version is for you. Everything is polished and clean-cut about this hairstyle.

High and Tight Caesar-Inspired

While high and tight haircut may not be the most trendy or head-turning men’s haircut, there are ways to make it stand out. Pair it with facial hairstyle expertly cut and you will get + points of interest for your overall look.

Red High and Tight

This edgy men’s haircut demonstrates that even a high, tight, fad-free hairstyle is fascinating. Traditionally, the longest distance is in the quiff, with clean-shaven on the sides and back.

Authentic and Dramatic Haircut

Because this is one of the oldest and most conventional military haircuts, it is no wonder that some men who wear it choose to keep it very authentic as if they were actually enlisted.

Traditional High and Tight

This traditional high and tight hair is probably best suited for those who have been or are currently in the military. This cut may be a bit too hard for non-military people but it works for men who enjoy the lowest possible hairstyle maintenance.

Blended in Fade

It is true that most people with high and tight hairstyles decide to keep it on the shorter side with limited hair left upside down, but there are exceptions to each law. Due to the seamlessly blended in fade, this one has more hair.

Short High and Tight

If you want to stick to military tradition, wearing a short, tight haircut is probably your best bet. Modern and sleek is the one pictured here.

Square Hairline haircut

Unpretentious haircuts still look cute. One of them is here. This high and tight hairstyle features a square hairline with perfect right angles and a fading skin with polish.

Funky Green High and Tight

It’s safe to say that you certainly don’t see punk-inspired high and tight haircuts every day. Nonetheless, spicing up a traditional style is certainly a modern and edgy way.

Neat High and Tight

There’s something to say about a men’s haircut cut so expertly that it looks smooth from every angle. This is the case with this high and tight hairstyle cute version.

Crew-Cut-Inspired High and Tight

There are definite similarities between the crew and the high and tight hairstyle, so it is necessary to pair them together. This one has a short polished combination of the two.

Brushed Up Forward Style

Not so often you see variations of high and tight hair cuts and high and tight recovery hairstyles that are long enough to be combed in different directions. Here, for a personalized look, you have a longer crown section that is combed to the front and up.

Whether you’re a fan of the classic high and tight, or you prefer a higher and tighter recon style, make sure the cut fits your lifestyle and flatters your face. With all the cool men’s haircuts out there, this may just be the one you can try. Prev1 of 20Next —> —> Similar Haircuts Forms That Are Trendy Now Call It A Temp Fade or Temple Fade Either Way It’s Trending Stylish Low Fade Haircuts for Men Ultra-Cool High Fade Haircuts For Men Best Drop Fade Haircut Ideas For Men Sexiest Men Curly Hair Cuts and Patterns Stay Connected Get ideas from hair style. Whatever your form of body, we will help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019
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