Are you guilty of over-using flat iron and curling wands to get the luscious curls you want? It’s all right, so we are. Using our heat styling tools, we’ve all become best friends, but we also know that using them too often and at extra-high levels is one of the most damaging things you can do to your body. It instantly zaps moisture while stressing and pulling your tresses, causing brittle hair to dry out. It’s okay to use heat styling devices sometimes, but did you know you don’t need them to get the curls you want? Use heatless curls to help preserve your hair. Give your hair, while letting your natural texture shine, a much-needed break from damage. Wake up in half the time with less damage with big flowing curls or a head full of springy ringlets. Read on to watch the best heatless curl styling clips. You’re going to wonder why you’ve ever spent so much time on curls in the heat fashion.

HeatlessTwisted Waves

This tutorial is the ideal tutorial for thick hair hanging from your back. Only break it down the middle and curl back into a tight bun on each side. It takes about six hours for the curls to set up (or a good night of rest). Gently pull out the twists the next morning and separate the curls with your fingers and you’ve achieved the perfect beach waves overnight!

Short Hair and Bantu Knots

Start with dried hair freshly washed and blow. You can also use wet hair to try this. Part your hair into four sections and use a Bantu knot to secure each section. Take out the Bantu knots after a full night’s sleep and comb gently for bouncy vintage-inspired curls. For the girl with beautiful medium-long hair and natural hair, this is ideal.

Effortless Lazy-Day Curls

Start by pulling your hair into a ponytail and separating your hair into small sections. Spray the hair around your hands with water from top to bottom and protect it with a hair clip or a bobby pin. Do this until you have pinned all the hair. You’ll have lovely bouncing curls when you cut it out! For layered hair or thick skin, this tutorial is perfect. What’s the best part? It’s very quick and easy.

Bouncy Natural Ringlets

This heat-free look is going to die for with the right products and natural hair. Freshly washed hair and a collection of offlexi rods are all you need. Before applying the rods, apply mousse and a moisturizer to each beam to keep them soft and bouncy. You will be happy to see a head of defined shiningbig curls when you take the rods out the next day.

Messy Waves for Short Hair

Start with a textured mousse on wet short or medium hair for this look. Wait for the finger-comb to dry your hair completely. This is a fast and easy way to get messy waves in minutes on short hair (lob and bob length). This is good for fine straight hair and great when you need an all-in – one look quickly.

Beach Waves Heatless

One of our favorite long hair looks! French braid on each side of dry hair and secure at the end with a rubber band. Use a spray and spritz command over the two braids. Wait several minutes and then take the braids out delicately. Use the holding spray to scrunch hair again until the complete outline of your heatless beach waves. Viola, viola!

Toilet Paper Roll Overnight Curls

We know that sounds a little weird, but trust us that it works! With frizzy and/or powdered hair, this look is amazing. Apply to your favorite styling cream with freshly washed towel-dried hair. Put your hair in a high ponytail and pick up some blank rolls of toilet paper. Use a pin or clip to wrap sections of your hair tightly around each roll. You will have beautiful and voluminous no-heat curls within an hour when you remove the toilet paper rolls. To believe it, you’ll have to see it.

Tiny Coils Use Straws

You might think How can a straw help me to get curls? By following this guide, they may definitely. Spritz towel-dried hair with a little water to keep it moist. Wrap hair like a rope around every straw. Bend the straw and secure with a rubber band or bobby pin at the end of each piece of hair. Remove the straws until 100 percent of your hair is dry! You will be surprised to see perfectly bouncing spiral curls when you cut the straws and detach the hair.

No-Heat Long Bob Waves

This look is for you for girls with natural straight hair. To give the hair some texture, apply a little salt spray and alternate twisting strands and scrunch as you go along. The hair is pulled away from the face for the parts that surround the eyes. Seek not to split the hair for a piece-and natural look or take them apart. This tutorial on the list is by far the easiest.

Pixie Cut and Flexi Rod Curls

Finally, for those of us who rock a super-short pixie haircut, we have an amazing tutorial. When applying sticks, use a foaming lotion cover and curl-enhancing cream. Combine your hair in the direction you want it to stay. Use a satin cap or something similar to tie the sides down. The sides of your hair will be wavy and smooth when you remove the cap. All you have to do is add the rods to the top of your head. When you’re taken out, you’ll have the perfect curled pixie cut that we all love. As you can see, with heatless hair, there are so many cool ways to play. The options are endless, ranging from flexi rods to straws and Bantu knots. Especially this summer, take a break from the heat and try one of these tutorials for happy curlier locks. Beau Bollinger’s Guide to Individualized Hair Cutting The Plump Method for Big and Bouncy Curls Hair Colors Inspired by Crystals I Grew My Hair Long Using These Products from Amazon Haircut Terms for Better Communication with Your Stylist Stay Connected The Ultimate Hair Care Guide for Unicorns and Mermaids Whatever your form of body, we will help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019
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