3D Braid Tutorial for Long Hair

Jessica and Trencita are both loving beautiful braids! Their innovative hairstyles on Instagram are common, so girls are experimenting daily. Jessica provides a detailed Viking braid tutorial with a combination of three different braiding techniques exclusively for The Right Hairstyles. You may want to check out her tutorial if you also have a daughter with long hair or if you want to look fabulous yourself.

Step Parting

Begin by dividing the head section of the crown hair to create an oval shape and remove the hair. Extra tip Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you can use clips or use a hair tie for heavy and thick hair to ensure that nothing gets in your way when you braid the sides later. Then you take a -inch-wide segment on both sides and under another of .- inches parallel to the curvy form of the roof. Extra tip I think the key to creating a beautiful braided

is to cut the hair smoothly.

Step Side Lace Braid

A little lace braid under the crown portion is the first braid you want to do. Take a bit of hair from the front and split it into three tiny sections of equal size. You cross the outer section (to the right if you begin on the right side) below the middle section like a dutch braid so it lies between the two adjacent sections and then you do the same with a left section. Then try this again with another segment on the right side and always insert only from one side in a small amount of hair. Extra tip If you start on the right side, you add the new hair from below and pull it up in the hair if you bring the right section down to the centre.

Step Side Dutch Braid

The Dutch braids below the lace braids are located in the middle of the prepared section and from both sides you always want to add them to your hair. Braid as explained in Step and add new hair from top and bottom until you reach the middle of the back of the head of your model and repeat the same steps on the left side.

Step 3D Round Braid

Section a small part of the front hair and divide it into four equal parts. Number will be the right outer segment and the neighbors to its left. Start by sectioning under and wrapping around section clockwise. Hold your parts close and split them between your finger gaps at all times. Now do the same with the outer left section; section goes into sections and then wrap around number in the opposite direction. You’ll want to start adding in hair in the third round before you do the same braiding pattern again the same way. Extra tip I prefer to take small sections and add a small amount of new hair when I begin the 3D round braid. Thus the entire braid begins in the front closer to the forehead. Keep braiding until you hit the back of your head until you no longer have any hair to put in. You’ll want to keep the four pieces individually between your left hand fingers now if you’re on the right hand.

Step Pancaking The Mohawk Top

Sprinkle some hairspray over the top braid and begin pancaking the 3D round braid by pulling the sides out. Pancaking creates the illusion of a larger braid as there would be a lot more hair and a mohawk’s look in our style. You have the possibility of making it bigger in three directions with this braid technique and not just wider. Carefully pull out the outer edges of all four sections. You’ll see two parts at the top that you can pull up and another section laying down on each side, and that’s the one that you should pull to the bottom. How big you want to make your top braid is always a matter of personal taste.

Step Finish 3D Round Braid

When the mohawk portion of the style is done, it’s time to braid the remaining hair to the top without adding any new hair. It will still be the same strategy. The braid is similar to how you did the top section until you are happy with the result before you tie off the braid with a little hair tie. I still prefer to hide the elastics by wrapping around them a little strand of hair.

Here you are!

Gather all the remaining hair, including the four side braids, and tie them in a ponytail just below the place where you stopped adding hair to the 3D round braid. Extra tip Always have close ties to your body. I wear the bigger ones like a ring on my fingers around my wrist and the tiny elastics.

Complete move!

Fix the 3D round braid over the ponytail with a second strong hair tie. Now use a topsy tail tool to cover it wrapped around the bobble with a strand of hair and you’re done!

If you need more info to learn a Viking braid hairstyle watch this video tutorial as well as Have you enjoyed this hair> Instagram for more unique and creative hair ideas! Related Post Pull-Through Braid Tutorial for Beginners How to Make a Waterfall Braid in Easy Steps How to Fake Bangs in Easy Steps How to Make a Ribbon Braid in Easy Steps How to Make a Pierc