29+ Blonde Balayage Hair Ideas

Balayage is a trendy hair dye technique that involves hand painting the hair with

 highlight color. It looks gorgeous with the hair from darker color to lighter

1) Platinum Blonde Shoulder Length Haircut

Tons of ash blonde dimension in this shoulder length do

Isn’t this hair look gorgeous? The platinum color is the main highlight of the hair
that immediately capture people’s attention. As you can see, it incorporates
some ombré
near to the hair root. The hair slowly change from to dark to light color.

2) Dark to Platinum Blonde and Top Bun

Platinum blonde ombre with cute top knot

nice and feminine, isn’t it? It is exactly how you want to look. The hairstyle
features a short section of dark brown on top that quickly transition into
light platinum blonde color.

3) Icy Platinum Blonde Haircut

Warmer tone ombre that fades to icy tips

hair has dark brunette hair root that transition to light blonde color. The
majority of the wavy hair strands dyed to light blonde color.

4) Blonde Ombré Haircut

Textured strawberry blonde ombre


ombré blonde haircut look cool with brunette to sunshine yellow blonde color.

5) Brown Hair with Ginger Highlights

Deep brown with ginger blonde streaks

ombré color add some interesting color to the natural base color.

6) Blonde Ombré with Dark Root

Dark brown base with white blonde pieces

It is a dirty blonde hairstyle. If you want this look, you must dye your root to
ash blonde. After that, have a professional hair stylist hand paint the hair to
platinum blonde. The platinum blonde should get more and more concentrated
toward the hair tip.

7) Dark Ash Blonde Haircut

Super ashy highlighted strands blended throughout

Ash blonde hair that features dark ash brown highlights on natural blonde hair.

8) Blonde Wavy Haircut hair painting blonde

A long medium blonde ombre hairstyle

wavy long haircut is for you if you like a hair with carefree look. It may be
interesting to teenagers who likes to experiment with hair color.

9) Piecey Brown blonde balayage on black hair

Medium length cut with piecey ombre strands

may have heard from your stylist on how thin hair can be benefited from
balayage. It can produce a thickening effect that make you look like you have
denser hair.

10) Hollywood Wavy blonde hair brown roots

A Glamorous take on golden blonde ombre hair


haircut is for you if you want to have hair that look like Hollywood star. It
is also the latest hair trend in 2018.

11) Balayage Honey Blonde Hairstyle

A sexy cool tone bed head channel surfer girl vibes

is a trendy haircut for women who frequently visit the beach wear.

12) Long Layered Face Framing Haircut

Barely there ombre with face framing layers

dye of the hairstyle looks common yet it gives a professional look.

13) Straight Honey Blonde Haircut

Silky straight bob with extra grown out roots


is a simple haircut but it can get people’s attention. The top hair root is
dark brown color and the hair slowly transition to honey blonde color.

14) Dark Base with Ombré Blonde Highlights

Deep dark roots plus super light ends equals perfection

a great looking ombré blonde haircut! It will give you a blonde look to have ombré
hair with high contrast like this.

15) Balayage Hairstyle for Surfer Girl

Beachy balayage hairstyle with tons of dimension

look at this haircut and it will remind you of the rounded classic bouffant
hairstyle. The rounded look is created by the side swept hair which looks
minimalistic and girly at the same time.

16) Golden Haircut with Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids spice up this blunt chopped look

is the type of hairstyle for women who want to look cute and carefree.

17) Short Ombré Blonde Haircut

A cute honey blonde ombre hairstyle

and balayage are ideal for women short hair. You can maintain this haircut by regular
trimming when the hair grow a bit longer.

18) Layer Ombré Haircut

A modern ombre bomb with lots of layers


many shades of blonde seems to make the wavy shapes of the hair more

19) Messy Wavy Hair with Balayage Highlights

Messy, wavy tendrils make for an effortless look

balayage highlights give a sun kissed look to the haircut.

20) Brunette Ombré Haircut for Beach Girls

Beachy ombre color on a fiercely cut bob

is a one of a kind haircut that can add a fierce feminine look to a woman. The
haircut features long bangs and same hair length around.

21) Brunette Balayage with Icy Blonde Highlights

You can never go wrong with an icy balayage

allows you to add different shades of your favorite color into your hair to
spice up the way you look

22) Brunette Blonde Ombré

Warm blonde ombre bob with face-framing highlights

hairstyle appears to have amber brunette on top with blonde highlight below. It
is easy to see that the hair is dyed below as it doesn’t seem to be naturally
changing to yellow. The edgy hair around adds a mature look to your appearance.

23 ) Casual balayage color Wavy Ombré Haircut

A Super warm and sunny ombre bob

this balayage hairstyle, you can see highlights of ombré blonde all over the

24) Perfectly Straight Blonde Ombré Haircut

Like, Whoa, Precision Blonde Ombre

is the hairstyle for you if you want to look like Kim Kardashian. The top has
light brown color is fade in ombré style to white blonde. It is signature
hairstyle that features a pure ombré color. At the first look, you can see this
hair is straight and even. It adds both funky and business look to your

25) Minimalistic Ombré Hairstyle for Date Night

A Flirty beach wave ombre hairstyle

hairstyle not only look minimalistic but is also simple and does not require a
lot of time to maintain it.

26) Romantic Curly Blonde Hairstyle

Curly blonde that's perfect for date night

at this blonde hairstyle, the wavy texture adds a romantic air to the person.
It is the perfect hairstyle for a woman who want to look great in their date.
It can also be worn in your daily lifestyle.

27) Platinum Blonde Wavy Piecey Hairstyle

A platinum version of the blonde ombre hairstyle

can start with this hairstyle if you are interested in a platinum blonde look
but don’t want the whole head of hair to have the platinum color. You can
customize the hairstyle with wavy texture. The hair seems to be brighter in
color when it is straightened.

28) Amber Hair with Gold Highlights

Beautiful golden ombre with tons of volume

is another balayage hairstyle that is sure to capture people’s attention. The
ombré style starts halfway in the hair. There are also some strands of hair
that have been completely highlighted in blonde.

Totally Gorgeous Ombre Blonde Curls

The curls in the haircut above looks amazing. You may even get a prize in a beauty
contest for that. The color has an important role in adding a bulky look to the
curly hair. The color helps to enhance the hair texture. It is advised that you
apply conditioner to your hair because curly texture hair tend to get dry