Hairstyles and Haircuts for Heart-Shaped Faces

It can be so hard to choose a hairstyle which suits your face perfectly and makes you feel comfortable and sexy. People often confuse the form of the heart and the (triangular) shape of the V, but they are not the same. Here are the professional tips on how to flatter your face correctly and highlight its best features! There is very little information on haircuts for heart-shaped faces and only a few tips online. So read on to find out all the secrets of the trade!

What are the Heart-shaped Faces Best Haircuts?

An exquisite blend of elegance and sophistication, the heart-shaped face is characterized by delicate and gentle shapes. Women with this face shape have high cheekbones and a narrow pointed chin with a rather wide forehead. The face is a little longer than wide, and in the forehead area there is a so-called widow’s peak. It is necessary to achieve a balance between its upper and lower part in order for a face to look more harmonious. Your main task is to attract attention from your ears and chin when detracting from your forehead. That means that the largest part of your hairstyle should be right below the ears in your chin.

What can you stop getting the best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces

Here are the most important details that could ruin your look and mood regardless of the length of your hair. You’ll want to avoid all very short hairstyles and sliced-back hair. Other poor choices would be haircuts with short blunt bangs and open cheekbones as they only highlight your chin’s sharpness and make the wide front even more noticeable. When you add some bulk to the cheekbone region, the jaw will not look so elongated. Now it’s time to check out a series of surprisingly simple but interesting hairstyles and the best heart-shaped faces coloring choices. <h3 Long haircuts and hairstyles for heart-shaped faces

Soft and gentle strands are the best option for long thick hair. Ask your hairdresser to cut the strands as close to the cheekbones as possible so that the hair can fall on them freely.

Some extra volume on the crown can also work for you, but only when it comes to long hair (shoulder length and longer). Such great hairstyles look very classy and feminine.

Check out this gorgeous, easy-to-make Messy Milkmaid Braid hairstyle, for example. Among many Hollywood beauties, this iconic and stylish braid is a favorite.

You don’t have to buzz your hair if you want to diversify your hairstyle. Just make a braid on one side and loose the rest of your hair on the other side. This will give you a sophisticated look that is fresh and bold. And it complements perfectly every lookfrom casual to elegant attire at night. ‘

‘ ‘ <h3 Bangs Make a difference '

‘ If you like bangs you can also play with this aspect of your look. A large forehead can be dramatically minimized with styling strategies and here’s where long bangs can come to the rescue. ‘

‘ Just note that blunt bangs are most definitely not the best option. Use a big comb and curl the hair when it comes to styling. This will balance the characteristics of your face. It’s going to make your face smoother and not make your forehead and cheekbones higher at the same time. Graduated haircuts with layers should be designed to open one ear asymmetrically and allow some sound on the other side with the aid of waves. Based on your creativity and mood, you can decorate such a hairstyle with any number of cute tiaras ribbons flowers or feathers.

Sexy and cocky can be characterized as a shag haircut. The shag is a perfect option for those with thin hair. This haircut adds some weight visually and makes hair smoother because of the texture and the messy formation of choppy layers across the head. The modern shag is perfect for any hair length it looks sauce and sexy on medium refreshing and trendy short hair, adding lightness and volume to long hair. Only apply the appropriate bangs if you want to visually correct your face shape and you’ll look absolutely fantastic! Go a little girl!

<h3 Short Hair Don't Care

What short haircuts can we think about? After all, I have a huge forehead and cheekbones! girls with heart-shaped heads always say. Come on! We know a few magic tricks that will help you look perfect. If you choose a short haircut, most importantly stick to the following rules

Keeping curls soft and weightless is the main thing.

Smooth waves can be created by curling them down and down from the center of the face. This applies to the length of any hair.

Try to make a high ponytail that leaves your head with loose curls. Inward curled hair will smooth out the sharpness of the cheekbones and the waves will add some volume to the lower part of the face that balances it out.

<h3 Best Hair Coloring Techniques

A skillful combination of dark and light shades can emphasize certain facial features and hide or soften others to divert attention from them. Dark tones allow you to visually reduce the volume and narrow the face while light ones can visually elongate or widen it.

Using dark shades the colorist obscures certain zones and with the help of light tones emphasizes the structure of select facial features. The shadow and hair density hide some individual features while the light falls freely in those zones you want to accentuate the most.

With the help of so-called strobing technique you can make your eyes brighter by highlighting or dying a few strands at the top of the face. The chin’s grace can be enhanced by making a contrasting ombre and highlighting the curls at the very hair ends. A disproportionate forehead can be easily hidden with the help of sideswept bangs and competent styling.

Well now you are a true expert in the field of haircuts for heart-shaped faces! Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new. Follow these easy professional rules change your look and show a new beautiful side of yourself! Related Posts What Hair The Best Bangs for Face Shapes of All Kinds Which Bob Haircut Is Right for You Hair Hair Strobing Is the Best Way to Enhance Your Face Shape Best Face-Framing Highlights for Every Face Shape Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get hair style inspiration. No matter what your hair type is we can help you to find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeColor