Bouncy Curls and Half-Updo Hairstyle

You are convinced that making your fine hair look gloriously full requires fierce determination skill and (too much) time. But what if we suggest it’s not always the case? If you’re sick of spending hours trying to infuse your flat hair with beauty, ‘ you’re sure to like what’s next. We know how to create a voluminous hairstyle that turns your flat and lifeless hair into a charming and durable half-updo. A hairstyle that is flexible and easy to learn – even if your hair styling track record makes you question your skills. Let’s look at our step-by-step video tutorial on how to create it and give a long-lasting boost to your flat hair!

How to add fine hair to more volume?

You’re most likely in a constant battle for more hair volume if your hair is soft and limp. There are plenty of volumizing products> > for fine hair – but mousse will be our best friend for this particular hairstyle volumizing. Before beginning this half-updo hairstyle, ensure the volumizing mousse is added (ideally while your hair is still wet). Trust us – if you integrate volumizing mousse into your daily life, your life with limp hair will be much simpler. It’s a great fine hair styling ally! More volume will be available – and hairstyles like this will last longer. Fact!

Voluminous Hairstyle for Hair How To Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step For this hair>hot rollers. They’re a wonderful way to add a volume boost to hair that’s a bit too limp naturally. Start with the top of your head then work your way down and move on to the sides gradually. The important thing is to roll your hair downwards not upwards. minutes later you should be left with these natural-looking curls that make people green with envy!

Make your hair bouncy with hot rollers or simply start with the blow-dried hair Step Now separate a small section of your hair at the top of your head and secure it with a small elastic. Make sure it isn’t too tight “ that’ll make the next step easier to do.

Separate a small section of hair at the top and secure it with an elastic Step Make a small hole right above the elastic and ˜topsy tail’ the hair – flip it over and into the gap. Once your ponytail is inverted tug at the top carefully to give the top of your head more of the volume we aim for.

˜Topsy tail’ and add volume Step Next take two small strands of hair from the sides of your ponytail (placing it between those strands) and tie them with a small clear elastic. This second pony will work wonders in creating some ˜oomph’ and completely transforming hair that’s normally flat at the top into a voluminous updo.

Tie two sections of hair with a small clear elastic Step As before pull the hair through the hole which you won’t need to make this time “ it’ll naturally be there since you’re working with the sides of your pony. Tighten and tug at the hair to take advantage of its shape “ and create desirable volume.Repeat the same stepfocusing more on the right side of your head take two more strands from the sides of the first ponytail and place it in between those strands. Tie the strands with a small clear elastic then ˜topsy tail’ it and tug at the top for a volume boost.

Pull the hair through the hole repeat previous steps Step We will make the final ponytail on the crown of your head slightly left of center. You’ll want to separate two sections of hairon theleft side of your head taking the second ponytail and placing it between those strands. Now securethe strands with a small elastic. Once that’s done pull the pony through the hole and tighten it. As beforepull the hair at the top apart slightly to give it a looser messier and bigger look.

Make the final ponytail on the crown Step Once all ponytails are done don’t be afraid to tug at them some more to add more volume and make the look even more ˜undone’. We’re aiming to achievea cool updo here that creates an illusion of fullness and volumeso the messier and bigger the better!

Halp-up half-down hairstyle for fine hair is done! <h3 Bouncy Half-Updo Hairstyle

Bouncy Half-Updo Hairstyle <h3 Video Tutorial How to Create a Bouncy Half-Updo Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Choose the Right Toolkit

The great thing about creating thesethis half-updo hairstyle for fine hairis that you won’t need to load up on countless styling products. Which may be the opposite of many other hairstyles for fine hair you’ve come across. There are only a few key ˜ingredients’ you’ll need to achieve the look. The products we recommend will make the hairstyle last longer and help add volume to give your hairstyle a better base. So there you go “ an easy tutorial for a voluminous half-updo hairstyle. Easy to master quick to do – and the volume is bound to last for hours! Looking for more inspiration on how to transform your hair into beautiful unique updos and create volume without having to use multiple cans of hairspray in one go? Follow us on Facebook and Instagramand be the first to discover new and exciting hair styling and volume boosting ideas! Related Posts How to Make a Waterfall Braid in Easy Steps How to Fake Bangs in Easy Steps How to Make a Ribbon Braid in Easy Steps How to Make a Pierced Ponytail from an Infinity Braid How to Make Cute Bubble Braids in Literally Minutes How to Make a Quick Elegant Twisted Bun in Steps Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get hair style inspiration. No matter what your hair type is we can help you to find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair Updos