haircuts by Jared Leto

Short Ponytail with Thick Beards

Jared Leto gives his textured hair a casual look by incorporating a short matching ponytail. To fit well with his long hair, he leaves his beards to grow thick. To completely reveal his head, the hair is cut off.

Shag Style Haircut

By choosing a shag haircut, the singer produces a pop-style look in itself. The haircut gives him a grotesque look without too much concealment. Jared Leto gives the rich burgundy tone to his hair that adds a great deal to his haircut. He allows his beards to stay short and coarse.

Parted genius hair

Jared Leto tries to add some creativity to his body. He incorporates a glossy finish into his highly textured hair and divides it into a statement at the middle top. Despite his short trimmed beard, it combines well.
Slick Back Haircut

Jared Leto makes his haircut quick. He slicks his textured hair back to give a smoother look to his face. The slick back hairstyle is good at exposing the front and ear edges. He combines it to match with a short beard.

Silky Smooth Cropped Hair

Jared Leto adds elegance by cropping it to his long, sleek hair. This pays similar resemblance to a side-flipped bang dangling just under the right eyebrow. On the left side, the hair is layered and the ear is rarely exposed. The hair on the back is cut to rest.

Hard-part Style for Medium Textured Hair

The singer appears quite formal in a medium textured hair here. To create that gentleman look in him, the hair is hard-paired. This haircut transforms the face of the singer into the face of a serious and focused business tycoon. Jared Leto allows the haircut to connect his beards.

Dark Brown to Orange Ombre

Here the celebrity cuts his hair just above his shoulders to let it hang. He uses the ombre style to give this haircut two color combinations. The transitions of the hair from dark brown to orange. To give him a hideous look, he lets a single strand of hair hang in front of his face.

Slicked Back Blonde

The hair is shaved backwards and the sides are trimmed, making a remarkable difference in length and size. To create a youthful look, the beardis rasped down to the skin. Jared Leto completes the haircut with a couple of sunglasses that give him a much bolder look.

Grey Hair

Jared Leto chooses to play the style of the old man. He’s painting his hair gray and adding a sleek back top. To build a difference, this haircut has undercut sides. Jared Leto maintains his youthful looks fresh and smooth in a grey hair by shaving his beards.

Sliced Back with Beards

Jared Leto textured his hair in order to achieve great consistency and add some brilliance. He styles it into a technique of smooth back. To create uniformity, he gives the same color and texture to his beards. The beard is cut to medium height and left for hair connection.

Parted layered hair

Jared Leto embodies his long, layered hair with a part style. To build a wavy appearance, the hair is textured and styled. This rests on the shoulders and perfectly dissimulates the ears. To create a perfect blend, he cuts his beards to medium height.

Medium Blonde Pompadour High Fade

Jared Leto is a medium blonde hair pump model. He combines it with a haircut with a high fade. The beards have the same blonde appearance and are cut short. A pair of dark sunglasses complete the singer’s looks.

Hint of Blonde Dark Base Highlights

The singer adds a bit of hue to the medium hairstyle. He aims for a dark foundation and applies a touch of blonde highlights to the hair by completing it. There’s no chance that the beards will give him a boyish look.

Dark to Blonde Ombre

This hairstyle would give the singer a totally feminine appeal if it were not for the beard. Just above the shoulders, Jared Leto cuts his hair. He separates it and gives it a complex look. The transitions of the hair from dark to blonde point to the ends.

Dark Auburn for Medium Hair

The wealth and depth of dark auburn hair is shown here by Jared Leto. To remove interference, it is separated side by side and swept backwards. To compliment his haircut, Jared Leto is growing a blonde beard.
To millions of men around the world, Jared Leto haircut has been a popular look. The celebrities have done everything they need to bring out the coolest looks before the screen. He’s been experimenting with many different haircuts that have become men’s favorite. Would you like to join the flow? Okay, spare your time for a few minutes and let us discuss the many different haircuts that make Jared Leto’s best.

Bun Style with Thick Beards

Jared Leto gives a lot of length and volume to both worlds. He finishes with a bun his delicate burgundy hair. To create a perfect uniformity and smooth transition from the hair, the beard is left to grow to its satisfaction.

Bun Style and Dark Layered Hair

Jared Leto decides to take a darker shadow. In a layered design, he styles his long hair and ends it with a bun at the back of the neck. For complete his looks, a short trimmed beard comes in handy.

Messy Textured Top in Pageboy Style

Jared Leto does the pageboy style of his hair but decides to mess with the top to create a wild look in a hairstyle that is otherwise tamed. To create a little formality in the hairstyle, he shaves his beards short.

Dark Brown Bob Cut with Blonde Peek-a-boo Highlights

This bob haircut creates a contrasting look. It’s a mixture of dark brown shade added below with blonde peek-a-boo highlights that come back to life. Jared Leto is not giving a chance to his beards-he is giving it a smooth, clean shave.

Blonde Locks

Unlayered Blonde Locks

He gives his unlayered locks a blonde look hanging over the shoulders. The locks are swept sideways to enable his face to shine. The hair roots are given a dark shade to allow a visible color change.

Layered Locks

You may be mistaken for a lady by this haircut. The dark brown layered locks lend him more feminine appearance and cast off his face for a few years. The absence of any beards creates a youthful face with life and energy radiating.

Undercut Bang Style

Jared Leto tries to go the casual way by choosing a haircut bang style. But the singer pulls out something totally different, unlike the typical bang style we’re used to. By incorporating undercut sides, he decides to isolate his bang style.

Dark to Blonde Ombre for bearded long hair

This haircut has long, wavy hair. The hair transitions color from the dark shade that fades to the highlights of blonde. To suit the long hair, the singer leaves his beards and thick moustache.

Mohawk Tiger Style

Jared Leto achieves the stunning Mohawk tiger stripes. This is a perfect haircut that offers beautiful color patterns with contrasting looks. In order to avoid compromising this unique and elegant Mohawk haircut, Jared Leto shaves his beards short.

Parted Balayaged Look Jared Leto produces a balayed look with his dark brown hair. From the middle shaft, the hair is screened to produce blonde highlights. This creates the illusion of a dark hair fading to a lighter tone seamlessly. To add more style, the hair is divided.

Side Parted Long Hair

Have you ever watched the Alexander movie? If so, maybe you’ve picked this haircut. Jared Leto grows long hair here, which includes braided sides. The hair at the top has a part style. The braids hold back the hair to fully reveal the face.

Dark Brown to Dark Red Ombre with Eye Color

Jared Leto is matching his skin to his ombre hairstyle. He textured his hair to make it loose, allowing a few strands to wander to his face’s front. Seamlessly, the hair color changes from dark brown to dark red. To complete his looks, the singer adds an eye shadow.

Short hair

This haircut gives a cool, relaxed look to the singer. The hair is cut short and the texture is coarse. To create a deep hue, the hair is brown-colored. To compliment the haircut, the singer shaves his beards short.

Pink for Mohawk

This is an entirely new era in the Mohawk hairstyle world. Jared Leto decides to go pink while keeping a blonde shade below. He cuts short and rough his beards.

Parted Blonde Hair

Jared Leto adds length to the blonde hair. At the middle tip, the hair is separated and allowed to rest gracefully on the shoulders. A black beard and moustache give a dark shade to the lighter blonde hair.

Long Balayaged Hair Style

Jared Leto gives his best bun hairstyle shot. He gives a lot of length to his hair and uses the technique of balayage to create a smooth color transition. The hair starts with a dark shade, giving a lighter tone to the ends from the middle shaft. The singer leaves his beards unshaven for the long hair to blend well.

Short Slick Back Hair

By pulling his short hair in a slick back style, the singer reveals his face in full display. He colors the dark brown hair and textures it to make it look smooth and shiny. The beard is cut short to a coarse texture and left in order to preserve its blonde-like appeal.

‘ Blonde Dark Base Highlights’

Dark Brown to Blonde Ombre

In his long wavy hair, Jared Leto shows the shadow style. The transitions of hair color from dark brown to blonde highlights ending in waves of texture. At the edges, the hair is separated and lined to add elegance. The whole look is completed by a medium trimmed beard and mustache.

Dark Burgundy

The dark brownish tone gives a monochromatic appearance to this haircut. There is no noticeable color change. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to pick those red highlights with a closer look. The hair is long, separated, and unlayered. The singer grows a few beards as a reminder that you’re actually looking at this man.

Going Green for Slick Back Style

The singer chooses to combine his time with nature. By dyeing his hair green, he achieves that. The hue contrasts significantly with the light skin tone that makes it easy to identify from a distance. Jared Leto shortens his beards to avoid interfering with the unique color of the hair.

Slicked Back Pink Hair

Jared Leto’s hair color tests here. He paints his textured pink hair and slicks it back to reveal his face’s outline. The hair attaches to the short-cut beard line and retains its natural color.

Textured Long Wavy Hair

Jared Leto draws his hair back to completely reveal his forehead. The hair is textured with the spiky feel of the edge. The beard is cut short and a pair of sunglasses complete the whole look to give a cool look.

Dark Burgundy-inspired Mohawk

In Jared Leto’s long list of haircuts, the trendy Mohawk style is found. This is a Mohawk, influenced by burgundy, with a dark red hue. This haircut produces an elongated face’s appearance and goes well with short beards.

Texturized wild hair

In Jared Leto, this hairstyle produces the untamed look. The textured hair, however, does a lot to give him a cool look. The hair has a hue of dark red burgundy with blonde highlights that contrast well with its clean rasped beard.