Fresh Fade Haircuts

Combed Textured Top

Sometimes the length of the hair may be affected. Here, when combing the top to create a straight look, the length is kept on track. The faded sides blend in to create an incredible haircut shape.

Stylish pump cut

This fade cut also gives you the opportunity to explore the world of pump haircuts. To create the illusion of a sleek Mohawk style, the shorter sides surround the pomp. Several ear piercings are useful to further enhance your stylish looks.

Touch of Natural Waves

The sloping blonde top creates the illusion of a sloping haircut with a higher front height. On the sides, the tapered cut transforms into a skin fade disconnecting the thin beard.

Temple Fade for Golden Top

By adding some warm tones to the hair, the elegance of a fade cut can be enhanced. Here, with golden blonde color, the long top is outlined and reaches a few inches past the forehead. On the temple a fade cut is given and styled to link to the lineup of the beard.

Clippers Over Comb

To produce a wavy flat top, the hair is textured, combed and trimmed. It has plenty of thickness to suit with a beautiful blonde voice. The sides have a small bald fade between the hair and the thick beard.

Cool Fade for Asian Hair

Long top of this Asian hair transforms into shorter sides sporting a low bald fade stretching from the temple to the back. Also a fade cut extends about an inch from the front to create an enormous contrast with the long top.

Medium Drop Fade

This is a clean blend of faded and clipped top sides. The top is designed to create a total pomp illusion. To give it a blocky shape, a moderate fall fade on the sides sits well on the chest.

Blow-dried on top

Simply amazing is the elegance of blow-dried hair combined with a perfect faded cut on both sides. Some jewelry added to the ears add to this haircut a little sparkle.

Low Razor Top Pump

This is an intricate style that may require a professional stylist’s touch. This sports an elegant boom with shorter sides on top that quickly turns into a bald fade that covers the occipital bone to the nape. A smooth curve is given to a hard razor component and sits low on one side.

Skin Fade for Part Style Pump

The stylish look of this blonde hair contrasts well with the dark beard. It sports a piece of pump style that fade into a low skin. To reveal the full effect of this haircut on the head, the hair is sliced off.

Textured Top

The top hair is textured and beautifully trimmed to make an elegant haircut form. The faded cut only leaves a small bit of beard on the chin to the beard lineup.

Ultimate Fade

This haircut is the perfect fade on the sides. To create the illusion of thin hair, the top is textured. The low bald fade disconnects the beard entirely from the body.

Tapered Fade

This side pump haircut is definitely a cool take on the tapered sides and back. A bald fade is given to the temple and the neck nape, which in this style creates a vintage look.

Slicked Undercut

This is a brilliant way to earn compliments from even the most skeptical people. On the beard lineup and the nape, the undercut sides sport a bald fade. A sleek pump is sitting on top coolly.

You can upgrade your medium fade haircut to match these special moments and events in your life in many different ways. I’ve done my best to find the most amazing styles on you that will look absolutely good. Take a moment and let me introduce you to the best styles in front of many that will create an œwow look.
Razor Fades

You get a pretty cool fading hairstyle here. The top of this Asian hair is textured and the roots are given some lift. For additional beauty, a razor fade traces the sides and the back.

Good African Hair Touch

Flexibility of a fading haircut is unparalleled. Here’s how it can be integrated to give you a more sophisticated appeal on short African hair.

Sliced Back Top

It features longer, textured hair on top to produce a soft look. At the crown, the hair is pulled back. The faded sides fit the bald fade just below the neck’s nape.

Cool Fading Cut

This style is certainly a masterpiece and brings to its limits the cool look of a fading haircut. It features a preppy haircut that sits low on the temple with a sleek fade.

High-Low Fall Fade

This style takes an extra mile to look cool. It sports a piece of hard razor separating the sleek top from the sides. A high-low drop fade is given to the back and sides which adds sophistication to this style.

Young Asian Style

You will certainly be blowing off the smooth texture of the top. It takes to the extreme the brilliant appeal of dark Asian hair. To build an elaborate look, it is divided into different pieces. This sassy haircut is a fade cut around the top seals.

Short bumper cut on top

The well-defined outlines and the clean bumper cut on top give you a cool look. To create an amazing fresh look, the beard is cut down to the skin. For everyday wear, it’s a perfect style.

Longer on top and back

This fade sports a little bit of creativity making it unique. In order to give them a smooth and shiny look, the top and back hair are left longer and textured. A bald fade from the temple to the occipital bone covers the sides.

Straight Razor section

This style sports a low back and side bald fade. A surgical razor part is given to the left side, which adds more elegance to this haircut. For young boys, this is a perfect cut and offers the benefit of easy maintenance.

Blurry Fade

This is how in the world of fading haircuts you can get that œwow look. This style, combined with the elegance of blurry fades on the sides, sports a clean cut. A rough razor section establishes a barrier between the elegant top and the bottom.