Hair Tattoo Ideas for Girl

Trading in needles and ink for clippers and dye hair tattoo appears to set the best trend for badass hair to try without pain and lifetime commitment to the real thing. Ready to show off your model every day for any hair length short coifs while longer styles have the power to keep them hidden when you want them. Check out our favorite craze versions and find out which one you’d like to try! What’s a tattoo for hair? Skin tattoo is a shaving pattern inserted into the under-cut hair of women. It is a great alternative to tattoos from the inkhead and looks great with any length of hair. With a flower design and even a realistic portrait, it can be geometric. Most often with razors or edging clippers can be achieved by different techniques. Thought about how it will work with your chosen hacoolirstyle when choosing your new hair tattoo. Nape tattoos are common among girls who love to wear updos buns etc. Side tattoos for bobs are the best. Look through the photos below.

Long Undercut Hair Tattoos

Undercut Lotus-Inspired

Bring a feminine flair with this floral design to your edgy undercut. It is given balance by a mixture of soft curves and sharp angles. Representing beauty and regeneration is a smart pick for a completely new look.

Violet Chevron Undercut with Messy Bun

A simple shaved-in chevron model will add a surprising dimension to your everyday updo. Your messy bun will be a bit lazy and a lot more chic with effortlessly cool vibes. Plus a fuchsia dye-job gives a flirtious finish to this tattooed skin.

Ombre Top-Knot geometric undercut

Hair tattoos ombers hairstyles with braids and buns oh my! Here’s how the big beauty trends can be nailed without going overboard. This style emphasizes the sexy nape-cut from the bottom up into a messy top-knot. The auburn-to-blonde palette is essential to perfectly understated in retaining the feel.

Pastel Scalloped Mermaid Undercut with Bun

The musts for a chic mermaid-inspired haircut are a pastel palette and scalloped undercut. The look is put together by a bun dyed to match the tatted nape. It will always come through whether you wear it up or down the color of the cotton candy.

Double Buns with Shaved Head Back

If you’re concerned about double buns making this grown-up style look too young, this is one answer. Shaved undercuts alone give a bold finish to updos, but with a feminine touch, floral hair tattoos will customize them. Oh, don’t forget a fun part like zig-zags for an extra dose of fun.

Dazzling Diamond Undercut with Braid

This is a diamond that doesn’t last forever if you don’t want it like that. We don’t blame you if you do, with its vibrant color and enticing style. Strategic shading produces an amazing 3D effect while it is neatly framed by a braid. Isn’t it a true hair art?

Lovely Heart Shaved Undercut

What’s not to love? You can show all at once your sweet and sour sides. It is clean and elegant and has enough detail to make it a swoon-worthy theme. The undercut tattoo pictured here on light hair will look good too. The only difference is that the tattooed model would look better on blonde locks.

Medium Hair Tattoo Ideas

Star Side-Shave Undercut

This version is not made out of this world by your average undercutting galaxy star pattern. The stylish brown shade and long bob cut will highlight your tattooed skin. While that’s not to say it only works with natural shades tresses. Adding a color pop to the cut can only cool down the look.

Undercut Blue Glittered

Trying to find the X-factor to make your undercut pop? Go for a glimpse. Tracing this undercut geometric pattern adds extra brightness to the body. Easy to change glitter designs for the non-committal is a smart choice. Choose a tonal glitter to add contrast to a more subtle touch (if you find glitter subtle).

Rainbow Bob with GeometricSidecut

An unintended (but welcome!) geometric sidecut complements every shoulder-long bob. What takes these tresses from kind-of-cool to WOW are unicorn-worthy colors. It’s certainly the best look for the risk-takers, far from subtle.

Glitter Sunflower Undercut with Braid

Glitter is a perfect addition to your hair for ultra-girly finishing. The glitter provides a dose of color to this cool sunflower undercut that complements the rainbow locks of the model. A thick braid tones that give it an elegant finish down the bold look. Are you too bright? Stick with your natural shade and only apply glitter when you notice it to the locks.

Electric and Geometric Shaved Side

As if the oceanic-blue wasn’t as stunning as a side-shave of multicolored shapes dials up this bob’s cool style. It is an example of a vibrant palette that has been done correctly and a way to show off your personality without ever having to say a word. Even though you may not be nervous about wearing such a whimsical bob.

Asymmetrical Tribal Side Shave

Try to take tribal pattern indications to your side shave for a new graphical update. Would you like to complement her bold style? To increase its strength, apply a deep pink tint without losing your feminine allure.

Undercut Short Hair Tattoos

Asymmetrical Women’s Crewcut

Triangular patterns and asymmetrical lines with a touch of toughness. It’s easy to try out a tattooed look if you’re already a member of the short-hair-don’t-care club. Start with a clean slate and choose a design as soon as you are ready for something new. This crewcut gives an added bonus ‘ deep blue and violet coloring tops for a super subtle color splash.

Artsy Butterfly Fade

Women’s hair tattoo designs need not always be very edgy. A beautiful choice like a butterfly will make your tresses come alive. Stay imaginative with front highlights and a hair tat on the back of your pixie haircut to make sure you’re coming as well as you’re going.

PrettyPink Hair Tattoo

Long and salmon pink on top super short and pearl white on the sides the two-tone pastel pink hair you too can channel your inner sea creature.

Black Hair Fade with Straight Lines

Often lessons more.

Vibrant Floral Buzz Cut for Women

Loaned from the boys but distinctly for the ladies (or anyone with a flirtious side), this vibrant take on the buzz-cut turns the entire head into an art work. With its strategic choppiness and vibrant floral design, it takes the best of the eighties. If you have a buzz cut already, this is a perfect hair tattoo to try when growing your hair out or just to make your short crop even more exciting.

With the boldest patterns, the hair tattoo look is up there. While the glittering and bright colors have been around for decades, they give a fresh-as-ever feel to their new revival. Make sure to do a lot of research on your hair stylist or barber first, taking into account the thorough and complex design of these shaved. When these cool models are done correctly, they have a payoff worth the risk. These can be mixed into any hair texture or length that is not the case for any pattern at the end of the day. So if you dare to fire it! Beau Bollinger’s Guide to Individualized Hair Cutting The Plump Process for Big and Bouncy Curls Hair Colors Inspired by Crystals I Grew My Hair Long Using these Amazon Haircut Words for Improved Communication with Your Stylist The Ultimate Hair Care Guide for Unicorns and Mermaids Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Beau Bollinger’s Guide to Better Communication with Your Stylist No matter what your hair type is, we will help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair Braided