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We as women love a great man’s hair cut. Hundreds of designs are available to choose from. This article, however, will focus on messy hairstyles that appear phenomenal to men. Women were asked why they love their chosen hairstyle and offered their opinion. Men’s Messy Hairstyles As Women See Them

Look out! This comes directly from the babes ‘ eyes. The names were changed.

Tousled Top And Short Sides

landmarkmedia / Kelly, an enthusiast for fashion, says she loves allled hair on top. She says I think it’s a very spiritual look. Just too good is the way his natural waves roll softly over the brow bone. It is quite clear that it is very attractive to have a nice natural ‘ do.

Refined Faux-Hawk

Aria, a medical nurse, feels like a sophisticated faux-hawk that rocks her vessel! She’s saying yes! I get this look entirely. It’s warm because on the sides it’s shorter but fairly long at the edges! Yet the difference in length is not too dramatic, so it is more of a refined faux-hawk. This hairstyle is perfect, you can’t help but agree!

Helga Esteb /

Men’s Messy Hairstyle With Feathered Ombre

Helga Esteb / thinks this hairstyle is the crop’s cream. Since explaining it as an escape from the darkness, she thinks that the gradient effect of the dye job really brings out the color of the man’s eye. He says I think all men should seek an escape from the darkness! The snowy tips really bring out his ice blue eyes as far as the picture goes.

Joe Seer /

Choppy Parted Curls

This> on the side makes it formal but messy curls make it casual. It’s true!

Helga Esteb /

Medium Men’s Messy Hairstyle – The Side Swept Shag

This hairstyle is wonderful! It says ‘ Take me! I’m here. ‘

Thin Layered Waves

This hairstyle, called Choppy Seas, won several hearts. It struck a few hearts because of the stiff waviness and choppy surfaces. Rani a guitarist from the group tells me it’s totally cool. It’s new, but it’s still cool. Without being too much, it has a good edginess.

Photo Works /

Men’s Messy Hairstyle – Spiked 90’s High-Top

The surreal artist Maggie calls this hairstyle Stray Apart. The title is right on with bits dropping in all directions! It’s just as tempting, though. Maggie says that I hate seeing a guy who is too angry. This hairstyle says, Hey, I’m easy to go, but I’ve got a wild hidden side. Which girl isn’t going to want that?

film festival /

Short and Slanted

This is a basic but unique style. It’s very funny and funky with short spiked strands combed in a diagonal direction! Amber, a graduate student, has this to say if my boyfriend wore the hairstyle, I would love it! But it’s not too many.

Men’s Messy Hairstyle With Feathered Waves

ChinellatoPhoto /

This hairstyle alone is enough to drive me mad! It’s so devilish and sexy it’s just shouting ‘ Polished Rebel! ‘ The curls cut it all. That’s Miranda’s indie enthusiast line. With its cute waves and devilishly dark shade, this theme appeals to her.

Helga Esteb /

Professional cheerleader Katie says Yes! This haircut is like this ‘ next door box. ‘ This reminds me of the days of Ashton Kutcher. I think if a guy is wearing this hairstyle, it’s just making him look too tempting. Apparently this friendly style is sufficient to make a girl feel relaxed. Perhaps even getting the chicks to come to you is enough!

DFree /

Messy Hairstyle of Wet and Wild Men

OMG! Swim Fan! This hairstyle gives me the impression that because the hair looks wet, the man is an athletic swimmer. It also makes me feel carefree because the style has no rhyme or reason. The quote comes from a competitive athlete from Emma. This hairstyle’s effortless shine is more than seductive!

Helga Esteb /

Traditional Mohawk

Most women love this modernized mohawk! One of them is Opal, a sports enthusiast. She wants to be the epitome of romantic appeal for this hairstyle. She says I’d probably melt if I had a man approaching me with that hairstyle! It’s like the erotic epitome. Okay, it’s obvious that the neck-length tail and the closely tapered sides have to work!


Men’s Messy Hairstyle – Silver Layered Curls Combed Back

In a man, intelligence is always desirable. Women perceive this hairstyle as a physical representation of that characteristic. A medical stewardess, Hannah feels this ‘ do is cool. Seeing an older gentleman who is mature enough to wear his natural hair confidently without coloring is so much more desirable! It’s certainly a good look to gracefully let your natural grays grow in! DFree /

Straight Spiked Faux-Hawk

A great combination of class and bottom! A singer songwriter Gretchen has the following to say that I think this look is very retro in 1998! With a blazer or a graphic tee, it can be easily combined. It’s hot and wild! This is the ultimate dream of the rocker kid.

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