Google Ceo Sundar Pichai to testify in front of Congress Next month

Google Ceo Sundar Pichai to testify in front of Congress Next monthByNitish Singh-November 28 2018.199 Figure 1 Photo Courtesy of Cnet The hearing is scheduled for December 5 to discuss the company’s search algorithm and the handling of user data. Pichai will be in the spotlight over the business practices of the corporation and its political position. Google has been dragged into a number of scandals recently including its supposed contract with China for a censored search engine, its refusal to follow site-blocking laws in Australia and Russia and, more notably, its political stance in the Us. The tech giant has been charged with silencing information from its search engine and news from Facebook. President Donald Trump had been calling on the company to spread negative stories about his administration. House Majority Leader California Gop lawmakers Kevin McCarthy and other congressmen called on Google to sit on the House Judiciary Committee. The hearing is set to take place on December 5. No one has provided any evidence so far despite the allegations against the company and the company has also refuted all the accusations. However there are concerns that Congress members would ask for search engine technology from the company. Ceo Sundar Pichai has agreed to the testimony and will be responsible for explaining how the algorithms of Google work exactly and how they are supervised. Google faced criticism for failing to appear in the Senate in September despite Facebook and Twitter sending some of its top executive members to address the country’s lawmakers ‘ questions. The step by the organization has been criticized by both Democrats and Republicans.