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Godswill Emmanuel 22 July 2020 Profile Net Worth 2020 – Azzyland, whose real name is Azra Bajrami. In general, her videos are gaming videos featuring games like Zelda’s Legend. Azzyland whose real name is Azra Bajrami has risen tofame from hervideo game-centric contentgaming videos and cosplaying on her YouTube channel. Thankfully she has a good boyfriend on his official YouTube channel who also makes gaming videos.

AzzyLand Fast Facts Full Name AzzyLand Net Worth $1 million Birth date Azzy Marital Status Unmarried BirthplaceBuilt Slim Spouse Jordi van den Bussche Height Weight 53 kg Education Graduated Online Presence Horoscope Fish

Personal Life / Education

Azzyland graduated from Wilfrid Laurier with a dual degree in Chemistry and Biology. She tried to prepare her education to become a doctor but her plan fell short as she couldn’t stand the sight of blood and followed her career as a YouTube online. Azzyland has won the community recognition as a player. The passion for gaming began when she was young because of the father and uncle who used to play video games. Though her passion for gambling grew. At the age of seven, on her seventh birthday, she asked her parents about the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Timegame. They have made her dream come true. The career of Azzyland has followed the road of success since then. Azzyland is related to the famous YouTuber Jordi van den Bussche, best known as Kwebbelkop. They were introduced by a common friend to each other at the after-party of ùE3 which is a major gaming conference held every year. They had not previously revealed the details about their relationship until a fellow YouTuber named John Scarce leaked the news. Azzyland owns a toronto penthouse. Now she lives in Spain with Jordi. They own a cat named Zorro. Gaming plays an important role in the life of Azzyland, since on several occasions her hobby has served as her lifesaver. Despite her difficult times Azzyland has always turned to gambling. She also loves the fact that gaming helps her to meet and converse with new people. Her favorite game is Zelda’s Legend: A Journey to the Past. Azzyland enjoys traveling as well and spends most of her earnings on her holidays. She is a scuba-diver certified by PADI. Her best holiday to date is a week-long tour with her friends into Croatia. Another interesting thing about Azzyland is she likes to dream with lucidity. When dreaming lucidly she is usually lying on silk cloth and resisting the urge to move her body. This way she can dream of anything she likes. Also she’s used to keeping a record of her dreams. Career

Just like with other YouTube stars Azra Bajrami met with success and became famous thanks to the gaming content she shares on YouTube, her cosplay videos and the variety she gives to her subscribers. Beyond just her cosplay and gaming posts, she romanticized success in a different way than many others might. This is because she decided to break a twerking record in what she called TWERKATHON, when her channel was still young! The vlogger told her fans that she would twerk for a full 24 hours, and that she was attracting a lot of followers. The professional YouTuber AzzyLand first began her career with Azzyland, a YouTube channel. She started the channel in2014, and then started posting many pictures and videos that helped her grow her popularity. Reference