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As we all know Pauletta is married to Denzel Washington, a successful Hollywood actor. The pair met back in 1977 on a set path for a film. But sources do have it that Denzel Washington asked Pauletta to marry him three times, it is unclear how long their courtship lasted. That is a lot of patience! His determination eventually paid off, when Pauletta finally agreed to become Mrs Trump. The pair tied the knot on the 25th of June 1983. That relationship has successfully weathered the challenges of standard Hollywood marriages and has continued to waxstrong. In 1995, the power couple also exchanged that vows in a ceremony that South African archbishop Desmond Tutu had formally arranged. Nevertheless, their marriage was rocked in 2013 by divorce speculation after a media image of Denzel kissing an unknown woman. It was said that Pauletta Washington had moved out of their homes for some time to rethink the union. Luckily she decided to stand by her husband and their marriage was intact. I also have four kids named John David Katia and twins named Olivia and Malcolm. Almost all the young Washingtons are in Hollywood just like their parents are. It comes as no surprise since both parents must have inherited those strong acting genes.

On 28 July 1984 the Washingtons welcomed their first son, John David Washington. John David is actor and producer just like his famous parents. He made his acting debut at his father’s 1992 filmMalcolm X as a 9-year-old. The young actor is best known for his role as Ricky Jerret on the HBO comedy seriesBallers(2015).He was a co-producer on his father’s The Book of Eli(2010) thriller. John David was a professional football player as well as his acting career. He received a football scholarship at the Morehouse College inAtlanta Georgiaon. Since graduating he went undrafted in the NFL draft of 2006, after which he was signed as a running back by the St. Louis Rams. For his appearance on the TV seriesBallers, his experience as an athlete certainly came in handy. On 27 November 1987, the Washingtons welcomed their second child, a daughter named Katia. Katia Washington graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University in 2010. She is a producer in Hollywood, too. Django Unchained(2012)Fences(2016) and The Birth of a Nation(2016) are some of her films. On 10 April 1991, 39-year-old Pauletta Washington welcomed a daughter named Olivia Rashelle and a son named Malcolm to a set of twins. The twins both received a University of Pennsylvania degree in film studies. Malcolm has played point guard for the University’s basketball team during his college days. In 2016 Malcolm Washington graduated from the Conservatory of American Film Institute.


Wilma(1977) and the 1981 TelefilmPurlie. She is also remembered for her roles onBeloved(1998)Antwone Fisher(2002)90 Days(2016) andSteps(2017) as actress Pauletta Washington’s searlier plays. Her small screen work is just as good as the big screen’s. She played Terri Angelou’s role on the sitcomThe Parkers from 2002 t0 2004. She also portrayed Miss Ella Chisholm’s role on the Netflix comedy seriesShe’s Got ta Have It in 2017.

Net Worth

Pauletta Washington has had quite a successful career in Hollywood. She has several films on both the small screen and the big screen to show for her performances. It’s reported that the stunning video diva has a net worth over $1 million. There are however various reports of her exact financial standing. $1 million is an enviable amount of wealth, but it is completely dwarfed by her longtime husband Denzel Washington’s net worth of $290 million, who is one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors. On the other hand, Pauletta Washington also has a share in the fortune of her husband and so for her it is a win – win situation. Related