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Whitney Thore was born in Greensboro North Carolina on 14 April 1984. Hernationality is White, of North American heritage. Her birth name is Thore Whitney Way. Glenn(father) and Barbara Thore(mother) raised she. She’s got an older Hunter brother living in New York City.

Whitney Thore was accepted into the summer theater enrichment program at the North Carolina Board of Governors at Meredith University. Since graduating from Page High School in 2002, Thore enrolled in majoring in theater at Appalachian State University in Boone North Carolina. She moved to South Korea after graduating from college Thore to teach English to schoolchildren.

Whitney Thore is Single but had a boyfriend named Lennie Alehat today. But My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s star of TLC shocked her ex-boyfriend when she told him on the Jan 31 episode that she’s pregnant with her child, particularly as she’s suffering from PCOS that can cause infertility. Yet now that she’s expecting baby No. 1 but it doesn’t mean they’ve got their friendship rekindled. Should a child bring them together or not, it will be known in the future. But they are not together till now.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life is an American reality television show chronicling the life of Whitney Way Thore a woman who weighted 380 pounds at the beginning of the series (which Thore attributes to polycystic ovary syndrome) and is determined to lose weight throughout the series.

Premiere of the My Big Fat Fabulous Life series January 13, 2015. In February 2015, Season 2 was ordered, and premiered on September 9, 2015. Season 3 aired on June 8, 2016. The series renewed with the January 24, 2017 date, for a 4 season. My Big Fat Fabulous Life series has become famous worldwide and has premiered most of the countries like: the series premiered on TLC in Australia on May 26th 2015. The series premiered on TLC in New Zealand on September 3, 2015 In turkey premiered on TLC Turkey In Spain, preferred on DKISS TV on November ^ Friday.


Born May 11, 1955, to James Lawrence Dolan. When growing up, Dolan became interested in music and sought a music career in his younger days. Bio

The son of Charles Dolan, the founder and chairman of Cablevision, and the nephew of Larry Dolan, the owner of Cleveland Indians, was born James L. Dolan on May 11, 1955. Initially deciding to pursue a music career Dolan moved to a media degree at New Paltz State University in New York. He then served in various positions at Cablevision. His father later dispatched him to oversee the opening of a Cleveland sports radio station.

He began his professional career at Cablevision, and then moved to Cleveland to manage a sports radio station. He moved to New York in the mid-90s to take over his father’s responsibilities for Cablevision. He initially identified himself as a shrewd businessman but has made some mistakes since. In addition to serving as the President and CEO of Cablevision Systems Corporation and The Madison Square Garden Company’s Executive Chairman, he also manages multiple New York area sports teams including the New York Knicks the New York Rangers and the New York Liberty. His sports management capabilities have been frequently challenged. Around September 1992 and October 1995 he was chief executive of the company’s subsidiary, Rainbow Media Holdings Inc. He was the firm’s Vice President from 1987 until September 1992.


Dolan lives with his wife on Long Island. He also owns the best New York Luxury house that he bought in 2002. Dolan comes from a very illustrious family where Cablevision’s founder is his father Charles Dolan and Cleveland Indians owner is his uncle Larry Dolan. Dolan’s two other brothers; Cablevision also includes Patrick and Thomas as board of directors.