French Braid Hairstyles

French braid hairstyles are timeless classics and are the perfect picture for so many occasions. From classy evening affairs and weddings to relaxing days around the city, French braided fishtails and Dutch braided hairstyles will accompany and complement your every outfit. Braids and ponytails go together perfectly, but if you can do a> waterfall braid that’s even better. Incorporating two French braids into your ‘ do is never a bad thing.


A Braid with Everything

That’s why braids are so popular – they’re easy to handle so much. A braided headband circles above a complexly structured bun in this case. This is a perfect updo idea for prom Homecoming a first date wedding really any special occasion. ‘

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All Around and Upside Down

Another fantastic, stylish update for any event needing a killer look is here. This is fantastic, but although it can entail you spending a lot of time raising your arms as you pose between two strategically placed mirrors, the effort is worth it. The upside-down braid is quite eye-catching, but the way a thick perfectly shaped bun continues to swirl is really kind of magical.


True Intricacy of Braiding

The French braid is a timeless but versatile hairstyle that runs the gamut between Boho chic and classically elegant as well as any style between. It’s no longer just a long hair you just need to get a little inventive. A crown made of braids is an amazing look with or without the ponytail. It’s great to hide second-day hair, it’s Boho chic’s height, but it’s elegant enough for the office and easy enough for busy mornings.

Half and Half and Half

Well, arithmetic doesn’t work, but it still makes sense to explain it. Half up this hairstyle and half braided and half twisted into a messy bun. It actually works, though let’s say it’s a little bit imaginative.

Two in One

It’s a whimsical take on the French double braid and it’s pretty beautiful. At the nape connect two side braids, and the braid ends as a single plated tail. So beautiful!


Round and Round the Crown

This is the next-level crown. This braid wraps this beautiful girl’s head beautifully. It actually involves a lot of pinning but look at the result! It’s precious right down to the wispy tendrils falling down.


Intricate yet Secretly Easy

Actually there are several ways to do something like that. You can create two side braids or a braided crown on your own and pin it properly. For the twists pull some free strands from under the braids start twisting them tightly but uniformly starting where the braid begins and pin them up in this or another pattern of your choosing. Even if you used small sections for the twists, this is something you could try with weaving.


Meeting in the Middle

There are so many French braid hairstyles to try but they are also easy to create. Every time you play with your hair out of boredom try to come up with a braiding technique. Some of the simplest French braid styles are the most beautiful.

A Triple Threat

Here’s a beautiful look you can learn for a minute, but you’ll get a lot of use out of it. Three braids pack the punch three times, but they are so tiny and beautifully pinned that they look straight out of Rivendale. Use this idea to spread French braid bangs and they won’t get on your nerves as much.


Vintage-Inspired Braids

This style has a very retro feel to it. Something about it is reminiscent of the victory rolls of the 1930s and ‘ 40s which is no bad thing. Start your side braids high up as close to your roots as possible and get a little more structure give them a twist when you touch them with your ponytail. This is one of France’s most inventive braid hairstyles ever created. The braiding form almost looks like knitting. The smooth slice of the bangs the braid itself and the crosshatch of hair sections pulled into it are actually different textures. Just amazingly impressive and so to speak, the bun is the doughnut on the cake.


When Pinning Is Everything

See? Braids work even for short hair. Side braids or milkmaid braids can work best for locks like these on the shorter side of the medium. The hair you leave free of braids can actually help with secure pinning.


It is advised to wrap the hair around the pony’s base and this is certainly a ‘ do ‘ that looks better with a volume boost.


Pretty Pretty Pigtails

Obviously these are pigtails of a completely different level. To get this kind of length you might have to try braiding with tissue or just make it work for your size. If you try to make your French braid mimic the design you see here.


That headband the loose curls slice! To create a braided headband in one prominent plait that goes from one side to the other, you may need to learn how to reverse French braid that sounds much harder than it’s promise.


Mini Braid Style Tutorials

Check out the following ideas.

Boho Side-Braid

This sweet and relaxed style is ideal for wavy or slightly curly hair. If your hair is long, scrunch it with sea salt spray to make beach waves that look effortless. Braid your hair with a loose braid on one side. Allow the end braid look loose and comfortable by relaxing it slightly at the roots as well as at the end with your hands. Protect the end with a positive tiny elastic.

>Get a tutorial from Lauren Mc Bride!

Low Updo with Side French Braid

Starting right over one of your ears, braid a large chunk of your hair. Continue braiding and adding hair strands until you have reached the tips. Make sure that the braid stays loose and comfortable throughout if you decide to opt out of the updo, just wear it as a bohemian ch.

Long Hair Thick Side-Braid

My long hair! What’s there not to love about it when it gets everything in your face keeping you hot and sweaty, forget about those annoying times. If you need to fix this issue quickly and stylishly, you can always try this thick braid that works with a deep side. Then start braiding at the level of your bangs to work your way down and add locks into the process. Keep the braid close to your cheek in order to beautifully frame your face. If you prefer to go for a sexy siren look at the end loosen your hair by running your fingers gently through the braid parts.

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Elegant Updo with French Braid

There are a lot of different ways to braid your hair. If you don’t know how to braid your own hair in French, you shouldn’t worry about it because the basics are really simple.

Twist-Around Lace Braid

Start with a very deep section and sweep your hair to one side. Braid to start your journey. Work your way through the hairline into the head’s crown. Once you reach the back of your head, do a normal braid that will twist around the loose part of your long hair and secure with an elastic at the bottom. The result will be a snake-like twisting braid that will hold all your hair in place. A striking look of chick and retro that updates the side ponytail essentially!

>Get a tutorial from Bobby Glam!

Dutch Braid to Fishtail / Mermaid Braid

This complex style, which is essentially a Fishtail French braid, begins with a Dutch braid that gradually mixes into a fishtail braid. Start by creating a deep divide and sweeping all your hair to one side. Start a Dutch braid right at the top of your head and work your way.

Waterfall Braid Half Updo Hairstyles

By definition French braids are perfect to achieve a relaxed downplayed look and in this sense this half updo takes the cake. This style’s beauty is in its simplicity and messiness. It is perfect for hair or scrunched waves of the second day. To get the feel, pull back a section of hair with a few pins at the top of your head. Leave a few loose strands in front of you to frame your face. Braid and join two side braids with bobby pins. Don’t forget to loosen it all to make the hair look fuller and richer.

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Simple Side Braid

This simple braid style will work with just about any type of face and hair but it looks particularly flattering on women with oblong or oval faces and wavy hair. The other big part about this style is that it keeps hair off your forehead and boots it can go a long way to add volume to others.

Running Braid

This well-known braid type incorporates a normal French braid that passes through the center of your head and joins the pony with three smaller braids. All four are twisted further into one whole. Start by braiding your hair at your head’s front top. Only if you don’t sport any bangs will this work well. Braid to the back and down around halfway, then pull all your hair into a tight pony tail. Divide the unbraided hair into three sections, braid it into simple braids and twist all the braids into one. Secure by means of an elastic.

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Curly Tucked-in French Braid Low Updo

Start by securing your fringe and some of the hair on your crown with a few pins for added volume. Then French braid your hair down incorporating the side strands into your braid.

Elsa Snow Queen Style – Big French Braid

Compared to some of the other styles we’ve seen up to this point, the Snow Queen French braid inspired by the Disney character is harder to complete than you can imagine at first. To get all the volume and length you want for this, you can opt to add hair extensions. You need to braid at the back of your head to achieve this style, but not too low braids tend to weigh themselves as you wear them. Elsa’s braid is made up of large loose hair pieces. Once you have hit your neck’s nape, make sure that your extensions are tightly connected and then start to braid to the ends of extensions. Braid all the way down the rest of your hair loosen it up at the end and add some snowflake hair pins if you’re so inclined.

> Get the tutorial from love Maegan!

Elegant Side Braid Bun

This is yet another beautiful and complex French braid hairstyle that works perfectly for long hair. Divide your locks to one side and start braiding from the crown of your head gradually angling down and towards the nape of your neck.

-Minute Simple Braid Updo

This hairstyle is basically a French diagonal braid that uses all of your hair and stretches over your head from top to bottom and back. Start at the level of your fringe on the right side and braid your hair back into a normal braid. Once you have reached the back of your head start to create the classic French braid, including strands from the sides. Carry on as you walk across and down to the neck’s nape. At the middle, finish the braid with an elastic loosen it a little with your fingers and then secure it with a few pins at the edges. Lock the ends too with a few pins and you’re done. If your hair gets painted in a trendy shadow theme, it’ll look awesome!

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The French Braid Twist Hairstyle

This fancy braiding hairstyle is not actually twisted at all while it is braided the effect is achieved at the end when using some bobby pins. A few tips it is perfect for curly hair and can be used successfully as a wedding style.

Laid-back Braid Hairstyle

This style works so well for medium-length slightly wavy strands and for this super impressive touch you can always add extensions. If you’re still struggling to learn how to do a French braid, this style won’t be complicated. However, before you start holding everything in place, it needs a spritz of serum. Start with the fringe pinned back at the top. Create a normal braid through four-fold crossing of the three sections. Start to add more hair from the sides at this point. To make this hairstyle look smooth and carefree, repeat to the end braiding very loosely. Protect all with a few simple bands. You have both an elegant and relaxed look!

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Side French Braid to Four Strand Braid

Your first step will be to sweep all your hair over one shoulder and start straightening right from the top. Continue in a parallel line with the outline of your face past and behind the ear to the nape of your neck. Seal at the very end with an elastic and loosen with your fingertips the four-section braid. Voila, voila! You’ve achieved a sophisticated French braid hairstyle variation.

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French and Fishtail Braid Chignon

This beautiful style is based on the technique of fishtail braiding so make sure you have one down pat before you begin. Part your hair to one side and then start braiding the fishtail in a diagonal line across your head all the way to your neck’s nape. Once you have entered the path of your ear turn, but proceed to the end with the same braiding method. Cover the braid with a headband and loop it around with a few bobby pins and fasten the bun into place.

>Get a tutorial from Hair Romance!

Loose French Braid Hairstyle

This style is very similar to the French Laid-back braid mentioned above. Simply start braiding at the top. Start with a regular braid and after four cross-overs add hair parts from the sides. Make your way down by following the above method. Secure with a clear hairband or elastic.

Classy Loose French Braid

If you think your braiding technique is somewhat rusty or if you’re just looking for a cool relaxed hairdo, the internet is full of tutorials. Pull it back and start at the top center point to braid your hair for this style. Divide your mane into three braiding sections. Add a small section of hair from the sides on each crossover. You are able to add wider strands as you work your way down the length of the hair. Once the locks on the sides are running out, feel free to braid the rest in a normal style. Attach a serum spritz and presto! Here’s your perfect braid for the picture!

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Braided Side Bun Hairstyle

This is yet another> Chignon bun tutorial.

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Classic Braid Hairstyle

French braids are absolute classics and can work with any texture and hair color. In particular, this style works well for shorter and medium hair. Now we think you’re familiar with the drill. To achieve these hairstyles all you need to do is divide your hair into three parts and begin braiding.

Triple French Braid Updo

Do you need a French braiding style that is simple and trendy enough for a classy look? Consider the triple braid updo (also known as the French double braid bun) which is not only refined, but also much easier to pull off than one might expect. Simply divide the hair from ear to ear in three parts. Braid the alternating directions of each section and pin the braids with a few pins. If you want to improve the style’s thickness and texture, you can also loosen the braids.

> Take a lesson from Rachael NYC!

Delicate Side French Braid

Sweep the hair on one side. Separate the segment on top into strands to create a braid. Incorporate strands from the back while you braid along the hairline. Proceed to the end on the other side. Protect it with a hair strip and remove the braid to make it lacier.

Simple Side Braid For Long Hair

This style, also known as the French braid bangs, is generally very easy to wear and pleasure to wear. Braid the hair’s top section by following the hairline closely. Take off the rest of the body. You may be wearing loose waves or straight hair.

> Cella Jane’s tutorial!

Half-Up French Braid

You can complete this very simple and romantic hairstyle in minutes. Just start as you would with any regular braid at the top of the center at the back of your head. Do a few crossovers which take the strands on the sides and then start to braid the rest in a normal style. Add all at the end with a bow tied underneath with a translucent elastic. You may go for a more relaxed look like the one seen in the photo or a looser.

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Low Fishtail Braid

Begin by separating your hair into two parts at the top of your head. Take thin strands on the outside of each section and move them to the opposite section in turns one by one. Keep adding smaller bits until you reach your neck nape.

Medium to long hair braid

The first step in achieving this hairstyle is to braid and merge two thin braids. Then start braiding a French -strand braid down the center inserting tiny pieces from the strands that form the face into the braid. Work your way up to the hair ends. Once you hit the tips, a clear hairband will protect it. You’re going there now, you’re a true siren!

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Sophisticated braided rosettes

We just love how intricate and elegant this French braid hairstyle looks when it’s really easy to complete. All you need to do is begin a regular braid at the top of the middle of your head.

Dutch Braid / Inside-Out Braid Chignon

This hairstyle is based on Dutch braiding that is in fact French braiding but inside. What is the meaning of that? Clearly that you cross each other’s hair strands in the French braiding technique. Dutch braiding indicates underneath the main strand allows the crossover. First, make sure that you are protected by this form. Then continue the Dutch braiding at a diagonal angle at the top and back of your head. Braid all your hair, then coil the braided tail into a delicate chignon to secure it with a hairband. Fasten this with a few pins behind your head.

>Get the tutorial from A Beautiful Mess!

Four-Strand French Braid Hairstyle

This amazing style is the queen of all braid hairstyles. It’s best explained in video tutorials over and over again, but essentially if you’ve mastered the standard four-strand braiding technique you’ll be able to pull it off too. It concludes our list of French braid hairstyles that are most stunning. These are appropriate for all medium to long hair types as well as for all occasions. Check them out to get inspired and experiment with your own ideas of texture and hair color. And don’t forget to share with us your photos and pictures above all. Related Posts> Triangle Braids for Curly Hair of Different Types> Triangle Braids Taking Your Box Braids to Next Level> A Tall Cool Lemonade Braids Glass!> Easy Loose French Braid Hair> Amazing Fulani Hair Cuts and Styles for Women of All Ages Stay Connected Get inspiration in hair style. Regardless of your type of hair, we will help you find the perfect hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu> >> >> Home> Beauty> Updos