Braid Summer Hairstyles

Next Face to pull your hair up in the summer is a must particularly if you want to enjoy the sun. The solution is the crown braids. The great weather can cause you to sweat (or shine) but this great hairstyle will cool you off!

Fun Summer Days ‘ Cutest Crown Braid Hairstyles

Your best headband is a crown braid. This brings the feel of claims to your updo, which is seen from all sides. You can choose a smooth, tight braid or go for a chunky, messy fishtail. For headband braids, both updos and half-up styles look amazing.

High Braided Crown

> Get the tutorial from Hair Romance! Instead of wrapping it just above your hairline like the usual crown braid, this one is placed higher on your head. It’s kind of a combination between an elaborate bun and a crown braid. It’s made the same way as any other crown braid that’s just braided closer to the crown.

Crown Braid and Side Braid

Imagine a crown braid but you’ll get the new, elegant look with the end not pinned up! You can wear this fun look just about anywhere. It will keep your hair back in the heat and on the second day hair it will give you beautiful waves!

> Get a tutorial from Bobby Glam!

Princess Crown Braid Hairstyle

You’re a princess and you want everyone to know about it. That’s why this hairstyle is so good. You’ll look at the part with your hair that looks like a true crown! Then all of your friends and family will understand your innate royalty.

Maiden Updo with a Delicate Headband Braid

Try this version for a lover of crown braids who feels like something else! You’re going to look like a sexy sweetheart. The fringe brings to this look the perfect amount of nonchalance and softens the facial characteristics to battle the updo’s hardness.

> Get a tutorial from Freckled Fox!

Crown Braid for Mid-Length Hair

This half-up braided crown look is great for any casual occasion! You can wear it out with your friends on a Saturday night or at a wild party that lasts until morning. Regardless, it’s going to hold up and keep your hair in position.

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Quadruple Crown Braid Hairstyle

Using a few small braids, this braided crown produces the perfection you see here. Simply split your hair into four parts. Divide the back into half and mostly the front to the left. Braid and fold the parts over each other until you have a perfect braided crown on your photo!

>Get a tutorial from Blushing Basics!

Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

The longer your hair becomes the simpler this style will be. Split your hair in the middle and make two fishtail braids one on each side. Bring up the braids and tie them around your head pinning them in place. That’s it! It’s almost too easy not to do it.


Loose French Braid Hairdo

Sometimes a little jewelry is required for your hair. A little extra flare with some trendy bobby pins is given to the crown braid in this adorable look. Using clips wearing a> headband or even tucking flowers into your braid, you can achieve the same effect.

> Get the Birchbox tutorial!

Dutch Fishtail Crown Braid

This one is a bit more complex than the original crown braid but worth the extra effort to get such a stunning and authentic look. When you Fishtail the braid around the head instead of French braiding, it’s like a regular crown braid. Mixing the one tiny factor makes the whole look something new and enchanting!

> Get a tutorial from Missy Sue!

Lace Braids with Flowers

What about a braided crown that’s made with flowers too? Does it sound too good to be true? You can look like a beautiful summer nymph by trying to look out for yourself. The best way to pull it off is to buy a flower headband that you can braid into your hair.

Hairstyle in two tones

This is the real deal! If you want to learn how to braid around the crown of your head, this technique involves French braiding the hair all the way along the hairline instead of trying out one of the useful cheats. Simply pin up the remaining end of the braid to complete the crown.

> Get a tutorial from A Beautiful Mess!

Faux Braided Crown

Building this hairstyle might leave you looking like Pippi Longstocking but don’t worry! It’s just for a brief moment. If you’re done right, the four miniature braids you’ll create around your head will fold over to create a flawless updo for the summer nights you’ve been spending with your friends.

Headband Braid and Dip Dye

This half-up style begins just like the regular braid headband, but you won’t follow it through. Begin by dividing your hair to the side and braiding French along your hairline, but stop when you reach the top of your head. You’re going to braid it down from there and then pull it up. Just like that!

> Get a special coconut tutorial!

Boho Braid Headband

For this matter, this bohemian twist on the braid of the crown is not for the light of the heart or the shaky side. The detailed instructions behind this style involve someone with the ability to braid around your head in a complete circle. Use one of the simpler fake crowns if you’re not perfect at braiding yet.

> Get the Little Miss Momma tutorial!

Messy Braid Hairstyle

Hair>Second-day locks are considered to be messy in a sweet and fun way. There should be no other crown braids! You will get all the composure of an updo in this look with all the last-minute simplicity of a second-day style. In all the right places, it’s just two messy braids attached.

> Get a tutorial from Makeupwearables!

Loop Clips Braid

This is the kind of look you could wear for a wedding when you’re a bridesmaid. It is special enough to stand out from the crowd without depriving the blushing bride of too much attention. The accessories for the flower are a nice touch, so the curled ends are cute. Dress up the style!

> Get the tutorial from Lilith Moon!

Chunky Scandinavian Headband Braid

Updos are the way to preserve pretty hair during extremely wet weather. Don’t struggle with Mother Nature by using sprays and items that attempt to keep moisture out of your strands. Your hair actually likes (and most definitely needs) moisture! Give in and tie it up.

Six Braid Hairstyle

One braid is simply not sufficient! The four-braid look offers an apt style, but six braids will make your hair appear thicker in an updo for ladies out there with thin tresses. Doing at home is self-explaining. Six braids twisted and tied around your head (three on each side) to create the crown.

> Get the tutorial from Pearls And Scissors!

Updo with Messy Headband Braid

To build volume this style pulls the top part of the hair back and pins it up. For a crown braid this one has relatively small braids making it one of the few ones on this list where the braids do not require full attention.

Crown Braid Fishtail

Crown braids look romantic and beautiful particularly when you add a more intricate braid style like a fishtail. This braid should be secured in the back with a hairpin that helps the rest of your mane to flow freely, much simpler than it seems.

Greek Goddess Style

A crown braid does not follow any particular pattern or protocol it can sometimes be as simple as a few braids of different thicknesses wrapped around the back of the head. Protect at the neck nape and under the opposing ear and allow the final look to be relaxed by some loose tendrils.

Chunky Braid Wreath

This chunky braid is the ideal crown to put on yourself, starting from the top of the head and braiding up and down to the other side of the top. A lot of hair pins and a strong spray are required for patience to keep this one in place.

Flower embellishments

Some flowers work into your crown in a truly romantic style. Pair them or any other braid variation with a long side fishtail. For lacy braids and lace skirts, tiny, delicate flowers in tender shades look best.

Half Up Braid for Ombre Hair

Use a chunky braid in half up> Ombre hair is when the darker, more natural roots disappear into a smoother, clearer hue. Wavy, elegant colored strands paired with crown braids still look feminine and humorous.

Braided Crown Updo

Straight Hair with Braided Crown

A crown braid is exquisite in all its forms, but on very long and straight hair it looks particularly stunning. Upon straightening your strings, play with different styles.

Simple braided style

This is very simple if you have long hair styling. For a low braid, pull your strands back and make a quick plait of three strands. Wrap around the head and safe, if you want a wispy romantic look, with hair pins abstaining from any kind of setting spray.

Beach Wave Braid

Simply wrap the braid of the desired type and thickness around the head in the desired position. If your hair is naturally braid wet hair, then let it air dry. If the hair is still slightly damp, apply to the loose parts in a curl enhancing solution.

Platinum Crown

Use a deep side section to brush your hair and work it into a braid crown secured around the head thanks to the hair strands on either side of the line. Beginning to grow roots? Don’t worry the cool spiral effect of this crown design would transform them into a piece of art.

Pulled Back Crown

Curly hair is amazing with this gathered style which works a braided portion into a pile of ringlets and tendrils which catches every eye. A hair goal in your life for any special event!

Braid layers

For an elevated look that also shows off the length of your brush hair straight back pinch the top section for a bouffant and braid on both sides. Wrap the braids around the back of your head, taking to the opposite side the end of each braid and pinning in place to get the double half crown.

Thick Loose Updo

If you’re not sure how to braid your crown, consider going to a specialist. You can experience more intricate edgy styles including voluminized updos and braids that won’t quit.

Jeweled Crown

A stunning, tightly braided updo is perfect for a formal event. Add a jewel clip or string of sparkling beads to the finished coif which works its ends under the braid and helps it to curve. 251.356.jpg” />

Twisted Crown

If you don’t like the way your hair is twisted by braids, or you’re only confronted by a casual twisted crown. For any event, this is both easy to style and perfect.

Black Hair Crowns

A simple black hair braid tutorial offers a classic look without fear of introducing a modern twist. Braid tight braids on both sides of your hair. Wrap them in opposite directions and secure them at the top of the head. Leaving two very thin sections to braid them in tiny plaits on each side in front of the ears and add some beads or jewels as a finishing touch.

Messy Floral Crown Braid

Due to its pointedly messy design and delicate rose buds used as hair accessories, this unique crown braid stands out from the rest. Two crown plaits are loosely braided to begin with and then some tiny individual strands are pulled out of the braided crown to create the messy look. Eventually, medium-sized flowers are arranged for a lovely finishing touch here and there.


Chunky Crown Braid with a Bouffant

If you would like a little drama with your braided crown then maybe this heavily teased version is a good idea to try. In this case the chunky braided crown doesn’t go all the way around the head. Instead, the braids gather in the back to form a kind of braided chignon. Here you’ve braided hair to form a beautiful crown all around the head. Nevertheless, the lovely two-tone color is the most striking aspect of this hairstyle. To achieve this effect, you can use an attached braid or complete this style on your ombre hair.


Half Up Half Down Crown Braid

On those days when you just can’t decide whether to wear your hair up or down maybe this simple braided style will serve as inspiration. With a back section worn down and finished with loose curls, the emphasis of this style is still the trendy half-crown braid. You’ve got a tightly braided crown style here that starts at the side and goes around the head along the hairline dropping cute thin flyaways on its way.


Lacy Partial Crown Braid

If being picture-perfect is what you want from your braided hairstyle then look no further as this pretty half updo fits the bill. The partial braided crown goes perfectly around the head while the rest of the hair is filled with loose beach waves.

Double Messy Crown Braid

You’re curious how to do it on your own when you see styles like this. Okay, this style may take a bit longer than others, but that doesn’t mean the average person can’t replicate it. To this look, there are two crown braids, one is French braid very thick and long, while the other is a thinner, tighter braided fishtail. If you want to keep out those long face-framing bits on one side of your updo segment before you begin braiding them.


Funky Multi-Colored Crown Braid

For all of you edgy ladies out there who love to risk these funky hair braids are absolutely perfect. Let’s start with the show star that is the bold multi-colored hue that contains pastel pink green and yellow tones the blonde hair like watercolors. The braided crown is perfectly shaped and wrapped around the chest, while the front tendrils on each hand caressing the face add a touch of sophistication to the look.


Pastel Pink Crown Braid

If you want to wear an eye-catching pink crown braid, it’s definitely the way to do it. It’ll work with any other hair color, but if you want a funky braided look, you’ll get a simple French braid on the pastel hair trend and style that goes right around the head.


Blonde Half Up Crown Braid

Sleek polished and all-around flattering braided style, this one is almost too pretty to be real. If you’re wondering how to make these braids your own, all you have to do is cut your hair off in a half-down style and the rest is pretty easy. You can create this look one of two ways to either create a large> four-strand braid to shape your crown or go for two medium-sized braids and braid them close to each other.


Thick Gray Crown Braid

You’ve already been a little puzzled and underwhelmed by watching various crown braid videos and how to make your own crown braid updo. It’s much easier to create, though, than you think. This gray braid, for example, is a basic three-strand braid that begins at your nape and goes down your neck. Wrap it around your head and cover the hairline and top of your ears with a pin in place. For this look you need long hair or a braid attached to it.

Blonde Crown Braid with Decorative Pins

In braided crowns, both Dutch and French braids can be used. This crown braid updo features a unique part in the middle of the head to spice things up and is finished off for a touch of sparkle with decorative hair pins.


Thick Natural Crown Braid

Use this amazing natural braided crown look to embrace your natural hair texture and rock. Elegantly wraps around the head the extremely thick braided crown revealing the smooth edges.


Crown Twist Updo

One of the most important things about wearing a crown hair>Flat twist is a great idea, but a fishtail and a Dutch braid will work here too.


Complicated Crown Braid with Escaping Flyaways

Creating unique hair braids that form a crown is part of the fun of wearing the style and this is obviously one of the most unique versions around it. This braided crown combines a French braid that traditionally goes around the head and a flat twist braided from the center of the forehead to the nape where it is braided. Ombre highlights raise the score of its style and make it a little more dramatic.


Crown Braid with Bun

Take a messy bun with your crown hair. You’ve got a high middle bun here, surrounded by a braided crown. They’re a perfect couple!


Reddish Brown Crown Braid

A nice way to play up your new tri-color hair color would be to try out this braided hair look featuring a beautiful crown. The side view shows how suitably the braid wraps around the head becoming thinner and resolving somewhere near the crown.

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