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If you have a high and tight haircut dream, then its time to do it. Military guys look fabulous in them, and finding out how youd look in one should be worthwhile. The good news is that in this style of cut nobody has ever looked out of place so you can tell your barber honestly its all you want. But first of all, what are your options? heres a valuable sampling guide and be assured that anything you choose is a rocking guarantee.

8Bleached pony

A look to behold is the pony tail at the back head fall. Low sides are rasped bare with an inch long layer in front of the top that is the king in size and beauty. The top is drawn to the back with a clear demarcation line, and a raised knot is turned into a beautiful tail. This is a look to keep the girls by your side for the fun loving guys.

9high Spiky

This is a high-end style with top acting stars and music stars. Sides are cleared and a down the flat press is given what remains of them. The top is left with its curls, and for admiration its all there. A simple part line is cut where the top ends, and behind this haircut you can see the genius side.

Brown Walled Top

The guys would like to have a style that looks like a fortified wall on the sides. And with their obsession, theyre not wrong. Brown walled top has reduced the sides to an inch while a medium treat is given to the top. At the beginning of the through edge, a simple division is made that is given a small sweep to the opposite side.

Black Bloom

Who doesnt want a cool look like that? If this is just the way you want to be, then you have it your way. At medium size, the sides are given a fine touch and then combed to a perfect finish. The longer top is combed backwards, and the refining of the sides is not given. This is way above the rest in his mastery, among the high and tight haircuts.

13Very high Top

This is another high cut chased that a guy wouldnt think would have twice. Low side is shaved clear and a slightly longer layer followed by the exciting top brown crown. The tips are rounded on the front to form a blunt face. Its a guarantee youll enjoy it, and its never dull to repeat it every other visit you make to the barber.

19Tight Swept

A side sweep should not always start from the sides, but from one corner of the forehead you can have it. But the sides must get a thorough trim first. The top is left in thick strands pulled backwards. A thick strand is swept aside from the front, but it doesnt take long. Its an ending you wont be disappointed by anything youre planning for.

16Shortness as it is

For a guy who wants to look confident, everything is said in the name of this design. The top is cut to nearly inches while the sides remain bare. The top leaves a trace of growing size, and the ultimate impression is that you have three layers, but it was not the intention. If you have a thick beard, youre just the guy for this cut, but the perfect fit for this style would be even a sparse or beardless chin.

Blunt Mohawk

Youre used to the spiked Mohawk, but now youre going to have one youve never thought might be for your head. Blunt Mohawk borrows the bare shaved side from the typical style. The top is left medium in size, but a flat plate is tamed. This is such an authentic idea, and you will not let it go once you have it. After a slight retouch, it looks fresh. You dont have to worry about keeping any spikes straight as the flat top took care of the issue.

Super Short

This is the easiest of all the high and tight cutting. While the sides are shaved smooth, the top is reduced to an inch. Its a formal look thats appropriate at any event. Youre not going to need time or details to keep it as the bigger part is done in the simplicity.

Sleek Classic

For this look, cute guys are going to kill. It exudes their natural beauty and everything just for a simple cut. A close cut is given to the sides and the lower part gets the closest clearing. The top is whats going to blind you. It is compounded into a thick, finely combed, medium-sized heap. On the front, a strand bundle is raised to look like a gate into endless freshness.

2Wave Fringe with Side Sweep

This short and near cut is not necessary to look perfect. Sweep fringe with side sweepis for your preference one of the best high and tight haircut. Clearing the sides, but not bareness. At the front, the top is spread, and the rest is swept across the edges, but the top advantage is not left. If you want to bring out boldness with your body, you can never have a better choice than this.

7high Tight Curls

Even if you first saw this style, youd want to have it. Sides are removed, allowing the top to dominate the picture. A light trim is provided not to ruin the waves of nature. Crossing waves into what is a creative idea is spreading the hair at the edges. With this kind of cut, it never gets blurred and you know you look perfect for every event youre going to attend.

Fine-Tooth Comb

Kids in love with their short hair will be spoiled for choice. There are a range of designs to choose from, and its not that hard to make the fine-tooth comb. Youre going to leave an impression at the top with clear sides. A smooth line cut that would dissolve any negative attention to a sparse hairline is given to the front.

1Black Spikes

Slice every other day to look fresh and you dont have to break the sweat. Like all other military cuts, the sides are cleanly cut and cut to less than a medium size at the top. Then the top is groomed to form a flat landing, and youll like its look. It gives you a free feeling, and once you have it, its a good style with no other obligations.

Fitness Master

If you want a style that would be easy to go to the gym, fitness master is the option you cannot turn away. Before and after the workout routine, the top is left short and straight sides that do not require any intensive care. You never have much time in your hands and heres a hairstyle thats going to fit your schedule.

Mini Crown

Its time for the cheeky bird crown to be brought back. To order to have that return, the mini top crown is apromise. A clear cut is given to part of the back to half of the top and sides. The only long hair is left to the front and the feeling is growing. Its not made sharp, but bundled to a finer finish together.

Rock-Star Top Fry

For everyone theres the look and fans of rock arent left orphaned. Rock-star top fry is a good pick to go for the next rock concerts with your head and scalp tattoos. To give way to the colorful tattoos, the sides are shaved closely. A quick sweep to the other side is provided to the rim, leaving the tattoos completely exposed.

11Classic Perk

This style gives you an audacious look that would be an automatic pass for any lady you want. Inch-long sides lead to the top of a cliff, and if you look it from below, it seems lofty. The details are finely executed, and with a rocking look you are assured.

Slanting Top with Bangs

Those with thick front lines know how easy it is to cover it and be like the rest of the thick front lines. But the slanting top isnt just for them, as you can have it all on your own. Sides are shaved while a substantial trim is given to the top. A few strand bundles are drawn to the front at the front, and they look like such a beautiful creation. Making a cut that you know is great, even without looking at the mirror, is always an easy decision.

25Classic Soldier

Thick and flat top

Around this style there is no doubt. Its never faded guys like it and the past obsession. Sides are cleaned to the scalp, creating a pure contrast to what youre going to get at the top. An sudden rise is made, and then the hair shoots a few inches into an unforeseen flat top.

Rift high Top

The top is thick and you can tell that the skin is deep even when it looks from a distance. A gap is made from the front a few inches and then a higher rise than the front one follows. Youll love the surrounding sides from the bushy top that are finely combed and polished. Its a look that you wont see on the streets with every other guy so be confident that even in the thickest crowds youll be excellent.


Mohawk can look a lot, and it even looks wonderful when updated. half-Mohawk is a sleek cut like the word. On the sides, a spotless surface is cleaned. At the back of it, the top is flattened just to climb towards the front in a Mohawk. The fact that it does not extend to the top head as a whole is why it is called half.

Smart Cop

This classic cop look wouldnt make a mistake. A top is left to make the biggest impression with sides cleared and brushed downwards. Cut to medium size, and its combined into a smart look and youre going to look forward to every other time youre going out.
Cliff Image

A -layer style, cliff image is common among guys who do not want to spare any of their good looks. Sides are done with a justified almost-clear shave and top is left natural or just given a light trim. A backward tilt is granted to the thick bundles of strings, and they remain high and tight.

Low Drop Fade with Curly Hair and Beard

Low Drop Fade

Ben Sugar Kane fade combines the two with a short taper that fades the neckline’s hair.

Retro Low Fade Haircut

Are you an enormous fan of s and s? And we protect you. As you get your inspiration from those decades, this is what a low fade looks like. Lots of hair gel, a razor, and a little front pompadour that reminds you of Elvis or James Dean.

Drop FadeHaircut

This low drop fade is eye-catching due partly to the great fade on the side of the head as well as the smooth and perfectly formed edge. It’s the perfect style for the suave guy who is looking to make a great first impression and stop people in their tracks.


Low Fade Blowout

Because low fade makes your appearance more tidy, you can go for a messy look on the top of your head. Try to match it with a trendy blowout that gives your look some motion and dimension. You’ll need a hair mousse glob and a strong blow dryer to achieve it. A low fade has been around for years and continues to evolve with the times, like most haircuts. The fundamental structure, however, remains the same. The iconic cut will undoubtedly continue to evolve, but for decades to come it will remain at the forefront of men’s styles. A low fade is a cut that you can always count on to give you a traditional, clean look that compliments your personality.

Textured Side Swept Fringe

Slick Back Fade

Sometimes we want to do something crazy with our hair, but on other occasions all we want is an easy but impactful haircut. Long hair will give you the versatility you’re looking for with a low fade on one side, but it also helps you to have a little edge.

Low Skin Pompadour Fade

Pompadour hairstyle is one of today’s top short, long top models. Styled with a thin skin on the arms, the longer hair on the top is only further accentuated.

Men’s Ponytail

Small ponytails have become the biggest hit in the world among men. These are quite special, but also useful because when you’re out and about, these get the hair out of your way. It’s one of the best low fade choices for men with long hair.

French Crop Haircut Design, Styling Tips And Photo Gallery

Curly Hair Fringe with Low Bald Fade and Beard

While thick wavy or curly hair may sometimes be difficult to control, a fringe that shows off your curls may be a great way to leverage your hair type.

Low FadeHaircut

If you’re looking for a low fade haircut, check this guide to find out what a low fade looks like and some photos of this trendy men cut.

Full Beard