Spiky hair Breezy Styles

Some men like to keep spiky hair, and most of them look amazing because this style is suitable for most types of face and hair. The spikes success has contributed to the introduction of various ways to wear them. Some people have them in certain hairstyles, while others have them as a distinct haircut. Regardless of how you do it, the design looks good, especially when done creatively or out of the norm and some quality products used to give some hold and shine to your hair. The choices are endless when it comes to this hairdo, and you can always find something to make you stand out or go with your preferences. Because spikes are very popular, they can be produced almost easily by most barbers and hair stylists. And if youre going to try them out here, there are cuts that will give you some ideas about what to wear.

Comb Over Spikes with Side Designs

Side designs and patterns are perfect for even the simplest design and can be converted into an elegant hairdo. At the top hairs are created in this cut spikes while the sides are faded. The maneis then turned over a comb, and some razor-shaved designs were created on the side and back to produce a bolder look. Its also important to choose style, though, but the trick is not to overdo it because even simple ones look good enough.

Quiff Inspired

This theme is inspired by a quiff like the crown. That makes it unique is that it is slightly messy and not slicked gently unlike the traditional cutit. The other notable thing in this hairdo apart from the spiky top is the neatly shaved and straight short sides that match the head.

Contrary to what some people might be tempted to think is not necessarily shaggy or unkempt because with this type of hair you can also get a very decent and elegant look. To keep longer crown hairs and short faded sides, all you need to do for itis. Perfect angles created with a razor on the face are also important for the look, but besides that, the only other thing you need to do is to cut your beard short to match your hairs neat look.

Dark Black

One of the things that make this haircut beautiful is the extra height of the upswept crown hair, but also the dark black color plays an important role. Although some men have a very dark hair, for the perfect hair color it may sometimes be necessary to do a dye job. Besides that, theres also an interesting blurry fade made on the sides and it joins the neatly trimmed facial hairs to finish a look that any man wouldnt mind wearing frequently.

Messy Faux hawk

In terms of hair cutting and style, imagination has no limits. And so your boldness or how far youre able to go with your hair is the only restriction. In this faux hawk influenced model the middle hair is not only messy but it is also given two different colors to make an incredible contrast. Itmade by the blonde and black colors with each half of the hair covering, it looks great and with this type of look, you are sure to draw some attention.

Tapered Quiff

This haircut shows a nicely tapered quiff to make the spikes sharp. hair on the top is longer than the sides and back, but tapering ensures that the spikiness is retained even by the shorter onesstill. Besides tapering the quiff, some keep with a quality product should also be provided and slightly upswept to make it more noticeable. Since the side and back are short, besides the tapering, nothing else is needed.

Tall pomp with undercut

Apompadour is great in this haircut but what makes it a special haircut is extra height and stunning sidescut. To people who like sporting spiky looks but still want to keep their hair decent enough for formal or professional purposes, its a trend. Sides are also creatively buzzed to add to the model more charm.

Curly Arrowlike

This haircut is an example of many things you can do with your curly hair. At the top (which should be a few inches long) the curls are cut to a standard length and then the sides are rasped tight. Since the curls are quite solid, theyre going to stick up, and thats what produces the spiky look.

Super Straight

This beautiful hair is the product of extensive blow drying and looks great on a man who knows how to wear it properly. First you should start by cutting the sides and leaving only the long hairs of the crown. After that, some thorough blow drying will be needed, and youll know that if your super straight hair sticks over your forehead, youll have the right style. You may arrange the hair which sticks out neatly or just leave it as it looks more normal.

Platinum highlights In this haircut, the color makes the edgybangs look incredible. Its also a very special selection of color because for their mane youll rarely find men going for platinum. The platinum highlights were created with a dark natural base, providing an amazing contrast to make a man stand out. The cut is also important for this style, but it is a standard high top (three inches or more) and faded short sides and back.

Long Wavy Front Sweep

Flat and wavy hair is wonderful and provides a degree of flexibility you wouldnt find in most other hair types. In this look, for a perfect finish, a beautiful hair style is creatively preserved. To taper the sides and make them short with the long hairs left at the top, it begins with a scissor trim. A simple side partition is made, and the long wavy hair at the top is brought forward to cover the forehead, and it should be long enough to flow to the cheeks all the way.

Funky Modern hawk

You should stand out from the crowd with a good haircut. Even if its a normal hairstyle, something should be there to give you an edge. The spiky Mohawk stands out because it was given the ideal grip. And you can be confident that you will stand out from the rest with the sides shaved to a nearly bald point. With this cut, a full and smooth facial hair will also do you good.

hard Parted Spiked

hard part lines add a modern touch to the hairstyles and make them look more sophisticated as in this particular hairdo. There, with razor fading sides, a longer spiked top is preserved, but all this is very common. The deep line on the side introduction makes all the difference. That contour extends all the way to the middle of the chest, and its undoubtedly whats going to catch the eye of most people in this haircut.

Messy Pomp

They may all look the same as the pompadour, but with a little effort and ingenuity you can make yours special. In this style, to give it some texture and taper the sides, you should first trim the hair with scissors, but make sure you leave enough length at the top. It is then necessary to make the longer top into a pompadour and then give it a slight mess to look edgyand special.

Cool Stylish

Three things that make a great hair are hair texture, size and style, and this one seems to make them all correct. Although the hair at the top is not very long, it still has an impressive texture that contrasts greatly with the tapered sides. To men with long, voluminous hair and almost every face shape, this cut will be best suited.

Faded Mohawk

You can differentiate yours from the crowd by making it prickly as the Mohawk might be. Instead of skin shaving, the sides should also be blurred as in other cut combinations. Middle hair used to make the hawk should be about inches or slightly longer to make the design look more attractive. Also you should be careful on the sides with the fade as it will decide how fine the haircut looks.
Wavy Perfection

Wavy hair looks unbelievable as in this cut. here, the wavy spikes are well textured and voluminous and are made only in the top section, and the rest of the head is buzzing. On people with a round or oval face shape and dark hairs, this look is ideal because the waves look more natural than other face shapes.

Edgy Disheveled

Its interesting how the cut looks like the wearer just woke up and stepped out with an amazing hairstyle. Nonetheless, it is the product of some styling and good razor practice, contrary to how it may look. Light hair wax is used on the hair, but what gives it an almost shaggy look is that its been made by fingers running through it. You must use a razor on the sides to make them short and create a perfect fade before you get to the styling part.

Front Swept Bangs

Bangs are just huge thornsand great for people who dont like conventional thin ones. But its still important to know how to style them for a perfect look, even with some stylish bangs. The long and full bangs are swept at the front in this particular hairdo to cover the forehead and maintain a somewhat messy appearance, which makes them look quite appealing.

Cropped Top

This cropped cut can be used by men who are not crazy about sticking their hair but still want to look sharp. here at the top there is a longer length, then it is cropped and angled forward to cover about one inch of the forehead. A simple but smooth high fade is then given to the sides to finish the look.

Scissor Cut Spikes

Sometimes all you need is a pair of scissors to get a great haircut. Scissors, however, must be in a professional barbers possession. Otherwise, the intended look could end up being messed up. The best thing about scissors like this is the beautiful feel it produces. And so all you need to do is to use some good hold material for a great acutelocksis as the scissors have done all the hard work for you.


Classic pompadour is a beautiful haircut according to all standards, but by spiking it you can make yours different and more attractive. A few inches should be kept at the crown for this style while a skin fade should be given to the sides. The longer hair is spiky and then cut into an impressive pompadour with a slight parting on the side.

hard part Elegance

The hard part lines in this cut make it look quite appealing as the spikes are well made but quite ordinary. Deep contours are good, but most people use them only to side their hair, this haircut shows you can use them to create a very sophisticated look. The spikes are kept in the top section in this cut while the sides are cut short but not to a uniform length. half of it gets tapered while the other half gets a high fade and then a sequence of hard part lines get razor shaved to create an eye-catching pattern.


Traditionally, spikes are about two to three inches long and stick to build what most people would call the edgylook. But you can add a twist to this hairdo and make a variety. They are longer in this design than you would normally find in other cuts and instead of sticking up they are styled in front. For a fabulous man look, this cut is paired with facial hairs.