Your place may be too warm to enjoy 5 G Mobile Internet ByBill Toulas-July 22, 2019.140 5 G modems get too hot during service, so that users drop to 4G. This is the case where the ambient temperature reaches 29.5 degrees centigrade. There are solutions to this problem still on paper so the new tech hasn’t already hit a wall. 5 G is coming and it’s already here for many places around the globe, even if it’s under constraints. Tech enthusiasts are excited about the new opportunities that super-high-speed mobile internet will offer to you.ByNitish Singh-June 13 2018.141 For its streaming service, Plex launched new grid-style TV guides to enable searching for users from conventional Dvr setups. The functionality is currently available for users of Plex Pass and allows users to filter content based on daytime and availability of Hd. The grid type Tv guide is similar to traditional cable guides that are used to by people that have grown up watching live TV. Live TV entertainment app Plex has been in the Dvr and streaming business for years but the service aims to cater to traditional cable customers with cord-cutting on the rise. For Plex Pass apps, Plex introduced conventional grid-style Tv guides to cater to users who are used to pre-streaming live TV formats. .142 Figure 1 Photo Courtesy of Plex While most live streaming services use box-style art to display TV schedules, the new addition to Plex is designed for older audiences who are used to traditional cable TV. The function is currently only available to users of Plex Pass, and includes multiple filter options. Users can filter content by time of day or availability of Hd. The Discover segment has also been revamped to display upcoming show highlights and famous content. The Plex app is designed to match user preferences and recommends content that you will likely be watching. Sections like movies sports news Tv shows are included with sub-categories in order to find as easily as possible the content you need. Plex announced that the conventional grid-style Tv guide will soon make it out of Plex Pass platforms. The update received positive feedback from users arguing that the new update made searching and finding content much easier. Users who want to have immediate access to the app will need to purchase the Plex Pass which offers users Live Tv and Dvr content. Google’s Hangouts App for Online Updates With Material Design Elements

ByNitish Singh-July 20 2018.143 Figure 1 Photo Courtesy of The Verge The Hangouts App’s web version has undergone a design redesign with revamped background icons and more. While the updates to the Hangouts Chat interface are not too dramatic they serve as signs of what the future will look like for Google apps. One of the key highlights of the Google I / Onew content thematic tools; Google has splashed its online Hangouts Chat app with a much-needed redesign of design. The newly updated Google Hangouts app includes new icons with a greyed-out backdrop and other Ui-elements redesigned. The chat cards have gone down in size and thanks to the new color scheme, text is much more crisper and prominent. Gmail was one of the first Google products to be equipped with the new Material Design and in the near future Google Chrome is set to receive a massive design redesign. .144 Figure 2 Picture Courtesy of Android Police Google’s Content Theming Engine is available free of charge to App developers and offers a variety of customization tools. The engine is quite user-friendly and offers full control of Ui elements including the size and designs to the app developers. The engine also provides smart recommendations that users can incorporate to make their apps feel design consistent. Grip.

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