Citrix Orders a Password Reset to its ShareFile Users Claiming that it is protective and not a violationFigure 1 Photo Credits: Citrix circulates alert on mandatory password reset for ShareFile users Users suspected of data breach Citrix suggests using strict authentication or a Citrix Systems password manager has recently sent a password reset All that said Citrix says the resets of forced passwords are an excellent preventive measure against potentially having to deal with multiple account breaches later. As a spokesperson wrote: “Citrix resets forced password with the awareness that traditionally waves come in attacks of this type. Additional efforts by Attacker respond to the results which often transform the intensity and approach of their methods. Our goal was to minimize the risk to our customers. “Now the daily resetting of passwords policy is something that comes with confusion as it contradicts the official Nist recommendation on the matter. While Nist logic goes if users are constantly forced to change passwords, they will not pick a pass that is too difficult or distinguished from the previous one. Nearly everyone who is subjected to this type of process implements poor practices such as growing a number in password. Such basic transformations do not provide robust protection against compromise so changing passwords is not a good practice of authentication at frequent intervals. Citrix gives its customers a way out of this endless nightmare by claiming that all of the above applies to those not using the ShareFile Two-Step Verification process.password manager is the only way to go these days. Facebook Twitter.

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