Easy Steps Waterfall Braid

Are you agonizing about which hairstyle to wear for your big day? Not sure how the big party will impress everyone? Looking for a great hairstyle prom? So our braid waterfall tutorial is for you in particular! We’ll show you how to look terrific in any event while spending minutes with curls on your beautiful waterfall braid! <h2 Your Waterfall Braid Can Go from Work to Date

Any complicated hairstyle is time-consuming and understandable. Sometimes you can’t really handle the style on your own. But with our waterfall braid tutorial this style will only take a few minutes. Before you start to do your hair, think about your outfit. Step by Step. Blow your hair out as usual. Use a gloss on the roots of the skin. The hairstyle will look more voluminous and neat through this process. Share your hair as you like it. ‘

‘ Separate from the side a section of hair and braid it. Take the outer parts and cross them over the middle if you want to do a French braid. Most of the braid should be focused on the back and sides of your head. It’s a cool, modern twist. ‘

‘ Next spray your hair with some hairspray. Take a hair section and poke it in the braid. Continue to go all the way down until no hair is left. So you should see at least how the braid is going in a diagonal or straight or swooping around. ‘

‘ Apply hairspray to the hairstyle and curl the ends. You can also roll the ends behind the ear and tuck them right under the braid. Use bobby pins to secure the base.

Step. Here’s the look finished. It should take you less than minutes for this waterfall braid. Every time you wear it, people will constantly ask you how you did it. Hope you’ll like our braid tutorial for the waterfall!

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