Clever Dreadlock

A new way to express yourself in a trendy hairstyle?

Elegant Dreadlock Bun Updo

This style is very simple yet it offers you one of the most versatile hairstyles for dreads. You can accentuate it with flowers or other hair clips from your collection as long as the scarf wraps around your bun’s base a few times. Perfectly finish the look with beads.

Thick Twist Dreadhawk Sculpture

This incredibly unique Mohawk style is truly an art work! Traditionally, black girl’s hairstyles are quite daring, but this one takes the cake! A series of twisted dreads are put together to create an unforgettable look.

Pretty loose-ended dreads

These slender dreads are left at the ends unfinished. It’s a perfect way to draw your hair’s attention to different colors and add some varied textures. Wear your sexy dreads with bright elastic feather beads and whatever feels right and beautiful in half updos!

Dreadlock Updo with Extensions

Updos are not the first thing most people think about when it comes to dread hairstyles, but they should be! With relative ease, most of the dreads can be shaped into eye-catching designs. This spiky updo includes only tactical twists and a few pins of hair.

Candyfloss Pink Woven Dreadlocks

Welcome to a cool woven style which looks as complicated as a labyrinth but one that you can wrap around your face! It’s one of the toughest styles to learn, but the effort is worth it.

Fake Twisted Dreadlocks

Using tightly twisted synthetic hair, these small dreads create a sleek black mane with bright highlights. Fake dreads are a great way to get lots of hair for women with thin strings. You only need a professional’s help with lots of hair extensions!

Wraps Beads and Braids Dreadlocks

Calling all dreaded women who can’t decide on just one style! Use different colored dread wraps and beads to give each individual dreadlock its own personality. Then go a step further with your dreads look by braiding some locks from the top of your hair.

Faded Blue to Purple Dreads

This vivid dreadlocked look features pink-washed electric blue roots at almost colorless ends. Colorful dreadlocks are typically artificial and it’s a great solution to try wild colors. T4.449.jpg” />

Bun and Undercut Twisted Dreadlocks

If a stunning dreadlock bun wasn’t revealing enough, add an undercut too! This hairstyle is a little too much for women who find a full head of dreadlocks. Apart from the half-dreaded look, practicality is also really cool.

Tamed Dreadlocks

This is one of the dreadlock hairstyles recommended for rejuvenating dreads. Design the top half of your locations as cornrows and for a perfect balance you will have a smooth front with a wild back!

Dreadlocks Side-Braid and Undercut

If you have thick hair, a half-dreaded look is worth considering, so you don’t drown in dreadlocks. With only the top section in keys, this style has a heavy undercut. Add a side plait and add a feminine edge to this punk look.

Navy Blue Spiral Dreads

Spiral dreads are here to show that you can’t still appreciate beautiful curls and waves with dreadlocks. This particular style is achieved with perm tubes, but you can also use a curling wand or braids pip cleaner curlers. Don’t forget the dreadlocks can be flexible!

Half Up Dreadlock Braid

This is the epitome of uncommitted white girl dreads. If the dreads aren’t extensions, they’re going to live their own life changing their looks as time goes by and give you the opportunity to experiment with a number of new hairstyles and look different every time.

Braid Dreads

This hairstyle is about a messy feel and different textures. The hair consists of thick dreadlocks that have plated or twisted some of them. There’s also the chunky knitted scarf for a reason that love love the feel!

Boho Dread Updo

Great for updos and creative hairstyles. Start at your hair’s front and pull back the dreadlocks. The more boho chic it appears, the more tidy the messier the hair doesn’t have to be!

Blue Highlight in Dread Half Updo

Most hairstyles need only a few bright stripes to create a beautiful contrast. This chunky side bun is funky and casual adorably messy but at the same time it recalls a lovely rose and looks pretty cute wow!

Twisted Dreadlock Bob

These twisted locks are shaped like a perfect bob of any color you like. Just add a few shiny metal clasps over the lengths to add a little glitz and glamour.

Colorful Wraps Side-Swept Dreadlocks

The thick dreadlocks are swept to one side and filled with beads and shells. The dreads themselves boast the natural hair color of the wearer but are still overflowing with vibrant colors perfect for women enjoying colored pops that do not cause hair harm.

Bright Pink Synthetic Dreadlocks

Try dreadlock styles using extensions if you have short hair but want to flaunt long locks. Here fake pink hair was braided into the real hair’s roots and rolled into fake places. And the more different shades we think the better!

Half Dreaded Bun

This look is a combination of dreads and messy loose strings just the right mix of badass style textures. The easiest solution is a big relaxed bun, but to say the least it looks new and cool.

Undercut Dreadlocks

Use your head’s hair to build a mohawk of dread. In addition to highlighting the dreadlocks, the closely cropped sides and back make them appear longer. Choose to loose or dreadlock your bangs as well.

Wavy Twisted Dreadlocks

Dreads hairstyles may also have a soft shadow effect. Both color texture and size, these tightly twisted locks are flawless. It’s up to you how long or how bright you want to go as this method uses hair extensions!

Fleur De Lis Dreadlock Bun

A nice pile of eye-catching loops are created by the different shades of these thin dreads. The loops are cool, giving this array of slim locks height depth and texture. This style may dress up any outfit and reel in compliments for black girls with dreadlocks!

Brown Half Dreaded Hair

Dreads of white girls can be very versatile. If you know the locks first, you can try half-dreads. Loose hair is gathered in a half-updo with chunky messy bun in this situation. It’s an elegant Hey definition I’m special and stunning! So do you like it? T4.465.jpg” />

Straight Bangs Pastel Dreadlocs

Love pastel colors? This set of temporary locks adds to your dreads life and pizazz, making your hair a true art work. To match any outfit, customize your color theme. Such cool locks would definitely have a better outlook!

Free and Easy Long Textured Locks

Sometimes it is a struggle for women to eliminate fear or grow your dreaded hair long. But as we see a mixed style of grown-out dreads can look beautiful as well and be a part of your fashion.

Medium Ombre Locs

Wouldn’t you like to have long dread styling? Seek the length of medium. Here’s a stunning example of bright shadows and defined layers and we’re really looking forward to copying this style right now!

Ready to explore your own new styles of female dreadlock? Only keep these ideas in mind that are creative and enjoyable. There are many interesting ways to present them, whether you have real or synthetic dreads. And note the range of color options is growing so feel free to create your own unique style! Prev1 of 30Next —> —> Related Posts Short Shaggy Spiky Edgy Pixie Cuts and Hair>Super-Simple Messy Ponytail Hair>Messy Bun Hair>Perfectly Imperfect Messy Hair> Best Hair Damaged Styling Tools Tried and Tested How to Make a Waterfall Braid in Easy Steps Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get inspiration for hair style. Whatever your hair type is, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair> Braided