Easter 2021 in Catalonia: Holidays, restrictions and processions

Easter 2021 is just around the corner. This year will be, again, a peculiar celebration due to the coronavirus pandemic, which will prevent it from developing as on other occasions.

The autonomous communities and the Ministry of Health have reached a national pact, which must be ratified during the next week, by which the beginning of the curfew will be decreed from 22:00 hours and the perimeter closure to avoid unnecessary travel and movement.

However, the Community of Madrid has once again become a wayward territory, since it considers that the data is good enough so that the measures do not economically affect the sectors that have suffered the most from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

What holidays will there be?

In Catalonia there will be two holidays that will coincide with Holy Week. The Government has decided that April 5, which is Easter Monday, is one of the public holidays.

On the other hand, at the national level it will be April 2, which is Good Friday.

What processions will there be?

The representatives of the brotherhoods and brotherhoods of Madrid have decided to cancel any Holy Week procession to avoid new outbreaks and infections of coronavirus.

However, the brotherhoods and brotherhoods will display the images of their holders in the temples where they have headquarters from the 27th of Passion, which is the Saturday of the Passion, until the 3rd of April, Holy Saturday.

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