Dutch Fishtail Braid

A Dutch Fishtail Braid is a flexible style that gives the appearance of thin symmetrical strands meeting in the middle of your plait. Mastering a fishtail braid is a great way to keep up with the fashion as you can dress it up or down for any reason. The Dutch fishtail version uses the underhand method to make the braid stand out with a given lift instead of blending in like a conventional fishtail braid with the surrounding hair.

What is the difference between the Traditional Fishtail Braid and the Netherlands?

Do you want to rock simplicity or have a braid that makes a statement when choosing between a fishtail braid and a Dutch alternative? The Dutch fishtail braid is a variation of the classic technique which uses the underhand approach to make the braid stand out with a specified lift instead of blending in like a conventional fishtail with the surrounding hair. The technique between the two is nearly identical, but at first you may need to focus a little more to make sure you get a raised braid by moving underhand strings for the Netherlands. The best part about the Dutch fishtail braid is that the finished hairdo looks incredibly tight and clean, loose and messy to match any style effortlessly.

Dutch Fishtail Braid

Netherlands Fishtail Braid How-To Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step through the hair to remove any tangles. Begin by selecting two small and equal hair parts. Place a section underneath the left portion on the outside of the right portion. Incorporate a new piece of hair from the right side down to the left side into the braid. Moving the correct portion up and out of the way makes it much easier to see and treat new sections as you go into the braid.

Choose two small, equal hair portions. Step Moving a piece underneath to the right on the outside of the left section. Lift your left portion momentarily and incorporate new hair into your right portion of the braid from the left side. Tucking each strand below will achieve the Dutch fishtail braid’s classic elevated look.

Moving a piece underneath to the right on the outside of the left section. Step Repeat steps and bring all hair into the braid.

Follow the steps and. Step Take a piece from the outside right below to the inside left with your larger two portions. Then take a piece down to the inside right from the outside left. Repeat with an elastic band until you reach the end of your braid.

Secure braid band when you reach the end of your braid. Move Lightly pull each section from the beginning of the braid to the elastic band to change any tight parts to create a natural look and make the braid appear wider. Curl and set with hairspray on any flyaways.

Curl any hairspray flyaways and mount. <h2 Video-Tutorial How to do a Dutch Fishtail Braid

With a little practice, the Dutch Fishtail Braid will become your go-to look whether you need a stunning wedding style or a cute way to tie your hair back for a walking date. This quick and easy braid is fun and fresh for every season, especially as you can wear it on one side as shown here and down the middle for a classic wedding date.

Buzzed Sides Long Top Men’s Hairstyle

Who says that blonde hair is just next door for boys and heart thieves? People who are to Mars more than One Direction in Thirty Seconds will love this comb’s comparison of buzz cut and full beard. It’s an attitude that demonstrates you mean business.

Spunky Side Bang

Ladies love a mysterious man so why not lift the level of suspense with long bangs? To make you look less accessible, they cover a part of your face. It’s best to keep them wanting more, as the saying goes.

Mohawk and Facial Hairstyle

Mohawks are nothing new but you can add some color to the latest upgrade to the side section haircut. Pink is no longer just a nice boost for Barbie to add the brown rosewood hue into a rasped look. Plus it’s an exciting look that will definitely stand out in the pictures.

Back to Business Men’s Haircut

Often crazy hairstyles don’t suit your lifestyle anymore and you have to clean them up. This well-groomed look will be valued by men starting a new career. Make sure you’re going gentle on the shampoo so you don’t look like you’ve got wet hair in the workplace.

New Pompadour Hairstyle

Just because you’ve got a short side haircut doesn’t mean you’ve got to style your hair falling on either hand. A great round faces alternative is a back-swept style with a quiff lift. The side part adds a bit of edge and gives it more structure.

Standout Side Part

Thick hair appears fantastic with a part in men’s hairstyles. You’ll stop a blocky look by gently brushing your quiff to one side. For a weekend date, it’s a good option.

Structured and Strong Men’s Hairstyle

False Mohawk is a great option for thick hair in modern interpretation. The hairstyle doesn’t overshadow your overall appearance when you keep it tight and organized. It’s definitely a look that pulls off a confident man so make sure to pair this with your best slim cut suit.

Straight and Slick Side Part

It is important to understand the delicate nature of your strands when looking for an ideal style for thin hair. If you’re trying to pump them with a material, it could overwhelm your hair and make it look sparser, resulting in the exact opposite look you’ve been looking for. The sleek option looks smooth and put together like in the picture.

Fine Hair Side Hairstyle

Simply embrace it is another way to tackle thinning hair. A side section hairstyle with closely clipped sides and side-swept top section makes it look like your hair is generally thicker.

Men’s Retro Hairstyle with Twist

Long-faced styles such as Mohawks and Pompadours may not be flattering because they are visually elongated. It will be much more flattering to have a slicked back style. For a modern update to the classic look with a retro feel, add a side part and fade on the edges.

Classy and Comfortable Men’s Tapered Haircut

This simple haircut is the best bet for you if you’re a man who believes frills are for the poor. For a super neat look, the length is meticulously tapered. It’s a hairstyle for men that can work well almost anywhere.

Wild Widow’s Peak

Looking at the shiny black hair and the peak of a pointed widow, many may think of Count Dracula first. Combat this stereotype by adding some flair with a stylish side part hairstyle for men to do something different. It lifts the regular medium haircut and with the new hipster craze stays in the trend.

Updated undercut

Many praise undercut hairstyle as it allows you to wear long hair sections in various ways. It’s versatile and personalized. Use a fun shaved model to customize it further. The style is perfect for a young man who frequents the skate parks; it’s been made to cross the fast lane for life.

Short and Statement-Worthy Side Part

Although the style above is very similar, it is best suited for long-faced men. Smoothing the hair down and the unflattering extra height and length a Mohawk can provide to the side takes away.

Side with Fade for African American Men

Black guys who like the dapper look of men like Sammy Davis Jr. and Temptations will love this elegant and sophisticated side part men’s hairstyle. Thanks to Jidenna and his hit song Classic Man, this modern-yet-elegant look is popular.

High School Heartthrob

Thanks to Justin Bieber, this trendy look has become high in demand. If you’re going to rule the halls of high school and become number one on the crush list, make this your next go-to. The crisp divided style shows some sophistication, but the messy waves convey that you are not taking yourself too seriously.

Soft and Spiky

This is the ultimate side haircut for a guy who wants to be stylish without trying to look too hard. The spikes show a bit of edge, but your hair is still soft and touchable if you avoid using strong hold products. It’s a good look for a lot of men.

Short Slick and Textured

This short, slick hairstyle is great for men with wavy hair and a very smooth look. As seen in the photo, sweater vests and preppy ensembles work very well. You will need to be sure to use a nice amount of hair gel to keep your hair in place while keeping the shine!

taniavolobueva / Shutterstock.com

Disheveled Side Parted Men’s Hairstyle

This hairdo is perfect for guys with more grunge than personal style! While still having individuality, it allows you to grow your hair to a workable length. To create a messy look, you want to be sure to use a holding spray while your hair is wet and ruffle the hair in various directions.

Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com

Closely Cut Sides and Back-Swept Quiff

While this cute cut has a small length contrast, it is still very clean and can be presented for formal occasions! In a professional setting, the preppy style with a back-swept quiff is great for mature men as well as young people who just like this style.

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

Curly Side Parted Men’s Hairstyle with a Messy Touch

This short curly-up sweep looks great on men with more rectangular face shapes. The curls give a more natural feeling to the hairdo while adding tameness to the up sweep. You need to use a nice amount of keeping hairspray to keep the hairstyle form intact and reduce the frizz.

DFree / Shutterstock.com

Feathered and Flat

Feathered and flat in this hairstyle. The lack of volume highlights the distortion that the various layers have created. You want to avoid heavy products when styling a cut like this so that they don’t make the hair look unflatteringly limp!

ChinellatoPhoto / Shutterstock.com

Side Parted Men’s Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadours have always been popular as a category of stylish men’s hair> Update your pompadour with a trendy quirk a distinct side part as in the photo for an added touch of drama and a dandy feel.

Side Parted Men’s Hairstyle Mohawk version

This extended mohawk is just what it sounds like. It features rasped sides at the top with a medium duration. The distance on top, however, stretches from temple to temple in comparison to the middle of the chest. It increases the workability and complexity of the hair cut.

DFree / Shutterstock.com

Double Parted Men’s Hairstyle

Parting the hair on both sides, as opposed to just one side, gives such an elegant hairstyle a very elegant appeal. This is great for those who are planning to go black tie somewhere and just want to break the rules a little!

DFree / Shutterstock.com

Side Parted Men’s Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

You add form and shine by taming your natural hair texture. Those with wavy hair can also seek a side part style as seen in the photo. Use a hair mousse through your hair on a wet hair finger and allow it to dry. Once it dries, the wave pattern will be beautiful.

DFree / Shutterstock.com

Men’s Wild Curls

It may seem at first glance that there is no rhyme or reason that is appropriate for some men. However, you’re giving such a messy look a tint of order by adding a side part. This makes your look wild for a purpose a good feeling!

Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

Edgy Side Parted Men’s Hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for fine, thin-haired men. You want to make sure it’s deep on the side so you get a clear separation. Keep one side slick and allow the other to add extra definition to the ends to be slightly messy. This gives the impression that because of the difference in height you have size!

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Men’s Natural-Looking Highlights

Highlights look great for men who want to add to their hair dimensions. They make the hair look thicker and packed with muscle. Although highlights may not be an easy pick on those who can pull off the look for everyone they look hot!

Light and Elegant Side Parted Men’s Hairstyle

Here’s a great men’s hairstyle with a super light and elegant look! Forget about hairsprays and gels that weigh down your hair. Use a root lifter or volumizing foam and a blow dryer to shape your quiff into this effortless chic wave!

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Textured and highlighted

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com Textured and highlighted

Maintenance is very easy and small. Which man wouldn’t want that? Because there are no longitudinal contrasts between haircuts, you can easily go a month and still have a nice look! Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

Side Parted Men’s Hairstyle with a Quiff

Here’s a hairstyle throwback that’s cool for those in vintage style who love classic rock ensembles. Simultaneously a side part is a sweet trendy detail that makes your present-day look.

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Double Upsweep with Off-Centered Part

Double up sweep is special while keeping you dry and tidy! You want to make a side part and make sure you use a boar bristle hair brush to produce two uniform sweeps that add a pomade to carry.

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Traditional Combover Side Parted Men’s Hairstyle

The conventional comb over is so easy that it can not be done wrongly! At the top there is length to be sliced to the side and out of the way. The darkened roots increase delicate hair visual thickness.

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Corky Upsweep

Corky up sweep is perfect for people with a vibrant personality who want to show off their unique personal style in their skin! For glasses and button ups, it looks great. If you don’t want to pose like a schoolboy, get a shadow at o’clock.

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Short and Chic Side Parted Men’s Hairstyle

An incredibly trendy and chic hairstyle. You can be trendy even on the go because it’s short and very convenient! You want to be sure, however, that you get timely hair cuts to keep it uniform!

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