Inspiring Books About Hairs

Do you consider hair as interesting as we do? Then you’ll want to add to your reading list these great beauty books because they’re sure to captivate the attention of every hair enthusiast. From hairstyle past to investigating modern-day trends and their deeper meanings, this series of best hair-related books will contribute to late-night reading sessions and probably even finding inspiration for new hairstyles!

Guido’s hair

As you would expect from a book by a leading fashion industry trendsetter, Guido’s hair is an exciting reading. You will find hundreds of avant-garde hair creations from Guido that never fail to create a buzz in the world of fashion and often turn into the look of the season!

Hair by Guido

HairÊ1/4em ScareÊ1/4em by Robert Klanten

Hairstyles are not just about hair. Hair Ê1/4em Fear Ê1/4em investigates the fascinating elegance and creative potential of hair as a mode of artistic expression for contemporary art – and even graphic design!

HairÊ1/4em ScareÊ1/4em by Robert Klanten

Black Hair Art Style and Culture by I m a Ebong

This book tells a beautiful story of the creativity and diversity of black women’s hairstyles through poetry stories and non-fiction anecdotes. You will consider all of this traditional hairstyles and the effects of a more unusual and metropolitan modern-day fashion. The book invites you to celebrate natural black hair “and recognize how culturally and politically charged it is.

Black Hair Art Style and Culture by Ima Ebong

A Century of Hairstyles by Pamela Church Gibson

Travel through the last century with this book“ and explore the enchanting world of hairstyles. The last hundred years have been an incredibly exciting time for hair and you will find in this book the memoirs of the journey (from the bangs of the 1920s to the bouffants of the 1960s).

A century of hairstyles by Pamela Church Gibson

Laurent Philippon’s beauty design and fantasy

Over the years, hairstyles have conveyed individuality and prestige – from the goddess-like braids of Cleopatra to the elegant pompadour of Marie-Antoinette. This book presents the artistic expression of hair through the exploration of traditional tribal fashions to the new creations of today.

Laurent Philippon’s beauty style and imagination

Beauty fashions The first five thousand years of P. Owen

There is probably no book that can do better than this one to document the timeline of hairstyles. This is a definitive text on men’s and women’s hair fashions from Egyptian times to modern times – and it will definitely educate (and entertain!).

The first five thousand years of P. Owen

Vidal Vidal Sassoon’s Autobiography

The world’s most amazing hairdresser’s autobiography – do we need to know more? Read about his personal journey from an impoverished childhood to international success and fame, and his inspiring career in cutting the hair of the wealthiest and most successful.

Vidal Sassoon’s autobiography

Hairstyles Ancient to Present by Charlotte Fiell

Celebrate the finest hairstyle designs from ancient Greek tresses to fiery Punk mohawks. Pages of beautiful awe-inspiring illustrations of an amazing array of more than 1000 fantastic styles – you’ll be enchanted once you open it.

Ancient to Charlotte Fiell Hairstyles

Curly Girl Lorraine Massey and Michele Bender’s Handbook

A slightly more practical reading but worthy of your attention. This book is overflowing with unique hair care tips inspiration and even a step-by-step guide to cutting your own hair!

Curly Girl In this slightly different novel, Lorraine Massey and Michele Bender’s Handbook

Trunk Volume One Hair

Hair-related myth and fantasy stories are discussed. If you are interested in learning more about Rapunzel and her enchanting locks or Medusa and her venomous snake hairdo, this book is the perfect one to read. You’re going to be fascinated all over!

Trunk Volume One Hair

Hair by Sam Mcknight

This book is about the most inspiring work by hair stylist Sam Mcknight, showcasing the most iconic popular culture photographs such as Princess Diana’s slicked-back look and Tilda Swindon’s take on David Bowie’s hairstyle. His work has been lauded and admired globally, and this book will show you why.

Sam Mcknight’s hair

Student Hairdressing Manual About Authentic Victorian Hairstyles By A. Mallemont

Do you ever dream of going back to the Victorian era in time? This book gives you the opportunity to do just that. It was originally published in 1899 and contains beautiful illustrations and detailed instructions on how to make Victorian hairstyles romantically chic.

Student Hairdressing Manual

Entanglement The Secret Lives of Hair by Emma Tarlo

Have you ever wondered what places hair can end up in when it leaves the heads of Buddhist monks or when it is purchased from long-haired women? Emma Tarlo’s author. Guided by curiosity and determination to uncover the hidden hair lives she traveled the globe across India Myanmar Africa China and many other countries following the beauty revolution. You will hear about the hair moves to the unexpected places and you may be taken by surprise.

Secret Hair Lives by Emma Tarlo Allow yourself to experience the mysterious hair life from every angle when you sink your teeth into these inspiring books. Whether it’s a gift to someone curious about the deeper symbolic meaning of hair, or a reading for yourself because you find hair interesting these books are sure to encourage you. Beau Bollinger’s Guide to Individualized Hair Cutting The Plump Process for Big and Bouncy Curls Hair Colors Inspired by Crystals I Grew My Hair Long Using these Amazon Haircut Words for Improved Communication with Your Stylist The Ultimate Hair Care Guide for Unicorns and Mermaids Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Beau Bollinger’s Guide to Better Communication with Your Stylist Whatever your hair type is, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair Updos