Different Rocky Braids

Personality is just as critical in the hip-hop world as music. That’s why a lot of artists have an excentric but incredible sense of fashion; especially when it comes to hairstyle. This article focuses on Asap Rocky braids and how you can improve your style to look even better at yourself.

1 Braids Cap

This is one of the most common Asap Rocky designs. If your braids run from the front of your head backwards so that the cap fits without looking awkward, it’s easy to rock it.


Accessory braids are fantastic. However, complemented with golden threads of appealing color, they are even better. The trick here is to choose a color that suits the tone or clothing of your body. As you can see, near the end of the braids, Asap Rocky likes them.

3 Free Hanging Braids

If you want to keep your braids fresh and your head well ventilated, try this style. Pulling it’s a pretty easy look.
4 Two Hanging Braids

Another Asap Rocky style to add a hat as an accent. You should leave two of them to hang out one on either side of the head instead of covering all your braids behind the hat.

5 Simple Full Head Braid

In order to look amazing, your braids need not be complicated. Simple but well-kept ones can give you the look you need. Note how clearly visible is the scalp of Asap Rocky.

6 Braided Man Bun

If the hairstyle involves braids, a man bun is never a bad idea. Through securing the braids with a belt, you can tie the braids at the back to form a man bun or you can shape it. It’s not a bad idea to leave some to hang freely.

7 Asap Rocky Braids Classic

This is the signature style of Asap Rocky. You can also braid your hair and drop half of the braids to the right and half of the braids to the left.

8 Large Bun Braids

Note how each braid forms the man bun. If you don’t want some of them dropping into your face and ears, it’s a very good idea.


Do you like comprehensive hairstyles? Try this dynamic look. Half of Rocky’s braids fall on one side and the other half on the back. You can choose any other style (like forming a Mohawk) that impresses you.


Partially Hanging Braids This is a simple design that requires splitting the braids into two. Leave the first team free to hang up and form a bun with the other band.

11 Braided Mini Bun

You can make it fairly small by weaving only a few braids to create a mini-bun instead of having a large bun.

12 Low Bun

This is one of the most frequent braided men’s hairstyles. Put it on the back of the head and just above the neck instead of having the bun at the top. It gives to your braids amazing visual appeal.


Frontal Hanging Braids Want to have some free hanging braids and keep your bun still? Try this incredible mix of the two. Let the front braids fall free and then tie the back braids to form a mini-bun.

14 Amazing complicated patterns

Ordinary can be boring and that’s why braids can be made into incredibly complicated patterns. Let two or a few stretch to the chest, then apply a fashionable style to the top ones.

15Braided Ponytail

There is no problem with the braids being long ponytail. Only some shorter front ones stick out.

16 French man braid

This is an impressive combination of classic man braid and man bun. Yes, it involves creating a bun from your braids, but creating it uses only two or very few braids. The rest can be freely hanged.

17 Classic Cornrows

Surely one of our time’s most recognizable and loved braided looks. It features cornrows running from one side (and not from front to back) of the head to the other. It was associated with rappers such as Jim Jones and Xzibit, but it was even more popular with Asap Rocky. Try to vary the sizes of the braids for an optimal look and find one that perfectly suits your face.

18 Hat Accessory braids

We’ve already discussed that your braids can be accessorized with a hat. Asap Rocky does it well, of course, but by having a different style of hat (like one without a visor) you can do it even better.

19 Ribbon Braided Bun

Instead of twisting the braids at the back (to form a bun), you can simply hold them together using a ribbon. The advantage of this style is that you don’t have to mix your braids together, making it easy to make or remove the bun.

20 Scalp braids

Asap Rocky’s hairdo will expose his scalp more often than not. That’s not to suggest he doesn’t have braids that he doesn’t rock. You can also fashion your braids by gathering them and tying them all at the back to conceal the scalp.

21 Marley Twists

If you want your braids to look like dreadlocks, choose this style. It’s fine if your hair is thick and thin.

22 Straight Line Braids

One advantage of straight line braids is that it is possible to experiment with designs. Asap Rocky wears his side by side, but you can change yours to run back and forth from the front. The bandana is an added personality-added accessory.

23 Braid Flicks

You can flick one or several of your braids just like other people flick their frontal hair. That style can bring more attention than your hairdo to your face and facial features.

24 Patterned braids

Don’t focus so much on the braids and forget that you can use the pattern on the scalp to improve your outlook. The scalp of Asap Rocky shows cubes (or rectangles) in the picture. Any pattern of your choosing will work well for you.

25 The