Amazing styles of blonde beard

There’s a popular myth that blonde men shouldn’t grow beards because a blonde beard doesn’t seem to have the same appeal or appeal as one a bit darker. However, as the following twenty-five pictures will prove, this is clearly false. A blonde beard, trimmed and groomed in the right way, can be as sexy and attractive as any other.

1 Wild Ginger Beard

In this photo, the beard is a perfect example of a wild, ungroomed style that looks incredible. Perfectly shaped and not too long, the unusual black earring and woolen vest compliment it perfectly.

2 Easy but efficient

Blue eyes, flawless comb-over, and beard trimming. I hear you say, Perfect? To look amazing, a beard does not have to be excessively cut or groomed. If worn the right way, a simple growth of a couple of weeks can be perfect.

3 Golden Highlights

A shirtless bronzed skin man with a straw sunhat and black sunnies. A fantastic beard would be the only thing that could make it more appealing, and here it is! Thick and luscious, this manly growth can only dream of mere mortals.
4 Perfectly twisted

Beard (and hairstyle) with a difference! Whether dyed or naturally blonde, this hair on the face communicates everything. Styled short on the arms, longer under the chin with an orange tinge, and twisted into a large moustache, it takes nothing away from his fascinating hairstyle.

5 Country Style

We can almost imagine a perfect countryman looking at this picture. A man with a leather jacket and a cowboy hat appears to have made the short, carefully formed beard.

6 Blond Afro Beard

So we’ve found blonde beards might look good, but blonde afro beard? Incredibly, this guy manages to pull it off somehow, balancing it with pale designer glasses, a unique nose ring, and darker clothing to create a look of one kind.

7 Wild Hair,

Wild Beard Hair? Beard? Is there a moustache? This photo is all about it! A beard for which other men would die, a moustache so thick you’re wondering how he can eat, and a hairstyle that’s out of this world.

8 Neat and Tidy

If this guy has found a way to make thinning hair look good. A short beard with the right mix of dark and light hair and perfectly tanned skin leaves little to be desired.

9 Beards and Boats

Is the survivor of a shipwreck taken from a remote pacific island? If not, you could be excused for thinking exactly this for the designer sunglasses and necklace. Sporting one of the wildest beards possible right next to a well-kept hairdo, it looks like a movie set could have come straight away.

10 Beard, Tats, and Piercings

Now it’s almost a special style description. His moustache and stretcher earrings are perhaps his most remarkable features, with face tattoos, nose piercings, suspenders, and a beard that leaves little to be desired.

11 Orange hint

Don’t you know what to do with your hair on your face? Okay, don’t copy the style of this guy. He has jumped out of his comfort zone with a wild ginger chin piece, with naturally black facial hair covering most of his face at just over a stubble.

12 Beach Vibe

White sand, white water, a bearded man. Combine this with tattoos, piercings, and some manly chest hair, and we’ve got a photo for which to die.

13 Modeling

Bronzed skin, a wild man’s bun, but a perfectly trimmed beard! Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re not supposed to have a beard, because that guy just proved them wrong.

14 Old

Is it white or blonde? We may never know. But, there’s one thing we know. This old man’s got some serious style. Red sunnies, several piercings, and a low-cut surf t-shirt give him a teenager’s look.

15 Real Hipster

This must be the perfect blonde beard embodiment. While it’s long and funny, it still manages to look stylish. Combine this with a fantastic hairdo, and immediately we see the art of facial hair perfected by this young man.


A bearded musician? Who’d say this! This young music lover, with moustache and everything, seems to have taken the perfect beard and stuck it on his head.

17 Face Tats and Beards

An African American with full-face tattoos and black hair, but this guy somehow manages to look more like a model than a hardened criminal. Add piercings and a leather jacket, and it seems we’re looking at one of the city’s cool kids.

18 Colored salt and pepper

Sometimes the best blonde beards are multi-colored ones. Take the beard as an example in this illustration. Some dark hairs, some white hairs; the perfect salt and pepper beard comes in and out.

19 Thin but big

Unfortunately, this young man is unlikely to grow a full beard yet. But he’s on the right track. Nevertheless, his facial hair matches perfectly with his darker eyebrows and more extensive hairstyle.


Master of the Beard If eyes could kill, we’d all be dead. Tanned hair, bright blue eyes, and the gods ‘ beard combine to make this gentle block one of the city’s best-looking.

21 Not so blonde

This strawberry-colored beard was cut with perfect precision while not super blonde. Combine it with a darker skin tone, a bright t-shirt and hat, and a backpack, and you’ve got what seems to be living among the sexiest travelers.

22 Baby Faced Blonde

His beard fits perfectly with his shirt. Short enough to hide the fact that it’s still a bit thin and patchy, but long enough to be a full beard, this guy mastered the basic art of looking good!

23 Bald and Bearded

Small beard and bald head? This picture perfectly combines the two! The beard is trimmed perfectly, making the man look smooth but stylish.

24 Rough but big

And here’s a blond bearded bikie. Ignoring the rough guy’s tattoos, muscles, and Harley-Davidson singlet, we see a beard that would be proud of any hipster.


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