De Bruyne and Sterling lose stripes at City

The Belgian goes from second to fourth captain and the English winger falls from the list after the vote of his teammates


Sterling stops being captain of the City


As happens every season, the City footballers, together with Guardiola, his assistants and other members of the first team decide who will be the captains. The main news was that Sterling not on that list after the costumes were voiced – the English winger will not be wearing the armband. De Bruyne He has also lost stripes on the team because he has gone from second in the hierarchical order to fourth in a matter of a few months.

Fernandinho he is still the first captain of the Premier champion. The Brazilian, respected like no other by his teammates, signed another year with the club not only for his contribution on the pitch but also for his influence in the dressing room. Gündogan becomes the second leading player of City and Rúben Days the third, just one year after their arrival. De Bruyne and Walker complete the list of captains in the squad Guardiola.

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