Mini Ponytail

: This will require long hair and is ideal for a sportsman. The specific purpose of this style is to keep the hair out of the face. A band holds back the section from the ear line, and the bottom part is left to flow down. In 2003, while playing for Real Madrid, Becks pulled off this hairdo.

Peaked and Spiky

: This hair style also focuses on texture and volume. With this style, he looks spiky, and it was one of his early hairstyles. The hair is light as well, which makes the head look more rounded and thick. With thinning hair, it would go well. When he was still a professional football player, Becks had this hairstyle. In 2006, when playing for Real Madrid, he had the look and had it again as he played in 2008 and 09 for Milan.

Soft Spikes

: Anything but one of the best hairdos. The hairstyle finish has some sleek razor-cut edges that look sharp and angular. For a modern look, the sides are fringed. Beckham dyed his hair blonde in 1998 and he had it in super amazing soft spikes. He didn’t cut the Shaolin-bald style of his hair here. Even though it was short, it looked amazing.

Simple hairband

: Another mid-2000s hair style that involves a simple hairband used to move the hair backwards. You may move the hair to the mid-section of the head, or to the bottom of the nape. This was another way to keep your hair easy by using a band of hair as part of your new hairstyle. On various occasions, the hairband was worn, but mostly during his active years of professional football. While playing for the LA Galaxy and during his loan with Milan, he wore the hairband. This was after he left Real Madrid for LA Galaxy in 2007, and later in 2009 after cutting his hair late in 2007.
David Beckham is one of the most popular and sexy soccer players of all time. In some of the world’s biggest clubs, including Man United, Real Madrid, and PSG, the former professional footballer was playing. He’s an English model and businessman might have hung his boots for good, but one thing he still has, even at the age of , is his beautiful hair style. Here is a look at the changes in the hair of soccer players, along with the top hairstyles that many people have become hairdos.
Over the years, Beckham has had different hair styles that have ranged from short to medium hair to long hair. He’s pulled off some of the most impressive hairstyles that many people have enjoyed all along. Over the years he may have had different hair styles, but here’s a look at some of his best hair styles and those that have become the hairdos of many hair stylists.

Subtle Mullet and Side Fringe

: While mullet is not the favorite hairstyle of many peopleTM, it is one of Becks ‘ best hairstyles. In the Mullet hairdo, Becks brought a new touch. It made him look extra sporty and look young, of course. The hair on the back is sufficiently short to make the collar show. In his early years at Manchester United, this was his hair style. It’s been around 1995 and 1997. Some people believed he was copying the Backstreet Boys, the then top pop band. However, regardless of his fans ‘ perception, the style became one of the most adorable.

Soft and textured: Becks made another stunning, soft and textured hairstyle. The hairdo is followed by well-groomed facial hair. He still has a soft side, with a dark brown spiky top part, with some light tones at the tip of the hair. The top part is raised and forward-looking. Becks looks amazing even with the facial hair, and he catches media attention. Becks had this awesome hairdo that attracted a lot of people’s attention during his time with PSG.

Formal and Flawless: Becks pulled off this hairstyle, showing the world how wonderful you can look for a formal occasion. The style is classic, but it’s quite neat, making it look incredibly beautiful. With this look, it’s all about attracting attention from peopleTM. You’ll be sure to have this hairstyle with a comb with fine teeth and a high-quality pomade. This was after he retired from professional soccer in 2013.

Tousled Caesar with

Scruffy Beard: This is Becks ‘ casual look and he matched it with a scruffy beard. The hairdo requires little maintenance and handling is simple. In 2013, when he played for PSG, he had this theme.

Top Heavy

: This is one of the most trendy pompadour styles. This goes well with short hair and sides smoothed back. The top part is bigger and Becks knows how to pull it off. This is one of Becks ‘ 2014 hairdos after he retired from professional soccer.

Slicked Back with Watery Locks

: With that look, Becks looked like he was out of the shower and brushed back his top part. The back is smooth, and the sides are painted backwards as well. The top part has more hair than the sides, then it’s layered and looks watery. He was spotted at the Royal Wedding with this hairdo in 2011.


: Hair light and thick enough. A hairspray or a light pomade is used to make the wispy fringe look. After a loan in AC Milan, Beckham pulled off another amazing hair look that attracted media attention on his return to LA Galaxy. It wasnTMt a lot different than other hairstyles, but among the best men hairdos it was a top hairdo. He maintained the color of his hair, but the sides were levelled and the top section was raised, with the strands standing in front.
These are some of the best hairstyles David Beckham has had over the past years. He’s been shaving his hair, letting it grow and keeping it short enough. Becks was an attraction of many hair stylists from the Shaolin-style bald hair to the shoulder-length style. His hairstyles have always been one of the best and trendiest menTMs hairstyles. It’s unclear whether his mom, a professional hair stylist, is behind all the amazing hairstyles of BeckhamTM. Becks have a natural hair that goes with any hairstyle, either way. He has shown that his hair is natural in style, no matter how long it may be. If you want to try any of these hairstyles, you may want to seek help from a professionalTM. Some of them need you to have the same hair as the hair from David Beckham. The color can differ in some styles, but all in all, with any of these styles, you can be sure to look great and steal the show.

Mid-Length Preppy Do

: This is a mid-length preppy that gave Becks a bad look to the boy. He dyed his brown hair as well as being one of his best hairdos. The appearance is somewhat broader and the hair on the neck is also well-groomed. Becks returned to LA Galaxy with this hairdo in 2009 after a season-long loan with Milan.
Fauxhawk and Undercut

: This was one of his latest styles and it’s his current hair style and he’s got an amazing Fauxhawk undercut. He also fits the theme to complete his attractive look with a massive moustache. He was seen with this theme at the 2014 Wimbledon Championships.

Sleek Combed Back

: Another of the latest stylish David Beckham hairstyles. The hair is well-groomed and combed back. The sides are levelled down as usual, but not very short. Long is the top part and combed back. He retained his natural brown hair as well. The beards are trimmed, and with the hairstyle he looks fantastic. He was seen at the beginning of the year 2015 with this hairstyle.

Short size with Peaked Fringe

: This one looks like a Mohawk, but the hair is slightly longer with a pointed fringe. Becks look young in this style, and the brown color completes the look. The top section is high, attracting more attention to the eyes. In 2009, he had that hairstyle.

Floppy and Short Sides: This is David Beckham’s new hairstyle that makes him look incredibly beautiful. The top section is long enough and flopped to the bottom; at a lower level, the sides are shaved. The facial is slightly groomed, but he has allowed his moustache to grow to the fullest. You can use pomade with this style, which will help keep your hair heavy and close to your face. When playing for PSG in late 2013, he had this theme.

Soft Caesar: This one is mixed with a tufty fringe. The Caesar is a modern men’s style and on David Beckham’s hair it looks elegant. Becks looks fantastic with this theme with its exclusive hair products. This hairdo was noted in 2007 when he joined the LA Galaxy on the back of BacksTM.

Extreme Mohawk

: One of the Early 2000’s best David Beckham Hairstyle. That’s in 2002, after his hair was shaved in 2000. This Mohawk captures many’s attention, and it has a near-bald side, with a top part of medium size. Then the hair styled on the head to form a pointed Mohawk. The long strip stretches from the front to the head nape.


: This is when he cuts his hair and wants to go for a short, well-groomed hair. Around 2000, he shaved his hair and dyed it black as well. It made him more stunning, with more appeal to the eye. The hair on the head is well-groomed and the length is shorter. This opened the head of BeckhamTM and prevented the press from adopting his hairstyle.

Textured-Fade: This one is more sporty and makes Becks look sexy. When he was about to quit his professional career in football, he had this hairstyle. The sides are levelled off, and in near-messy spikes the top part is intact. The facial hair, which looks well groomed, is also levelled down. This is one of 2009’s best BecksTM hairdos.

Large Waves

: This is another state-of – the-art hairstyle with a back-flawed top part. The top is long, lying to the back. He has some light tones with a well-groomed facial hair from the top part of the body. It’s just leveling down, but it’s not trimmed. This was one of 2014’s hairstyles.

Long Waves of Beaches

That was the feel of 1998, which had a lot of styling for TMt. The hair, with dark roots and lighter tip, is dyed blonde. He separated the hair in the middle, along the bridge of the nose and the center of the line of the eye. On each arm, it is separated and allowed to flow on the shoulders. He tucks the hair behind the ears on both sides to a classic David Beckham hairstyle.

Light Stubble Side Fringe’

‘: This is one of Beckham’s 2006/7 hairstyles that looked amazing. The fashion made him look young and fresh. The side fringes are well coated, emphasizing the stubble. Here, Becks has an elegant medium-sized hair. With a shaved facial hair, with some low-level beard and moustache, he makes it look scruffy.

Short and Textured

: This was around 2002, and the hairstyle was spiked at the top with a short length, and the sides were rasped to a near-bald level. With this hairstyle, Becks looked incredible in his natural hair color. It looks a bit spiky, but it looks thick as well.

Casual Undercut

: with this haircut, Beckham looks incredibly sexy and is also a top hairdo of recent times. A combed-back hair, along with well-groomed facial hair, goes well with the chic undercut. The moustache has a good shape, and the beards should be trimmed properly. Becks changed his hairstyle again in 2014, and it was ranked among that year’s top men haircuts.


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