Cute and Comfortable Braided Headband Hairstyles

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Prev1 of 40Next Braided headband styles are very popular especially during the summer months. These braids work beauty and comfort in any hair length or texture able to redeem a bad hair day. Don’t you know where to start? If you’re ready to try your hand on this romantic easy trend, check out the ideas below for both how-to tips and style inspiration.

Why Headband Styles Braided?

Introducing a cool accent into your daily hairstyle is an easy way to keep your locks from falling into your face as well. So sit back and watch some of the best online headband hairstyles!

Braided Headband Two-Strand

Get an imashleyhello tutorial! Messy hair is so loved by the young women of today that they jump on board by attempting this hairstyle that needs just two strands and a certain height. Lock in place to keep things safe, but don’t worry too much if there’s something going wrong. This hairstyle promotes a stunning mess.

DIY Waterfall Headband

Waterfall braids look so complicated but easy to learn. In fact, this style does not even use a real but just comb hair back to make a thin braid and then pull pieces through the braid across the head.

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French Braided Headband

French braid your hair across the top section center and add some soft curls to the finished look. Combining a headband style with curls can quickly transform this style into a fancy appearance suitable for all occasions from something simple.

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Messy Braided Waves

This is the perfect curly hairdo for an outdoor boho bride. If you have thick hair, especially if it is textured, a loose braid may get lost. To make it really stand out, add a flower or leaves.

Small Cornrow Headband

A braid headband doesn’t always have to be big and bold; sometimes it’s just a delicate option to take your style up a knot. For women with shorter wispy pieces around the hairline or bangs, a thin braid works best because it holds better without slipping.

Two-Tone Braided Updo

If you’re a young lady looking for a suitable style for any formal event, this French braid is a surefire winner for long-haired women. The messy look and double braid will show off the highlights of your perfectly blended brown and blonde.

Braided headband with Messy Bun

Why not try a front braid to accentuate your casual update instead of a scarf or bedazzled headband? This works best with a high bun because you can show off the braid’s intricacy and make it the style’s focal point.

Sparkly Accent Headband

If your hair is all one color or white, a braid headband may get lost in the look, especially from a distance. Fight this with a small, sparkly headband that catches the light and draws attention to the plait detail.

Double Braided Headband

If you don’t know how to make a Dutch or fishtail braid, it’s a simple trick to fake one’s appearance. To make them look like a wide braided band, put two medium-sized braids of equal width next to each other. Blend with a heavy side bang and loose waves. 1281.jpg” />

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Hippie Braid Headband

Just because you rock a braided look doesn’t mean your headband should always be mixed in your strands. Pull your braid across your forehead and take a cue from the hippies. Attach a bright yellow bud if you want to be a real flower child.

Light and Dark Braided Headband

Playing with color and texture are two sure ways of making a braided headband pop. To highlight the large dark braid, the thin braid adds a textural element. Make sure to keep the rest of your fashion light and uncomplicated because the front detail is the emphasis.

Elegant Ash Blonde Headband

Braided hair doesn’t always have to be the style’s bright star. Sometimes as a slight boost to your overall look, you can use a plait. Because the hue is so light, the braid combines seamlessly with the texture of the hairdo’s loose curls.

Creative Jeweled Headband

If you’re in cos play where you dress up as a character from your favorite movie TV show or game a Dutch braid is the perfect thing to anchor a bedazzled bar and make it look more like a full headband. This is a great look for Warcraft World fans or something like that.

Braided Headband for Formal Event

A headband braid gives the basic loose low updo a dramatic touch. A subtle bouffant adds texture throughout the crown, keeping the look flat while reducing the heaviness at the bottom of the hairstyle as well.

Bold Braided Look

Without extremely long hair, you can still get a bold braided look. The key to making it pop is to incorporate a soft color with highlights for balayage. Play around with different braiding patterns to have some fun. This style combines braids from the Netherlands and the fishtail.

Classic Braided Updo

Let your natural beauty shine through this cute look. The spiraled bun, without being gimmicky, is glamorous. It’s clean classic and chic; it’s perfect for a bride wedding guest or any formal event you’ve got on the horizon.

Lovely Braided Headband

You can still wear a dark-haired braid headband, even if you don’t think the detail is going to pop up. Just be sure to minimize heavy bangs and mess in the front. If your hair isn’t long enough to get a full bun off, try adding extensions to bulk it up. 1289.jpg” />

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Casual Braided Headband

Sometimes less is more important when you just try to let down your hair and have fun. This loose style is a good fit if you’re planning a beach trip or a tropical vacation because it’s casual but the braid makes it look pulled together.

Stacked Headband

The same way you can stack your layers in a style to create volume, you can also stack braids in a headband look. When combining a smaller braid with a larger braid, you can not only create visual appeal, but also increase the thickness of your appearance.

Retro Braided Headband

This updo may look like a beehive and low bun blast from the past, but the braided headband makes it modern. It’s the perfect look for a woman who loves vintage fashion and life’s glamorous side.

Floral Braided Headband

At this stage, floral crowns are quite popular for music festivals or outdoor events as they evoke Woodstock’s free-spirited existence. Since everyone is going to wear one, you want to do something that separates you from the pack and a braid is going to do just that.

Fishtail Headband

The great thing about wearing a braided headband is that there are so many types of braid patterns to try to make it look different every time you wear one. The tip dry shampoo from Stylist can give hair messy texture and avoid slipping of the braid.

Voluminous Braided Headband

If you don’t know how to braid or have time to do an intricate morning style, a simple trick is to braid and wrap a hairpiece around your head. Only secure and you’re ready to go with bobby pins!

Double Braided Headband

You need to learn how to braid French for this style. Hair is braided along the hairline twice side by side. Secure the braids with an elastic pulling of the remaining strands into a messy side bun close to your ear.

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Simple French Braided Band

If you’d like to learn how to do a braided headband, it’s best to learn first how to braid French. Even if you can’t usually braid your own hair in French, once you style to the side, you can find it much easier to achieve. You have to work with a lot of strings and you can quickly see what you’re doing. Simply pin this braid behind the ear to create an effective look for the headband.

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Subtle Side Braid

This is a simple braided headband tutorial that is easy enough to learn in the first attempt. The trick is to split the hair strategically in directions that have the greatest effect. Leave some side bangs in the front as one side of the hair is combing back. Braid from the part to the securing of the ear as you go. Curl your hair in order to soften the style.

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Thin Braided Headband Tutorial

The comb hairpin and thin elastic are all you need for this look. Take a thin hair section and braid it by wrapping it across the head into a braid headband, continuing the style. Use an elastic and secure hair with a pin to hold all day long the ends of the braid together.

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Banded Together

This simple headband style allows hair to be up and out of the face without having to resort to a bun or a ponytail using one thick braid or two thinner ones. Fun and feminine this style works on all types and lengths of hair if your hair is not long enough to cross your head, combine two braids that meet in the middle.

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Body Braid Headband

Tease the top under the hair to bring your body and boost your braided appearance. Wrap two braids across the top of your head, bringing them sufficiently forward to make the top hair puff the focus. Then either allow the free flow of your locks or braid them for a beautiful style inspired by the Roman goddess.

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Sweet and Simple Braided Hair Headband

You won’t need a step-by-step guide to pull off this style successfully in the first attempt. Simply braid or twist one side strand and tie it over allowing free flow of bangs curls and top hair. On long hair, this looks absolutely amazing.

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Glamorous Double Braid Updo

This elegant updo turns the old style into a new do with a double braid headband. The pinned curls look has jazzed things up to meet the expectations of bridesmaids and prom queens alike by placing a charming twist on the traditional low bun.

Fabulous four-strand braided hairstyle

An easy-going but cute half-up braid headband keeps a casual look while still looking fabulous. This is the sort of thing that suits your skinny jeans as well as a tee-shirt and your little black dress and heels as well.

Braided Headband Updo for Formal Opportunity

This amazing look brings headband hairstyles to a new level. Pinned effortlessly in the back with curls surrounding the head delicately, this updo turns out to be a stunning hairstyle solution for any formal event that comes your way.

Beautiful basket-weaving braid

This basket-weaving braid is a great idea for thick manes that are difficult to tame to take on an otherwise informal hairstyle. For a more finished look, leave the bottom straight or curl the ends.

Wavy Ponytail Dutch braid

This swoopy braided headband is different from the norm because it does not run along the hairline and around your head like other headbands. This particular braid re-enters the ponytail straight. Wear the hairdo on a chilled Sunday or a weekend party that your friends throw away. Whatever the atmosphere, it’s flexible and lovely.

Amazing multi-braid hairstyle

Try this amazing style with two braids with different patterns for your next formal event; a fresh look makes a style that will turn every head in the room in your direction.

Dutch Curl Braid

If you normally have a longer side bang in your hairstyle, try placing your headband braid further back and incorporate it into your regular do. This is a nice way to spice up your everyday look without putting too much extra effort into it.

Goddess French Braided Updo

Elegant and simple to choose from. This headband braid in modern style is a great reminder that less is more at times. Because this hairstyle is not too formal, it can be worn to your best friend’s wedding for a number of occasions including major business meetings.

Dutch Braid Updo with Twisted Braid

This is a unique take on the braided headband with a hair section behind the braid twisted back and fed into the low braided side bun. This style is one where most of the details are on top and when it comes to pinning the bun and twisting your hair as you see fit, you can improvise.

Four Strand Headband Braid

This elegant braided headband fits the front of your hairline and tucks under your hair’s length. The four-strand braid makes a beautiful look – from easy days with your gal pals to a fancy dinner at which you have reservations – this is definitely a crowd delight!

Right now you’re expected to see a whole lot of headband braids whenever you’re out and around. Take a look from these beautiful examples and build your own look it doesn’t matter if your hair is long, short, thin or heavy, there’s a braided headband that’s going to work for you. 40Next Prev1 —> —> Similar Super-Flattering Braids for Curly Hair of Various Styles Trendy Ways of Wearing Braids with Shaved Sides Triangle Braids Taking Your Box Braids to Next Stage A Tall Cool Lemonade Braids Glass! Quick Loose French Braid Hair> Fantastic Fulani Braids for Women of All Ages Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get inspiration from your hair style. Whatever your hair type is, we will help you find the right hair styles © Copyright 2019 * t301