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Prev1 of 50Next A chin-length bob with bangs is definitely the one that celebrities enjoyed over the years when it comes to short hairstyles. You’re in the right place if your hair is short and you’re looking for some inspiring pictures! Besides, if you still have longer locks and think about cutting them short here, we’ve sorted out some of 2019’s hottest bob looks.

Copper Layered Bob with Bangs

An ideal way to display sharp angular features such as these striking cheekbones. This choppy cut is a great way for women with thin hair to add texture and fullness without curls. By comparison to the strong streaky highlights of the past, the thin highlights often known as babylights add a glimmer of color in fashion.

Wispy Bob with Light Layers and Bangs

A lightweight bob with wispy layers is great for those with thicker hair who don’t want to feel weighed. It also helps to create an overall sense of balance by making the shortest layers at the back of the crown the same length as your bangs up front.

Inverted Bob with Ombr

An easy way to add distance around the head is with an inverted bob going from the back of the neck to the shoulder as it pulls down the eye. Smooth the extreme cut with a combination of subtle blonde ombr ¨ highlights that shine through dark chocolate locks. This amazing look for the weekend is polished enough for work and pretty sexy.

Side Bangs Medium Messy Waves

I woke up like this, as Beyonc © says. Bed head is the most sexy surface for cutting the length of a blunt or textured shoulder. Wispy side bangs seamlessly blend into the messy waves for a carefree look that invokes the neighboring girl’s mysterious yet accessible nature.

Cute Tousled Short Brown Bob

If you’re concerned about a jaw length cut looking like no hair at all, try a bob with bangs that have width and volume up at the top. Skip piecey layers and lightweight bangs and go all in with full front bangs and a bowl-like shape think Beatles but relaxed and ready-to-wear.

Chin-Length Choppy Ash Blonde Bob

Ask the stylist for haphazardly dispersed razor-cut choppy layers across the head to make a bob with side bangs look grungier. Don’t stop at the same time when it comes to the bangs. For chin-length hairstyles, this messy approach works better as too much length will weigh it down.

Sliced Lob with Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs

Longer bangs will compliment the overall medium-length hair. Have them cut so they fall just below the brows and ask the rest of the lob for longer razored layers. Use a large-barrel curling iron to curl hair sections around the head and then shake it out for a loose, effortless wave.

Short Textured Bob with Choppy Bangs

Nothing enhances a layered haircut like a contrasting color and this lavender shade really makes a statement against a darker base. Go for a chin length with super choppy layers and comb a serum of brightness through strands for an edgy and sleek piece of wet-look finish.

Classy A-Line Bob with Fringy Edges

When bob haircuts with bangs feel particularly perfected and coiffed, serious Anna Wintour magazine editor babe vibes can be given off. Talk about cutting the power! To do this, ask your hair stylist to keep it A-line and then add it to a frame around the face and straight across bangs that hit the brows right.

Wavy Sun-Kissed Bob with Bangs

A layered bob can really improve the natural body of your hair if you have curly or wavy hair texture. If you have stick-straight strands and want to create your own mermaid hair wrap large sections loosely around a 1 curling wand and spritz the finished look for an added beachy finish with some sea salt spray.

Sliced Blonde Bob with Short Bangs

While in your childhood you may have been afraid of a haircut with too short bangs, the French consider cropped bangs to be pretty sweet and stylish. Make things edgy with sliced layers and a slightly A-line shape to keep the cut intentional and avoid the risk of looking childish.

Shaggy Brown Layers

That’s what happens when a bob hits a shag with a side of sass. So chic and so fun this cut will work particularly well with naturally wavy hair blowing out the scrunch bangs in some perfume and then going out and being sexy.

Cropped Flipped Out Bob

While many short bangs feature cured tips at the ends are a rare and humorous alternative. To> flat iron to curve the hair’s bottom slightly outward. Paired with fringe the style is certainly youthful so stick to a solid hair color throughout.

Short Messy Brunette Bob with Bangs

Who says really short hair can’t be> short bob using a textured paste to add some wave can create volume and motion for a simple short cut. Take some cream and use your hands to work it through the hair twisting and scrunching to achieve a carefree living look.

Short Sculpted Brown Bob

Two-tier layers can be used to sculpt the updated shape of the classic bob. The best layers do not work against your bone structure, so consulting with your stylist is a must before the big chop. Ask for lines that compliment your facial characteristics to ensure that you can wear the final product.

Cute Wavy Messy Bob Crop

When feathered waves and sun-kissed highlights are added to the mix, a layered bob with bangs becomes particularly dreamy. The mixture of texture and light oozes an etheric vibe while the chin-length chop avoids the presence of a princess. Lock hold with some lightweight hairspray to keep the hairstyle bouncy throughout the day.

Salt and Pepper Blunt Cut

This haircut is great with its sharp lines and blunt ends for someone who refuses to be messed with. This masterful shadow gradually moves from soft black to smoky gray for a look that’s nothing but average; a silver hairstyle on-trend that manages to look incredibly youthful rather than mature.

Tortoiseshell Layered Bob

Tortoiseshell hair or ecaille is a combination of brown and blonde shades to produce a profound and shifting color and texture. This style, made popular by the supermodel Gisele, uses messy waves and cute sun-kissed beaches that seem so suitable for the ultimate beach baby.

Shaggy Layered Haircut

This standard A-line haircut is elevated with messy layers and blonde highlights sprinkled throughout the medium brown color. The look is perfect with your friends for a night out at the club. Turning heads and gaining some admirers is a great sassy style.

Bob Angled with Brown Shades

A great way to find the perfect balance between long and short hairstyle is with an angled bob. This works particularly well with thick hair that can get too heavy. The short back, though adding length around your head, keeps your hair off your chest. Give a punch with the painted ends.

Super Short Bangs with Pink Highlights

Somewhere between a pixie and a chin-length cut this bob hairstyle with bangs certainly works best with oval-shaped women as it highlights the largest part of the face. Super short bangs can be difficult to pull off, but they add a sweet gamine touch to the look when they are executed correctly. Pink highlights are a fun way for a spunky personality to show off.

Caramel Highlights Coffee-Colored Bob

Treat your hair color like your favorite morning drink! A rich bold colored coffee hue with caramel highlights drizzled throughout is much more enjoyable. Such a-line bob’s layered locks provide the classic combination of color with movement and spunk. 766.jpg” />

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Two-tone Bob with undercut

For an interesting and creative result, the style succeeds in mixing two different hair colors and two different cuts. A closely cropped shorter hair in the back mixes for a style that is the perfect balance between tomboy and feminine with longer blonde layers at the top. For a girl who takes a casual approach to fashion, this edgy look is perfect.

Glamorous Vintage Inspired Cut

The 1920s will always be a fashionable crowd’s favorite decade as it was full of glitz and glamor. This carefully-coifed polished inverted bob with bangs is similar to the ever-popular flappers ‘ signature style. Consider this look and finish with a big mascara and a classic red lip if you’re a woman who appreciates vintage charm.

Medium Bob with Heavy Bangs

Black women can try a sleek bob with extensions and silk closures. It allows you to experiment without harm with a variety of different types due to aggressive elements or frequent use of hot equipment.

Messy Pastel Curls

What’s the best way to make a short, angled bob sweeter? Add allled curls and layers to delicious pastel color layers.

Baby Bangs for Fine Hair

An angular choppy shape; short blunt bangs; a cool platinum shade this bob with bangs is not just modern, it’s futuristic. Great for fine or thin hair now try and you’re going to be light years ahead of the game of style.

Long Bangs Flaming Bob

The bob’s on fire! Look at this bright red coif closely and you’ll find subtle blonde strawberry highlights creating a genuinely fiery look that’s especially amazing when set against blue or green eyes. The long bangs make you feel flirtious and playful.

Retro Vixen Hairstyle

Some short bang haircuts are never going to go out of style and this is one of them. The shape of this slightly angled wavy bob brings to mind babes ‘ dreams from the past but its side swept bangs and allled curls give it a more contemporary look. Side note, this is also the ideal bob for girls who like their hair * twirl *!

Red hair and green eyes are a winning combination as the colors really compliment each other. To avoid being too polished and properly running your fingers through them to create wild shattered waves, your mid-length curls. Elevate your look like a fashionable septum ring with accessories opt for a video of choices so it can come and go as you want. jpg” />

Blunt Bob with Full Bangs

This is a modern take on Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace with natural sharp edges and a good angle. AKA for the hottest of cool girls is this pointed chin length bob. Pair it for the best results with a quiet confidence and an air of mystery.

Short Bob with Angled Bangs

Kathleen Rose Perkins probably tried the most amazing style of all side bangs bob haircuts! At the same time, it’s smooth and edgy. The locks of Kathleen were divided with a deep side parting to allow the bangs to sweep across the forehead for a soft and romantic overall feeling.

Tousled Hairstyle with Sweeping Fringe

There’s a myth about short hair> messy bob hair is no less interesting and trendy.

Short Bob with Side Bangs

Occasionally sweeping bangs will actually make a short bob hairstyle.

Classic Bob with Side Bangs

The shiniest short bob in the bunch chopping the locks into a fresh sleek bob like this one that’s easily cut with a round-brush promises a polished look … and a damn lovely one too!

Stacked and stacked Bob

Cute bobs are often rendered in a killer color and this is the perfect example. This layered bob with bangs was a nice look to begin with, but the added depth makes those layers really stand out after being scanned with a dark plum hue. So totally moody!

Betty Page Hairstyle

If Betty Page actually lived and wanted a short bob and bangs, that’s probably what she’d look like. Baby bangs slightly wavy lengths overall this is a look that says I’m sexy without trying too hard.

is the perfect haircut for a modern lady on the go. For a special occasion, style it flat and smooth or scrunched and slightly wavy on casual wear. It was never easier to look trendy with short hair! Prev1 of 50Next Related Posts Best Short Bob Haircuts and Hair Trendy Inverted Bob Haircuts Fabulous Bob Hair Layered Bob Blonde Bob and Blonde Lob Hair The Full Stack Hottest Stacked Haircuts Haircuts Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Inspired by hair style. No matter what your hair type is, we will help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair TypeNatural