40+ Famous Moustaches Designs

Best Mustache Styles for Square Faces

Usually, men with square faces don’t discover flattering mustache styles much of a difficult moment. Nevertheless, for their facial hair, anyone can use an inspiration boost. If your jawline is as sharp as a knife, the trick to complete your appearance will be done by a tiny mustache.It’s a pretty famous style.

Hulk Hogan Mustaches

Sometimes we wonder if Hulk Hogan’s mustache is better known than his career. However, it would be entirely understandable. His shiny white stache horseshoe will always turn heads when he goes into a space. Would you like to rock it?

Imperial Mustaches

You will not find the imperial mustache shown below on your average joe on a comparable note. To be able to sport one, it requires courage, style, and history understanding. However, if you have all the three ingredients we’ve listed, we believe you ought to go for it.

Horseshoe Mustache Styles

John Travolta’s unique and creative facial hairstyles never ceases to amaze us. He sported a horseshoe mustache in the globe at one stage without any care. If you have the same amazing trust, give yourself a shot at the mustache horseshoe.

John Waters Mustaches

In the globe there is no doubt that John Waters has left a continuous mark on the history of cult cinema. He has been wearing his trademark line-like mustache proudly since his increase to global prestige in the s. To this day, he is still sporting his signature moustache.

Mustache LampshadeStyles

It’s a legend. The known actor has always been found with a dense moustache since his Magnum age and all the way to the current day. The style he usually chooses is known as the mustache of the lampshade, and like it, you can grow one.

Mustache and Goatee Styles with Soul Patches

Eddie Murphy rocked throughout his career a range of distinct mustache styles. Nevertheless, he’s generally associated with his mustache and soul patch goatee combo. We think it’s a great concept for older males with a grooming flair.

Guy Fawkes Mustache Styles

It is basically impossible not to recognize the Guy Fawkes mask at this time and age. The handlebar mustache and tight chin strip beard are unmistakable, whether you understand it from V for Vendetta or the Anonymous movement. Take your rebellion to the next stage and do your own sport.

Dapper Mustache and Goatee Styles

To be honest, dapper is more than just a style–it’s a state of mind. Throughout the years, Pierce Bronson and numerous other male celebrities have given dapper aspects. Try a dapper mustache and goatee style if you want to shine with the same beauty.

Angled Mustache Goat

‘ Regardless of whether applied to your beard or moustache, angles are an excellent way to make your facial hair original and personal. For example, you can create two peaks in the upper part as part of your mustache. The result is a definite and dynamic look that you’re going to be happy with sporting.

Avant-garde Mustaches

If the Inception movie had anything to do with mustaches, that would definitely have looked like the poster. All jokes aside, it’s no easy feat to master an avant-garde mustache. So, kudos to you if you have the styling skills you need to do so.

Barber Beard and Mustache Styles

The barbershop has no place. Think of your favorite barber as your grooming angel guardian. You can match a first-class moustache with a killer beard with his help. We can almost guarantee you won’t get the same results at home on your own, so book a rendezvous!

Basic Mustache and Goatee Styles

This is the most basic goatee and mustache style. The goatee isn’t going beyond the jawline, and all three components of this style are connected.

Older Men’s Best Mustache Styles with Beards

We’ve said it before when speaking about hair, but we’re going to repeat it every time we get a opportunity. Honestly, age is just a number. In addition, it should never prevent you from taking a courageous look. If you’re a senior with a beard, also offer some love to your moustache.

Best Mustache Styles for Round Faces

On the flip side, we are thankful that all these different styles of mustache enable people to rock them in any face form. For example, if you have a round face, to be your primary characteristic, you can opt for a bigger moustache.


Big Beards and Mustaches

Think of creating your mustache just as spectacular if you’re all about large beards. To combine with a bushy beard, you can choose any sort of mustache. Nevertheless, we recommend that you go for a longer stache so that you can accomplish harmony in your look.


We have a consolation prize for you if you’ve always wanted to fly. Make a wing-like silhouette of your mustache airborne! Jokes aside, we think that for edgy boys the choppy mustache shown below is extremely flattering. So, would you go and attempt it against the grain?

Bowtie Mustaches

Would you like your mustache to have a thoughtful touch? Think of integrating some shape into your design. Although your choices may be somewhat restricted, a silhouette of a bowtie may look great. All you need to do is clip the hair in the middle a little bit–above your lip and under your nose. You’re fine to go now!

Braided Mustache and Goatee Styles

You can even braid your goatee’s hair if it’s long enough. Go for a straightforward, three-braid style that will surely put you above everybody else. A braided goatee makes a declaration that is very evident and courageous.

Chevron Mustaches

The chevron mustache is a great option for males with thicker facial hair. It’s not as big as many of the other distinct mustache styles that we’re going to cover. It requires some good genes, however, and sometimes trimming.

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Chin Strap Mustache Beards

You understand that this year the chin strap beard made a remarkable return. But when you mix it with a finely clipped moustache, what occurs? The outcome is as striking as it sounds. We suggest that you opt for a thin mustache design for the strategy described here.

Classy Mustache and Goatee Styles

This is a very interesting combination of goat and moustache. The moustache has only an inkling around the corners of a handlebar. You can see a little patch of soul, plus the goatee itself was formed into a V


Colorful patch

Last but not least, we want to end our list of different styles of mustache with a call to action. No matter how serious or nonchalant you may be, don’t forget to have fun from time to time, even if that implies tinting your moustache green to put a smile on someone’s face.


Mustaches contour

While some people have their mustaches as their main characteristic, others use them for discreet emphasis. You can use a slender moustache, for instance, to outline your lips. It’s a excellent method for males who have large lips and want to emphasize them.

Cowboy Drooping Mustache Styles

Whether you’re a Southerner yourself or a enormous fan of Western movies, you need a cowboy mustache. The drooping style of the mustache might prove a bit impractical, but the work should be achieved with a bit of trimming.

Daliesque Mustache Styles

Talking about legends, how could we talk about mustache styles without paying respects to the greatest of them? The mustache of Salvador Dali was so amazing that it was considered to be an entity of its own. Get to twist and build your own if you’re courageous enough.

Dandy Mustache Styles

If pocket squares, costly fabrics and effortless styles are all component of your lifestyle, a dandy mustache is needed. We promote you to work with a field specialist to do this. Every penny will be worth the immaculate outcomes.

Drip Mustaches

A whole fresh world of possibilities opens up for you when you choose to mix your mustache with a beard. The dripping moustache shown below is just one instance. Simply cut the bottom lines tighter than the remainder of the moustache to recreate the look.

Dutch Beard Mustache Styles

Also known as Frank Zappa Beard, Dutch Beard is really an amazing option of facial hair style. The mustache-beard hybrid, popularized by the legendary musician in the s, has beaten the test of time and continues to trend to this very day.

Excentric Mustache Drooping Styles

Here’s a crazy style that will definitely assist you to snag a reward in a mustache contest. Just understand that excellent obligations come with excellent’ stakes. Also, remember that the lengthy and dense sideburns really bring together the whole look.

English Mustache and Goatee Styles

From Bedouin to Englishman in the blink of an eye with this one of a kind goatee. The slender edges of the moustache face up while the goatee itself is long and cut into a goat-like chin.

English Mustaches and Beards

You may think of the Rich Uncle Pennybags, aka Monopoly Man, when you first see the English mustache. But with such a famous mustache, you’ll get more than just a free card get out of jail. The ladies are actually going to swoon.

Exotic Mustache and Goatee Styles

This exotic style can be admired and attempted if you are courageous and ready to make a large difference in your lives. It’s beautiful and stylish with a hint of mystery and lengthy summer evenings.

Feathered Mustache Styles

You need to step up your styling game if you want to get all the fancy with your moustache. You can get a finely feathered look with the assistance of a moustache comb and some wax. The results are just amazing, don’t you agree?

Freddie Mercury Mustaches

It must be admitted that Freddie Mercury’s is one of the most iconic of all the distinct mustache types performed by performers over the years. It includes the whole atmosphere of s, and brilliantly so, in just one facial feature.

Fu Manchu Mustaches

It is likely the most memorable of all the Asian hair we know. Inspired by the mad scientist, the stache of Fu Manchu features two extremely lengthy, slender stripes hanging on either side of the face.

Full Coverage Walrus Mustache Styles

The walrus moustache is named after a walrus. If held at the duration shown below, the most practical style in the globe may not be a walrus’ stache. Even so, no one can deny that it’s awesome.

Gentleman Mustache and Goatee Styles

Since the days of our parents and grandfathers, the concept of gentleman wear and styling has developed obviously. We enjoy the fact that it now includes much weaker accessories like pins and flowers that blur the gender lines.

Gunslinger Beard Mustache Styles

While the gunslinger beard is definitive for the Western genre, anybody in the world can rock it. For instance, take for instance Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. His gunslinger mustache has now become a nationwide trend in India after obtaining media attention previously this year (because of being held in captivity by Pakistani forces).



You understand what they’re saying. Go large or just go home! If you have it, they say, too, flaunt it! We agree with both of these words and think that if you have lovely facial hair that wants to be shown as quickly as possible, you should live by them.

Handlebar Mustache Styles with Beards

The notorious handlebar moustache is as beautiful alone as it is when combined with a beard. If you decide to develop a beard to supplement it, you need to be conscious of the extra time and energy needed to keep it. But if you’re up to the challenge, in the end you’re going to look outstanding.

Are you all about going large or going home? Exactly what you need is a mustache handlebar. For males with a powerful sense of trust (and a passion for grooming), the timeless style is ideal. The longer the handlebars, as we see it, the better your mustache will be.

Mustache Hipster Styles

Love them or hate their hipsters put a lot of effort into their clean looks. They go the whole way when it comes to their moustaches. You should bear in mind though that to achieve such an imposing’ stache’ you need to spend quite some time in your self-care routine.



40 Top Goatee Styles

Professional goatee facial hairstyles

If you’re working in a company setting, you’ll first impress. Therefore, more likely than the average person, you have to take care of your appearance. We suggest the above-mentioned professional goatee style for that. Super clean, super fashionable.

RB Goatees

You would often see people in the music industry with the same goatee style as shown above. It would typically feature a complete chin strap goatee, all with finely shaved and trimmed lines.

Precise goatee styles for black guys

On the other side of the range, we have people looking amazing with a super accurate goatee. If you’re an amateur beard and you’re very careful about detail, you’re going here. Your face should ultimately be an authentic reflection of your character.

Relaxed goatee

What people appreciate most when it comes to the finest goatee styles is the fact that any goatee look can be changed to flatter one’s facial characteristics. This distinctive characteristic can make any person feel great about himself.

Robert De Niro Thick Goatee Styles

It was the decade in which many actors were spotted with goat. Whether in-character or off-set, a sleekly cut goatee could be used to witness stars like Robert De Niro. In his case, the most cosmetically pleasing option was the classic complete goatee.

Robert Downey Jr.

Goatee Styles for Round Face

Robert Downey Jr. with his signature goatee can be discovered more often than not. The particular trimming style he selects is as ideal as possible, considering his comparatively round face shape. The sharp corners and lines add a ton of attitude, definition and dynamism.

Robert Downey Jr. Comic book

Who can withstand the charms of Iron Man? Or for that matter his goatee? In reality, Robert Downey Jr. has also embraced a version of this beard and goatee in actual life, in which critics and supporters alike name a blurring of the lines between Tony Stark personality and the actor playing him.

Robert Pattinson Goatee Style

It feels as if Robert Pattinson gave up the look of a goatee. Celebrity goatee styles once again demonstrate it can really make a difference to have a goatee. His beard patch elongates his lovely characteristics and emphasizes his classic jawline.

Robert Pattinson Goatee Styles without Mustache

Would you like to change your focus to a specific region of your face? Facial hair is great to do just that. For example, a pronounced chin like Robert Pattinson can be brought to attention. He chose to pass on a moustache and leave the goatee for his chin region solely.

Ryan Gosling Goatees

Take a page from the book of Ryan Gosling and you’ll get all that Hey girl!For yourself, magic. His expanded goatee just oozes the poor boy’s vibes, while maintaining stuff charming and presentable. Indeed, his goatee cap leans more towards a brief beard, but what matters is the outcomes.

s Goat Boyband

Ah, boy bands, sunshine. Popstars have usually opted for slender goatees long before beard culture was ever really a thing. From this point of perspective, AJ from Backstreet Boys is one of the finest examples. Try it for size if you feel nostalgic.

s Goat Style

This is a traditional gray goat style. Mature males can look incredible just by going for the style of chin goatee that works well for the form of the face and hair. This was one of the goatee’s most famous styles back in the s, and it still seems to have its legion of supporters.

‘s trending content!

Scruffy Beard and Goatee Styles

While goats are usually associated with laborious grooming routines, that doesn’t mean you can’t lay back with yours. In reality, for edgy boys, the scruffy goat can be highly flattering. In your daily lives, it’s all in the manner you want to depict yourself.

Senior Goatee Styles for Bald Men

We saw, but individually, both bald and elderly males with goats. What would a blended concept look like? Of course, it’s extremely tasteful. Just look at the mixture of Patrick Stewart and the noble atmosphere he offers. We are sure that in his charisma, too, his effortless elegance plays a significant part, but so does his facial hair styling.

Separate Mustache and Goatee Styles

While many people prefer to connect their goatee to a moustache, others will take it off even better individually. Choose the technique shown above if you want to maintain the angles sharp in your face. It won’t round off your characteristics as opposed to linked goatees.

Patches of the soul

You don’t see as many patches of the soul as you would a century ago. Nevertheless, for certain males, they can be a extremely appropriate option. For instance, take AGT judge Howie Mandel. We must acknowledge that it fits perfectly well with his bubbly character.

Stuffy Goatee Styles

Finally, we would like to end with a provocative note and challenge you to completely forget the guidelines. If Chris Meloni is able to rock a stuffy, atypical, beard-like goat and get away with it wonderfully, so can you. Grow a beard complete, sniff, trim and shave away whatever your heart wants!

Goat styling

Beards, goats and nuts all have to be styled. It may take you some extra time, but it’s worth it in the end. Talk to your stylist about the hairstyle that works best for your facial type and the goat you’re thinking about.

Subtle Black Men Goatee Styles

Your goatee sometimes doesn’t have to be prominent. Many black people appreciate a bit of stubble without going over the top from what we have observed. By the manner, check out our hair range for an even greater dose of inspiration as well.

Benedict Cumberbatch

It’s incredible how many major Hollywood people have attempted for good measure on the goatee. It goes without saying that they all looked flawless. Here’s another piece we wrote about Hollywood celebrities and their beards if you need even more inspiration.

Brad Pitt

This actor did not play around when he decided that he wished to sport a goat. For this specific trend, Brad Pitt showed some true love for this a medium-length goatee spiked here and there with some of his natural gray hairs.

Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston demonstrates how inspired a goat is for a bald, elderly person. His look at Breaking Bad with a bald head, a bushy goatee, and retro lenses like Walter White is an iconic one that many have attempted to copy or cosplay.

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful goat owners out there. He’s blonde, of course. So is his goatee that he wears longer than others and is completely groomed.

It’s not that difficult to style the Gray Goatee

Especially when an ideal goatee emphasizes the beard. When sporting such a good goatee, older people can look extremely beautiful.

Harrison Ford

Another classically beautiful silver screen personis Indiana Jones himself. Or Han Solo, you know. Definitely he can pull off the gray hair, match goatee, and look at the single earring, can’t he?

Samuel L. Jackson’s Horse Shoe Goatee

Samuel L. Jackson’s goat shoe was a large thing in the s. Chances are that many people will end up going into this amazing look as well, seeing as we are now living through a resurgence of the s.

The Josh Hartnett

The actor Josh Hartnett was a true hit with the women during the s between the heartbeat haircut and the incredibly stylized and preserved goatee. He spoke volumes with his classically beautiful face and deep-set eyes.

Kanye West

Another singing superstar with an iconic look of a goat is Kanye West. Kanye has left his mark on pop culture, self-appointed as better than Shakespeare and many others.

The Laid Back Look

Increasing numbers of hipsters color goat to look older. You can actually dye any color you might believe of your goatee, but if you want to accomplish the laid back look better for gray goats.

Long goat

This type of goat beard style needs more maintenance but is worth the trouble. Many people want to understand how long it takes to grow it out, but in fact it differs and depends on each person.

The Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender’s goatee is not surprisingly ginger to anyone. This adds subtle charm to his whole attitude and highlights his beautiful blue eyes, obviously. If you also have a ginger beard, he can be your inspiration.

Beards from Pierce Brosnan

have trended for years. Add a stylish goatee and you can nail this inspired look, depicted here by actor Pierce Brosnan, that comes from James Bond himself. He’s got a rogue look in his eye and a twinkle that we’re sure to be due to that goatee.

Orlando Bloom looks like a bad man proving that brief goats can be very flexible. Pirates of the Caribbean look to the roads marks the distinction.

Ricky Gervais

This comedian and animal lover was a goatee fan The office wears a straightforward dark goatee matching his sliced back hair and very casual style.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson was the embodiment of masculinity as far back as we can remember. Apart from some stubble, he doesn’t demonstrate up these days with that much facial hair, but he flaunted a mean complete goatee back in the day.

Tim McGraw’s

Country superstar Tim McGraw has a signature look consisting of a wide-brimmed cowboy hat and a bushy goat, of course. He doesn’t seem to want to let it go quickly anytime, and we’re really happy.

Tom Hardy

If you’re one of Hollywood’s best-looking men, you can’t really do much wrong about your looks. Tom Hardy remains true to his bad-boy persona, pairing an overgrown goatee with a shadow of five o’clock and a shaved side buzz cut.


Goat’s typical look

began to grow as a man’s chin’s facial hair. In time, the goatee has undergone countless modifications owing to its growing popularity. This continues, however, the all-time famous and traditional style still worn by most males to this day.

Instead of his ranger beard, Viggo Mortensen

Aragorn looks kingly even with a goat. A goatee can be an exquisite addition to your list of accessories, including well-trimmed hairstyle and fancy dresses, if properly styled.

Zac Efron

Former Disney star and now licensed hunk Zac Efron transforms into a goat to show off his rough side. It’s a good idea because in a beautiful manner, his natural brown hair highlights his baby’s blue eyes.

Thick goat

Older people have a lot of goat styles. Most of them are low-maintenance and involve frequent trimming, but once you get used to the timetable and routine, you will no longer even notice that you are taking care of your beard.

Thick Mustache Goatee Styles

In the meantime, we’ve seen a lot of boys choosing to pick their goatee style with a mustache. In contrast, there are just as many, and boldly so, who not only integrate a moustache into the design. Among them is Christian Bale, and his dense goat mustache looks incredible!

Thin Goatee Style

For elderly males who want to look younger, thin goatee style is suggested. It’s a very low-maintenance goatee that doesn’t take much of your morning moment, but will make your face look slimmer and more angular.

Thin Goatee Styles for Black Men

Thick or slender is a personal preference that should be considered before you shape your goatee. There’s no way to do it right or incorrect. The secret is how you want your visual presence to portray certain personality traits. For instance, with an unkempt goatee, a rebellious man may be better off, while a clean-cut man should go for smaller lines.

Tom Hardy Men’s Goatee Styles

Also among the hottest facial hair trendsetters of the time is one of the manliest men in show biz. Tom Hardy Beard is defined by… he doesn’t care so much. Including his goatee. Give your goatee a nonchalant shape and skip shaving your cheeks to get that irresistible rugged allure.

Two Tone Black Men Goatee Styles

We admire men who have the bravery to test color against the grain. If you naturally have gray hair, just like your goatee, you can hold it for a part of your look. Dye it in a contrasting tone for the other portion, like black. The result will distinguish you!

Undercuts and goats

The hairstyle is just as essential as the goat itself, so if you’re planning to attract people’s attention, go for a subcut to match a dense goat. Undercuts were definitely the hairstyles of the last few seasons, so you know that with this one you won’t miss the mark.

For this goat, get more undercut thoughts.

Van Dyke Goatee Styles

Would you like a goat with a history behind it? The goatee of Van Dyke ought to be right up your alley. The goat of the millennium  It’s a complex beard that you’re going to be proud of sporting.

Wide goatee styles

Wolverine is the undisputed king of sideburns as far as characters are concerned. They are not part of the goatee family technically, but they follow comparable values. This kind of wide goatee won’t be the kind of facial hair style you meet every day. It makes it even more unique, though.

Wide goat types

Stylists suggest people with lengthy, oval-shaped faces to go for any goat style because their facial characteristics can manage almost any type of beard, moustache or goat. In reality, did you understand that the ideal face shape is formally acknowledged by the oval face?

Will Smith’s Grey Goatee Style

Will Smith is a trendy actor renowned for his inspired looks as well. His gray goatee was perfectly cut to demonstrate that this singer turned actor is still one of the most beautiful males around, even in his late forties.