Can dogs eat tangerine?

Surely, one of the things that matters most to you in terms of your pet is its diet and, in addition, you may often think about what you can give it and what not to make its health as optimal as possible. A very frequent question is whether dogs can eat fruits and the truth is that there are fruits that provide many benefits to the dog’s body, but in this oneHOWTO article, we focus on one of them: the mandarin.

Actually, you will be more used to associating dog food with meat or feed, but dogs can also eat fruits and vegetables. Do you want to know if dogs can eat tangerine? Well, read on, because we tell you everything about this fruit, the benefits it can bring to your dog and how to give it to him.

Is fruit good for dogs?

The answer to your question about whether fruit is good for dogs is that yes, they tolerate most of the fruit and, in fact, a large part of them provide them with a series of nutritional and physiological benefits. Despite this, it is necessary to control the amount that is administered, as well as the reaction of the dog after having ingested any fruit, since they are not as omnivorous as humans, in fact they are opportunistic omnivores, and it could make them feel bad, especially if it is given too much. Therefore, you have to take into account the amount you offer depending on its size and weight, since they do not usually process fructose as well as we do, so it will be necessary to reduce the intake of sweet fruits as much as possible.

Notwithstanding this, the ideal would be to consult a veterinarian before including any fruit in your friend’s diet, so that they can advise you and tell you what to do. If you are going to choose to give your furry more natural food than you feed, we remind you of the importance of a nutritionist veterinarian advise you.

Some most recommended fruits for dogs are:

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Watermelon
  • Cantaloupe
  • Strawberries
  • Pear
  • Blueberries
  • Apricots
  • Peaches or peaches

Can dogs eat tangerine? – the answer

Tangerines are a totally healthy and safe fruit for your dog, although due to the acid (citric) flavor they have, it is normal that some do not like these, that they only like those that have a slightly sweeter flavor or that they do not like any type. Therefore, be happy if your friend likes this fruit because it also has a series of health benefits that you can take advantage of. This fruit contains mainly vitamin C, provitamin A or beta carotene (like carrots, here you can learn everything about carrots for dogs), citric acid, fibers, water, protein, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Thanks to this composition, these are the main benefits of offering tangerine to your dog:

Benefits of tangerines for dogs

  • It is a great source of vitamin C, so if your dog eats mandarins, he will be including vitamin C in his diet, which is very antioxidant and strengthens the immune system.
  • An advantage is also that it contains a high proportion of water, so it can prevent dehydration and can be used to hydrate your dog on walks or on hot days in spring or summer.
  • It benefits intestinal transit thanks to its fiber composition.
  • It is both a source of calcium and protein, which benefits the bones and muscles of the dog.
Can dogs eat tangerine?  - Can dogs eat tangerine?  - the answer

How to give tangerine to dogs: quantity and recipes

The first thing you have to know before introducing mandarin orange into your dog’s diet is that:

  • You should not give him mandarin with seeds to a dog, so remove them all before offering it to him. If you look at the segments against the light, you will be able to see perfectly if any of them have and remove them. If you eat any, nothing happens, but sometimes there are mandarins with a lot of these and they could cause a gastrointestinal problem.
  • Remove the skin, since although it is not toxic for them, it can cause discomfort in their stomach as it is not easily digested, as in our case.
  • According to the amount of tangerineRemember that the edible prizes you give your friend cannot be more than 10% or 15% of daily calories that your dog ingests, otherwise it could harm his stomach, resulting in diarrhea and other problems. Thus, we advise you not to give him daily and combine the type of treats or treats between mandarins, other fruits and other types of food that should be sporadic in his daily diet, such as some suitable bones. When your friend gets used to this fruit, it is necessary that you do not offer it more than 3 times a week.

It is essential that before starting to introduce mandarin in your dog’s diet consult with vet and follow their guidelines, as well as the amounts that I indicate.

If you have decided to introduce the mandarin to your dog’s diet, it is important that you do it little by little. You can start by giving him a piece and see if he accepts it or not. Dogs don’t usually like the sour taste, so it might be a good idea to try it yourself first to make sure it’s somewhat sweet and not so sour. If you notice that your dog wants more and he liked it, you can give him more pieces, always without overdoing it. After this, pay attention to the reaction of your dog, if you notice that it vomits or feels bad, do not offer it again.

Dogs can also ingest mandarin juice but it is not recommended, since when squeezing said fruit the fiber is lost, so if your goal is to offer it as a natural remedy for intestinal problems it will not help you. On the other hand, juice also promotes overweight because sugars pass faster into the blood, which is not convenient. Therefore, it is better to give it to him whole or piece by piece.

You can give it to him in the form of tangerine ice cream homemade in summer or even all year round with other suitable fruits in fruit salad. For the mandarin ice cream, we recommend you put the loose segments in the freezer for a few minutes or a few hours, to give them as if they were ice, or make popsicles or popsicles with the tangerine juice, something that you will have to give more sporadically.

Now that you know the most important things about this topic, try to make your dog take advantage of all the beneficial properties of the mandarin and enjoy eating it.

Can dogs eat tangerine?  - How to give tangerine to dogs: quantity and recipes

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