ByNitish Singh-February 27, 2019.215 Bbc and Itv announced a new partnership to launch Britbox Streaming Service in the UKByNitish Singh-February 27, 2019.215 Bbc and Itv will finally see Britbox make it to the UK by the end of 2019. The service is already available in Canada and North America and offers exclusive British content. There is no official word on pricing, and how it will affect existing users of iPlayer and Itv Platform. The two companies are coming together as part of a strategic partnership to offer a new streaming service, according to an announcement by Bbc and Itv. The two competing broadcasters have announced a new service called Britbox which will go head to head against Netflix’s likes. Britbox has been around with hundreds of thousands of people already subscribing to the service in North America and Canada. The streaming platform plans to offer content on British Tv including exclusive programming. There is no news on a private, ad-supported version of the service. We don’t even know if it will offer content for Bbc iPlayer. In the course of time on-demand content has become very popular and we see a number of local content providers making it big in the streaming market. If Britbox becomes popular it is unknown what if it will continue to support iPlayer and Itv Hub or if they will be permanently merged. Bbc iPlayer and Itv Hub are already available as standalone services and the two brands that come together suggest cheaper subscription plans compared to separately receiving the services. Bringing Britbox to the Uk collaboration will help both brands compete against foreign streaming services such as Netflix Amazon Prime Video, and more. Despite the partnership Britbox will need to rely on services such as Netflix and Hulu to give users content. The service has been quite successful in North America and Canada but it is unknown whether other regions will be as welcoming to British content over more competitively priced streaming services as they are.

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