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Click here to see more …G Suite is one of companies ‘ most widely used online services, as it provides a number of solutions such as video conferencing team messaging search engines and more for one subscription cost. And now, for over 4 million businesses around the world, Google is rising the service price by 20 per cent. The tech giant announced that although the number of products has increased over time, pricing has always remained the same but, in order to continue to provide the same offerings, it will have to raise the prices of both its Basic and Business Edition plans. Basic Edition account holders will now have to charge $6 a month per user, while users of the Business Edition will have to pay $12. The price changes would apply to different markets internationally, including national pricing. The new prices will take effect from 2 April 2019 for G Suite consumers. Users who have access to Annual Plans will not have to pay anything to update their plans to suit the new pricing structure, and the adjustments will be beneficial for them once their plan is completed (on or after April 2 2019). The changes will not affect any users who renew their plans before April 2. .468 Figure 2 Google Image Courtesy All customers who are part of G Suite will be informed by 28 February of improvements to Google’s pricing structure. It’s 2019. Resellers of G Suite will also be aware of the changes affecting the new pricing and may contact their partners to remind them of the changes. Google has published a comparison guide to help users check the differences between Basic Business and Enterprise plans in the event that users want to move to another plan due to the changes. Linkedin Nitish Singh

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