Talking about the most stylish female hairstyles for African American women’s box braids is the first thing that comes to mind. And I mean first of all big full and rich box braids that give you the specially easily presentable look so precious especially during the summer months. Someone may note that these long chunky box braids are nothing new or fresh but evoke the fashion of the 90s. We’re not going to argue that they are but fashion is cyclical, and if they’re back we’ll welcome them with pleasure and go for this statement look like Beyonce Solange and many other beautiful African American celebrities. Big box braids look fantastic to show the full length of these superb chunky braids in simple downdos. One of the most popular styles is to take a couple of braids from the front section above your forehead and twist them to secure them behind your ear. Instead, with lightweight buns or chunky braids, you can also go for trendy updos. Another on-trend look to rock this season is a side-swept fishtail braided out of large box braids. Half up half down styles with large box braids add more versatility into your braided hairstyles, and if you find it too excentric, avoid excessive bulkiness on the top of your head.

Unhackneyed Big Box Braids Hair Styles

Oh yes box braids look attractive and low-maintenance prepossess. Light shampoo for your scalp cleaning and light peppermint oil for extra care will be the most important items in your care product list, but finally you can rest with chemical ingredients and thermal procedures from other styling solutions. Let’s test your hair and what’s right for you.

Braids With Bead Embellishments

This simple look adds to your braids a nice touch with minimal hassle and you have a whole new look that doesn’t need any additional styling. Let them roll in the congratulations!

Half Pulled-Back Braids

This smooth and lovely look is great to show off your braids and beautiful face! Only take the braids back from the side of your face and tie them in a sleek miniature ponytail. You’re getting ready for the day! ‘

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‘ Cut off shoulder length braids ‘

‘ Spice things up with some hair accessories to go for a new African look with your bob braids. For a subtle hint of shine, use some tiny beads like the ones in this picture.

Kanekalon braids

Show this braided look off your color. In this picture the braids are pulled back and threaded through each other near the front of the face where they converge on the head’s crown. A put look at it with some bottom.

Chunky Golden Blonde Braids

Every other dark brown box braided girl rocks. But what about the exquisite color customization of this style? The face is very attractive to this rich golden blonde. D a stylish splash on your big box braids by simply adding a bead embellishment. It’s subtle and classy, simple. Who knew it might be that easy to look good?

Two-tone Auburn Box Braids

Box braids are a popular hair>skin tone is always a safe choice.

Half up Bun for Thick Braids

While large box braids are a statement in and of themselves there are simple ways to make them unique to you.

Thick cuffed braids

Give your big beaded braids or metal cuffs a boho accent. The subtle additions bring a bit of luster and a lot of visual interest to keep your braids from being a bore or just like anybody else.

Jumbo Braids with Wraps

With braids you can perform your heart’s desires freely with any fabric. For darker skin tones, Burgundy and auburn are particularly flattering shades. For each season, the deep red shade works.

Colorful Wraps Half-Up Braids

d some color to jet black braids with multicolored hair wraps throughout. They convey to your locks a playful and flirtious feel. The wraps are going to look particularly cool as they look through a top knot or a half-up ponytail.

Caramel Box Braids

Large box braids will provide you with the perfect volume and design. They allow your natural hair to grow underneath so that you can feel free to finally go sans bleach.

Large Box Braids

For some reason, they say the larger the better. To make a statement, go jumbo. Bolder and younger than their thinner counterparts, the thick braids are definitely. If you’re going for a nice clean style, you don’t have to opt for unexpected colors or extra finishes.

Highlights braids

Mix two different colors for a hairstyle imitating highlights within each braid. It is overrated sometimes to be uniform. The mixture of hues breaks up the braids and gives them endless dimensions.

Black and Blue Box Braids

Thick box braids in elegant colors look awesome. Why not try a tonal dark blue to add a bit of depth to the hairstyle without going overboard to spruce the whole look up a bit.

Big Braids with Burgundian Highlights

Try extra large box braids for additional style. These jumbo braids may get a bit heavy, but it’s going to be worth it. To make the look even more fun, mix in different colors. For a perfect sleek finish, don’t forget to slick your baby hair down.

Purple and Gray Braids

Box braids are a perfect choice to try out the season’s hottest colors such as the lavender and gray hairstyle shown below. The braids are non-committal and make it look even better in colors only when you felt it might not be possible.

Half-Up Brown Braids

Before you get your hair done looking at as many pictures of box braids as you can, it’s a clever way to help you choose the right color for you. Honeys and chestnuts on a wide range of African American skin tones are a nice complement.

Thick Platinum Braids

Braids of large size are a good canvas to show the nuances of the color chosen. The colors are distorted and can’t hide anywhere. Go blonde platinum without even touching the bleach. The thick extensions will hide your darker strands and turn you into a beautiful blonde.

Braided Bob with Highlights

Another choice not to be missed is a short sleek bob. This is particularly great for women on the go as it is easier to maintain than waist length extensions. A small color that is blended all over ensures that the shoulder-long crop does not skimp on style.

Multicolored Braided Mohawk

Big braid> mohawks. Showing your scalp braids are immediately turned into something bold and edgy. Mix in warm colors to create a unique look.

Fuchsia Braids with Cuffs

For women, consider a colorful fuchsia.

High Pony of Braids

Whether you’re hitting the club or throwing your braids in a pony, it shows the world you’re ready to rock. For more edge, pair of box braids with undershaves!

Half-Up Halo Braid

Having long luscious locks can be both a blessing and a curse, but you can really embrace the length you’ve always dreamed of with these big box braids. For a casual yet clean look, this hairdo pulls back half of the braids. With this easy and cute solution you can’t really go wrong!

Braids with Blonde Streak

d in a color splash to make your big box braids unique. It works perfectly with chunky braids as it really helps you to show off your blonde streak.

Braid Pompadour

This casual look creates a stylish new do for your braided hair. It’s a basic half-up half-down look, but with the pompadour’s trendy, polished effect. With one look, it’s the best of both worlds!

High Space Buns

This look features spunk and cute originality! Just pick up your braids on either side of your head and twist them into buns. Be prepared to receive a lot of compliments and make sure your friends are taking pictures of this fun look. This hairdo is a sure way for people to chat! ‘

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‘ Twisted Half-Up Bun’

‘ Use this chic hairdo to build your big braids. The top knot is a classic style that works for almost every occasion and can even be used by leaving half of your hair down to show off your free hanging braids. Photos like this show you never get old this look!

Tightly Woven Braids

Impress the intricate look of all your Instagram followers. This hairdo might take some extra time, but it’s totally worth the beautiful outcome. Weave your braids tightly overlapping them on top of your head to make a kind of bouffant. A look that fits perfectly for a queen.

Chunky Braided Pony

Use this boss look to turn heads! This is no regular old ponytail and the attention you deserve will surely be drawn! Show off your thick braids by piling them up and looping a row around to tie them up. You are a reckoning force, and now everyone knows it!

Thick Braids Ponytail

Sometimes the best way to let down your hair is to pull it back into a classic updo ponytail. The good news is that when it’s finished with braids, this easy hairdo looks much more enjoyable. Make modern classics in an easy step!

Braided Half-Up Style

Get the stylish, relaxed look of a loose ponytail with a half-up hairdo. This is a perfect way to display your braids and keep your hair out of your face as you conquer the world. Fun flirtious and trouble-free!

Tall Half Ponytail

It’s ready to party just like you! Use your big box braids to maximize their potential by having both the high ponytail’s fun look and the long braids ‘ free-spirited look down your back. Meet at the bottom of the top meet!

Blonde Highlights Top Bun

Try this bold hairstyle and look like your favorite photo style icons in the magazines. Apply the finishing touch to the big top bun wrapped effortlessly around its base in this picture color splashes. It’s a look that reveals that when it comes to fashion you’re not afraid to take risks.

Elegant Side Twist for Box Braids

Tired of feeling on your back the weight of your braids? With the aid of a half twist, move them all to one side. Hmmm … Looks great and feels good!

Half-Up Classic Bun

The classic bun looks fantastic but it sometimes feels a bit too formal. With this half-up half-down style, stop overdoing it. This easy half-updo is perfect for large braided boxes and makes anybody look classy.

Low Chunky Box Braids Ponytail

Thick braids can handle a lot, but this hairdo takes care of it. Use some stray braids to wrap your braids in a casual ponytail to build an ever-day look that is simple. The color mixed here makes this hairdo much more colorful. Who said it was dull with ponytails? Not us!

Well, if the braids of boxes sound like a good idea, choose their length and caliber. The following detailed galleries can help you choose something that you really like to braid small boxes and long box braids. Now available are more captivating and flexible forms of braided hair. 40Next Prev1 —> —> Similar Super-Flattering Braids for Curly Hair of Various Styles Trendy Ways of Wearing Braids with Shaved Sides Triangle Braids Taking Your Box Braids to Next Stage A Tall Cool Lemonade Braids Glass! Easy Loose French Braid Hair Amazing Fulani Braids for Women of All Ages Stay Connected Hair Cuts and Styles Get inspiration from the hair style. Whatever your type of hair, we can help you find the right hairstyles © Copyright 2019 * t251

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