Balayage Hairstyles

Next Partial balayage is a free-hand coloring technique where highlights are added only to specific areas instead of to the entire head, usually to the top or just around the eyes. Let’s see this trend’s best examples!

Partial Balayage Benefit

There are many reasons why you would choose a partial over a total> balayage. One being involved is not as much bleach, which means less potential damage to your beautiful tresses. It makes it a good choice for people who have never previously colored their hair but want to achieve that trendy look. If you want a more natural look or if you don’t want to damage your hair with too much bleach opting for the balayage at the entrance level gives you both worlds the best. Just take a shade or two of your strands for a fresh look.

Brown hair with subtle hair painting

While considering partial or complete highlights you need to worry about> maintenance. With full highlights you need to make sure that your hair is moisturized and that everything looks natural while your hair grows out. If it’s only partial, there won’t be as much coloring and when your tresses grow out the lighter strands will appear as if it’s going to be normal.

Blonde Balayage on Brown Locks

Highlights with partial balayage are often only on the top layer of hair. The lighter streaks are perfectly balanced when you wear your hair in> beach waves. As a bonus those loose waves give your mane incredible structure and motion.

Bob with Partial Balayage

Partial balayage highlights fit well on a wide range of hair types like> Asian hair that is notoriously dark and straight. Only a few chocolate highlights will give your daily bob a trendy lift by brightening your eyes and accentuating your ends.

Brown-to-Blonde Low Balayage

Dark hair highlights really pop and make a statement. You don’t have to worry about much damage caused to your strands if it’s just a semi-balayage. So, while keeping healthy hair, you can benefit from a trendy shade. It’s a victory.

Choppy Cut with Mixed Highlights

If you want to spruce up your straight hair, a partial balayage is a stylish coif. Play around for an unusual hairdo with gold highlights and hot browns on medium-long hair. The look is totally edgy and fresh.

Long Black Hair with Brown Highlights

Partial scanning highlights on black hair are the way to go when you want to break up the monotonous look of a dark mane. The beauty of doing only partial highlights lies in their simplicity of doing only partial highlights. Only the right amount of contrast will be added.

Long Brown Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

Making a long-hair brunette look amazing doesn’t take much. But if you’re going to have to do something as easy as messy barrel curls teamed up with blonde and caramel highlights. The model below shows that less is more with the limited highlights.

Semi-Balayage red-haired

Make your red hair even more vibrant by adding a few natural-looking blonde highlights. You just need to apply dye to spare hair sections and wrap it in foil if you want to know how to do a partial scanning. For this subtle effect, make sure that you only apply the dye to the top layer of hair. To decide how long you will keep it in, follow the directions on the product package.

Platinum Blonde Balayage Highlights

Partial scanning is a nice way to lighten your dark blonde tresses without engaging in a totally bleached look.> Platinum highlights will shine your face and bring some visual intrigue to the wavy tresses. Add layers to the bottom of the haircut to give you a more complete look.

Brown Cut with Face Framing Streaks

Use partial highlights, positioning is crucial. You have to make sure that they are put in a way that flatters your> face shape and hair color. It always looks nice when you have the lightest colors on the front with medium brown shades. It draws attention not only to your hair but also to your eyes.

Curled Auburn Hair with Highlights

Time to change? Partial highlights will heat your mane. Use a / curling iron to create loose curls for the barrel and then brush them out for the extra oomph.

Black Front Purple Highlights

Partial highlights are versatile and can work on any hair shade as seen in many other pictures of black hair. Black has its benefits as it is a constant colour, of course. It makes it a perfect canvas straight from the rainbow for bold colors.> Purple is a special and trendy choice.

Brown and Caramel Hairstyle

Caramel and chocolate are a perfect pair not only for sweets but also for your skin. To create a glamorous impact, you don’t need a full head of highlights. Sprinkle them here and there to bring your brown locks to life. Just bleach the ends on your hair’s top layer. Without too much bleach, it adds fun color and dimension. You’ll have the best of both worlds to enjoy. Complete your look for a sexy texture with loose waves.

Totally functional partial scanning is as enjoyable as it is trendy not to say. This highlights application technique works well on any hair texture and since it’s dying less hair than a usual full balayage, don’t be afraid to give a chance to this color treatment. Coloring and longtime veterans alike is great for newbies. Prev1 of> Next —> —> Related Posts> Honey Balayage Images that really encourage you to try out highlights> On-Trend Brown to Blonde Balayage Looks that will make you happy> The most detailed guide to balayage skin> What is the difference between balayage and shade?>