Blonde hairstyles trend

Blonde Ombre

Blonde is a favorite shadow. Brunettes might want to give their hair a light lift during the spring and summer. This is the perfect way to do it. You get a brighter hair fresh makeover and you can keep your color darker. There are many different shades that would be a trendy choice for a very light blonde.


Strawberry blonde is a beautiful shade that is neither hot nor cold, making it very original and universal. Round and square faces.

on Black Hair

Black girls rock bright colors just as good as light-skinned girls. This black hair ombre hair style is so vibrant and head-turning! Heart and heads with an oval shape.


Check this style if you like the caramel shade. Heres a more subtle way of adding the caramel color. Its lighter and closer to the core hue of the brunette. Bold isnt for everybody, but that doesnt mean you can look like an ombre. Such a color is perfect to lift your hair.

Chic And Stylish

Weve got a hairstyle thats all about it. Its classic chic and is cut in for a short time. All these elements give every girl a trendy hairstyle throughout all ages. A hairdo like this will give you a more natural-looking beautiful eye.


This light blonde is another neutral shade that is neither too yellow nor too ashy. With this ombre hairstyle on dark skin tone that is now a classic, be brave enough to become completely blonde.
Pink is one of the hottest colors of the season.

Pretty In Pink

So why not add to your hair a pop of pink. This multi-tone shadow is incredible. For the girl that wants to make a statement, this is a style. To give you a fun summer look, choose a pink color.

Blonde And Braided

With this icy blonde, lets cool things down a bit. This brunette beauty has a cooler shade of blonde going into a tone of frost. This one stylish hairdo is made by the shorter hair and shade. The braided style is a great way to create a trendy, edgy vibe for your shadow.


Rihanna is a fan of a dark blonde honey shadow and a perfect example of how fantastic a dark skin shadow looks. All parts of the head. Inches below your heads top. The color is a blonde of medium-dark honey looking so natural and beautiful.

Vibrant Shadow

Looking for a bold thing? Then take a look at this fiery shadow. With the brunette root color, it has multi-ginger tones that look very stylish. We love the maker of this statement! A fashion like this on any girl is going to look trendy and cool. Would look amazing on shorter hair.


Try this light blue hairstyle with black roots if you want to go bold even bolder than that violet shade. The black girls blue shadow can create such a great contrast to your dark skin. Heart and faces in the form of a rectangle.

Dark Curls

Try a dark shadow if you are looking for something more subtle. Ombre does not need to be a color that is bright and vivid. From this you can take inspiration and go for brown shades. You get the look, but your natural hair is similar to the tones you use. Great if you want your look to be refreshed.

Raspberry Ombre

Ombre doesnt have to be a multi-tone light. This style has bright colors of raspberry and caramel. We love this combo because its bold and special. This season would be a trendy option for Raspberry. With any of your favorite colors, you might build a multi-tone look.

Long Straight Hair Ombre

For those black girls who dont want a big change and just want to avoid their hair looking dull and one-dimensional the best way is to go for a natural shadow. All parts of the head. Lighten the lower parts of your hair so its a nice light brown color thats just a few shades lighter than your natural hair color.

Bold Color

Would you like this season to make a statement? Then take a look at this vibrant hairdo. The shadow was created with fabulous red orange and coral colors. Its a beautiful way to add your brunette locks to a splash of color. Hair like this fits the fun atmosphere of summer.

Blonde Curls

Particularly if youre a newbie, the thought of dying your hair might be a bit scary. We could just have found a solution. Consider extending them! This style has been produced with blonde extensions that give you the look of the shadow without dye coming close to your hair! If you just want to try something new, a style like this is perfect.

Warm Blonde

Our next model features chocolate hair with a hot blonde shadow. This mix of colors has rich tones and results in an impressive finish. Hairstyles like this show how light and dark colors complement each other beautifully. If you dont want a bright blonde, its great.

Brunette Glowing

We have a golden shadow next. This beautiful combination of color begins with brunette then blends into a warm tone of caramel and a light blonde. This colors are ideal for spring summer, vivid and bold. Its a beautiful style to give a trendy lift to your hair.

Trendy Short Hair

Selecting shorter hair and adding some shade will give you a unique edge that will make you stand out from the crowd. For infinite colors, Ombre can be produced so that each one looks different. This one has been made with a dark caramel tone and looks sleek and chic in the finished skin. Something like this must have hairstyle thinking about.

Ombre Hair Ideas


Burgundy Ombre

has been considered since the beginning of time as a great combination. All parts of the head. Do this bright burgundy shadow to emphasize the beauty and shine of your dark hair and dark skin. Dress your hair in loose curls.


The bronde identified our next choice. Maybe youre thinking what this is? Well, bronde is a clever way to combine blonde and brown to give a natural, sun-kissed look to the hair. By adding in some shade, this hairstyle has taken color to the next level. The combination of bronde and light shadow creates the perfect summer hairdo.

Blonde Waves

Look for a soft blonde like this if you want a classic shadow look. Light blondes fit with brunette hair perfectly and look trendy in any way. The slight waves finish beautifully off the hairstyle. This is a beautiful style to match any child.

Short Black Hair

Even if your skin is dark, there is no excuse you wouldnt encounter lighter hair and makeup colors. We will help you to highlight the appeal of any hair color if you have good makeup skills. Faces that are oval and round. Shadow on black hair and dark skinned girl the hair must be thoroughly bleached and shades daily. Otherwise use a hair straightener to produce these natural messy waves and split your hair to the opposite side of the one where you would typically divide it into length.

on black hair

Royal blue is another color well blended with black hair. A classic and amazing black hair shadow hairstyles. Faces that are oval and heart shaped. If your hairstyle is a lob bob or just below the end of your neck, you should straighten it with a hair straightener.

Warm Tones

How to create a glamorous shadow style. With the light brunette root color, the hot blonde tone looks beautiful. Not only the shades that give the wow factor to this style are the voluminous curls as well. Such a theme is timeless.

Cool Ocean Ombre

This is a cool shadow color in more than one way. This features a lovely hue of the ocean that gives the hair a great summer tropical look. Its not just that blue is a must-have for the next few seasons which makes it chic. If you are searching for something bold and make a statement, consider selecting black.

Silvery Color

Silvery tones are becoming an enormous phenomenon. All the various colors have been rocked by many celebrities. Weve got a very light blonde today that looks almost silver. Used to create a cool and edgy hairdo. For the trendsetters, a shadow like this. The cute bun is a great way to style as well!

Ombre Waves

Do you have dark hair but would you like the waves of summer beach? Then this style must be checked out. With this body, you get the best of both. The hair on top is dark and shiny, and the skin on the bottom is light and summery. The beach waves perfectly finish off the shadow. Such a theme would be ideal for a makeover spring / summer.

Multi Tone

Last on our list weve got an amazing multi-tone shadow. The pink and purple colors are trend-setting and fit together so well. You can try this kind of mixed shades or just try one of the colors. Whether youve got one or two shadows like this is going to wow.

would be a trendy choice for any girl to choose from!

Just Peachy

This is a brunette shadow style with a peachy tone. Theres a light orange in this vivid hairdo. The dark brown hue blends so well with the bright red. Its a stylish idea of a shadow that will jazz up your spring and summer look.

Red Short Hair Shadow

which fits so well with their dark skin. Faces in square and oval shape. Far to one side to improve the black girls beauty of the red shade.


This is an example of a dark skin ombre hairdo that is more of a cool side combined with an ashy shadow and a sleek, angular-looking makeup. Round and square heads. Its nice to show the faces bone structure. If you are willing to commit to wearing an ashy blonde shadow, go for it and be able to dye a larger portion of your hair. Combine it with one hand swept by natural waves.

The Hottest Ombre Hair Shades

In the case of ombre hair stylists, it is recommended that you choose the shades with respect to your natural hair color. Ombre hairstyles are so numerous that it could be difficult for any girl to pick the one that suits her best. At LoveHairStyles we agree that if you hesitate which shades to choose you should not take any chances with ombre. So we give you other shadow tips and their variations: red shadow blue shadow blonde shadow and candy skin. We will tell you when to pick shadows for long tresses and why you dont have to be afraid to experiment with short shadows. We will direct you through the fascinating world of ombre from gentle and slightly dark to completely dramatic looks.