Natural-Looking Balayage

these days. That is why you should go further to achieve something unique and unforgettable. We think this complex transition from dark to light may be something worth paying attention, especially if you have nice, long hair to take care of.

Ombre Balayge Beautiful Princess Locks

As another style containing a mixture of an ombre effect and balayage technique, this bold look is especially beautiful on long hair. As you can see here in this example, adding some curls to this look make it look beautiful and effortless – giving it that flawless princess-like quality we all desire.

Full Blonde Spectrum Balayage Highlight

You can find just about any shade of blonde layered into this unique look. From near-silver all the way to dark caramel blonde, this is a truly multi-dimensional look perfect for anyone looking up to spice up their hairstyle. It’s blended perfectly in an ombre-style look.

Unique Blonde Hair

If you want natural looking blonde hair then try similar balayage to this. As you can see, the root color is very dark but then the hair blends into a stunning golden blonde. Different blonde shades have been used which gives the hair a more natural appearance. It is a bright and summery look that will look gorgeous on anyone.

Soft Blonde Balayage

If you’re usually a platinum blonde, try switching things up by going for more neutral shades, using toner to de-brass the look. Blonde balayage looks are designed to be subtle and discreet, that’s why people love the style so much. We love the way this look incorporates our favorite shades of bright and ashy blondes together in one simple, elegant blend.

Smooth as Silk Balayage Style Highlights

Hard to find a smoother transition from dark to light in this ombre-style balayage highlight hairdo. There’s no clear point where the hair begins making the transition – it’s dispersed all the way from the very top point. It results in a clear color gradient from dark to light.

Blonde Balayage Highlights

Then we have a more nuanced understanding of balayage. The hair gradually turns color into a beautiful and soft blonde shade for this look. The blonde color is so chic that it fits perfectly with the brown hair. Blonde like this is flexible and will suit both black to red hair colors. The hairstyle is also stunning, so try both of them for a chic new look.

Blonde Look of Ashy White Balayage

This look is a glamorous mix of flirty and nice. Darker lowlights are swept through the more dominant white blonde hair, producing a delicate yet elegant mix of colors. The dark contrast with the ultra-light blonde lifts it from super sweet to super chic in quick fashion.

Simple And Trendy Blonde Hair

If you just want simple, easy-to-wear, trendy hair, that’s just what you’re looking for. The balayage uses various shades of blonde and they are all soft and clear. Blonde scanning like this will bring new life to your hair and give it a boost. It’s a chic look that suits everyone. With warmer blonde colors, you could also recreate a similar look.

Frosty Blonde Textured Balayage Hair Highlights

Balayage can be so flexible that you can add a wide variety of colors into your hair and still look natural. In this theme, blonde shades are much darker, allowing for a more wintry look. This style is softly textured in comparison to the darker shades.

Easy and Flirty Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

Looking for new ideas for fun hair? The blonde is highly highlighted by these highlights. Slowly from dark brown roots, this cool, beach-blonde color is added. This is a fun summer look for anyone who wants the oxymoronic blend of subtlety and excitement all at once, combined with darker highlights at the edges.

Subtle, Platinum Blonde Balayage

Caramel shades are perfect for the up-and-coming spring months, a look not too harsh or bleach-necessary on the hair but cool and stylish yet. When selecting your new color, you don’t have to go absolutely platinum blonde. There are plenty of shades and hides to choose from, from all types of colors as well. You can use this stunning coloring of caramel to add blonde or gingery tones of strawberry.

Glam Blonde Highlights

We’ve got another look of glam balayage. At the root, the hair is very dark and blends into a beautiful, soft blonde color. We love the color because it’s so trendy, and although the shift of color makes a statement, it’s also quite subtle. It’s easy to wear blonde balayage like this and will suit everyone. The loose sleek waves are also a must-have.

Dark Roots Bright Ends

Blonde Balayage Highlights For Brunettes

Blondes and browns fit together very well, particularly when fused cleverly in this type of balayage. Ding blonde highlights brown hair (or brown lowlights to blonde hair, you add a new dimension to the look that can make your hair look thicker!

Blonde Balayage For Brunettes

Next, for the brunette ladies we have a beautiful blonde idea. The hair of blonde balayage is very dark brown. We love the warm blonde hue that is used as it is trendy and beautifully matches the natural brown color. Balayage like this will lift your hair and it’s going to be perfect for the summer because your hair looks sun-kissed.

Full Caramel Balayage Creamy Highlight

Not everyone (especially those with extremely dark hair will want to go full on blonde with their highlights. Dark hair with highlights can be tricky Here’s a good look that fades to the beautiful reddish-brown hair we call caramel.


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