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Eye-catching long sides FadeHaircut

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to preserve your perfect look.

Trendy Men’s Haircuts with Long Top Short Sides

Another suitable name for such haircuts is’ party at the front, company at the back.’ However, the width of the crown rises from the back of the head to the front so that the longest part is right above the frontw. Many men think it’s not easy to fashion these haircuts, but in reality it won’t take much effort. All you need to do is keep the hair on top long and upsweep it with some styling product, get the sides shaved or darkened until the hair is almost completely flat-out, put in some edgy lines and voila… the perfect cut is ready for the hot man. It sounds pretty easy, right?

Classic Short Sides with Long Beard

Textured Crop with Wavy Fringe

Men with wavy or curly hair often do not think they can get decent hairstyles. On the opposite, the wavy fringe makes this textured plant look much better.

Slick Forward Sweep with Subtle Fade on the Short Sides

Platinum Blonde Quiff with Short Sides

Skin Fade Undercut with Comb Over

Sliced Back Hair with Disconnected Undercut

Fade Undercut with Comb Over

The hair should be longer in the front and shorter in the back in order to achieve the look. This pump taper haircut helps remove the hair from the head, showing off your sharp characteristics.

High Bald Fade with Part and Quiff

The high bald fade cut is only performed with experience. Together with the highlights, d in the hard part hair style, and this quiff offers a great look.



. Side or middle part is up to you as well. If you don’t know what you really want, in our collection you can always find plenty of haircut ideas, perhaps some pictures will inspire you to develop your own unique hairstyle that suits you perfectly!


Like a pompadour, the quiff is also a haircut for children who keep their hair long on top and short on sides. It’s not as voluminous as the pompadour and just by brushing the hair back, you can style it.

Now you’re armed with so many ideas of boy haircuts with hair long on top but short on sides. Go get the look you like and keep stylish. The only other thing you need to pull off the best short sides long top haircut is the right style and attitude. Before you go out and about, make sure you got that in order.

The best thing about short sides is that they are not dull and can look completely different. Only look at these men: they all have the same haircut, in fact, but each version is different! The contrast between top and sides is not so clear in some pictures, it is rather subtle, and this, in effect, makes it possible to create a classic or perhaps even a business look. There’s a more eye-catching choice for those who don’t want to keep it classy–the chic mixture of skin fade and long top that can be styled in many different ways. If you don’t mind wearing it for a while, you’ll be able to change your looks every day. Messy, fuzzy, simple, flat bottom, forbidden to do anything! Terms of haircuts may be different, but the concept is always the same.

Low Skin Fade with Faux Hawk

One of the best beauty trends in recent years is undoubtedly the faux hawk. The best thing about the fohawk is that any haircut can be styled as long as the hair on top is long enough to spike.

Wavy Bottom, Short Sides

Tapered Fade with Rough Asymmetric Part

High Pompadour Fade

For short sides, such as a fade or undercut, a long or short pump works best.

Forward Swept Curls, Short Sides, Long Top

Longer Top and Short Sides for Thin Hair

Short on Sides, Medium on Top Haircut

, men can look the same.

Disconnected Undercut Hairstyles

Due to the striking contrast they help to create, undercut hairstyles have recently been in great demand. Given the elaborate look, one of the best haircuts for people who value their time is the disconnected undercut hairstyle. It doesn’t take long to buzz with the sides and cut the top of the scissor. Likewise, holding and styling the haircut does not require much effort.

How to get Brad Pitt Fury Haircut Even More

Male Hair Short on the Sides Long on top

If selecting one of these incredibly awesome hairstyles is difficult for you, take a look at the pictures in our set. This can help you make the right choice. Every haircut should show your best features and reflect your unique personality, so these considerations should not be overlooked. This is a very popular trend today if you want your whole look to be manly, add a beard or mustaches. Besides, it is not a bad idea to dye your hair, particularly if you like experiments!

Short Sides Long Top Haircuts

sides, you have an elegant look. Choose one of these short-sided trendy men’s hairstyles and a long top next time you cut your hair!

If you hear haircut with short sides and long bottom, what do you imagine?Who wants to look trendy, a successful businessman? Hipster spending his time with his Starbucks iPad and coffee? A party guy from his college who makes any girl smile? Okay, this question has another correct answer! Most parents want their kids, like the little models on the runway, to look not only cute but also stylish. Some might argue that thinking about such things is too early for children, but what is the harm of worrying about your own appearance? Look at the cool hairstyles we’ve curated for you if you’re looking for an amazing hairstyle for your beloved kid!

etallic Grey Long Top with Short Sides

Slicked Back Hairstyles

Consider applying some gel and shaping it in a slick back hair style to give your long hair a fresh touch on top. Therefore, you show that long hair cuts can easily fit a formal setting, because they look elegant and tidy in this way. If you don’t want to look too preppy, just use a rough beard and a handlebar moustache to match your cut back hair.

High fade or traditional bowl haircuts


Hi Lo Fade with Thick Brush Up

Fade with Thick Textured Hair

Messy Quiff with Tapered Sides and Beard

Short Sides, Medium Top Men’s Haircut

)or thin, fine hair that looks even finer when worn long.

Mid Fade with Textured Brush Back

Like a smooth back, brushed back hair is often textured and therefore has more weight. On the arms, the smooth mid skin fade is a beautiful touch that further highlights the thick hair on top.

Undercut Short Sides Long Top with Hard Part Long Beard

Fade on the sides, Long Top

provide a lot of contrast on the tops, concentrating everyone’s attention on the short, long hair on the top of the head.

will begin the tapering cycle and eventually how fast the tapering will stop.

Stay Clean And Hot With Spiky Hair Styles

Colorful Long Top and Taper Short Sides Faded with Part

Comb Over

This is the best choice between long top and short side haircuts for children. Separate the hair from where the fade ends to get this look and comb it to the other side. Dress your hair well for a chic shape-up dress with hair wax. Although it may be a little time consuming to style this haircut, you will definitely become the party’s star. Best Long on Top Faded Hairstyles for Men

High Fade with Thick Textured Spiky Hair

Unlike the gelled spikes of the 90s, modern spiky hairstyles tend to be textured and loose, giving them a more natural and fashionable look.

Wavy Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

The disconnected undercut works perfectly on almost any form of men’s haircut. If you have curly or wavy locks, try the long top hairstyle of the shaved sides. It will look sure and attractive with your hair texture. Brush the hair in the back forward to shorten the hair on top.

Low Drop Fade with Rough Side Part and Beard

Wavy Long Bottom, Shorter Sides

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Spiked Up Sides Long Top Hairstyles

Both of these men’s hairstyles feature short sides and long tops. Though, the hair doesn’t come together atop to get the spiked up look. Then, you spike the hair in bits using a hair gel with a strong hold.

Normal Hairstyles

Men’s World Herenkappers


with low sides fade or undercut. It produces a clean look and draws eyes to the top spikes. Men’s Hairstyle Patterns to Follow 2019-Men’s Fashion

Short Sides Long Top Straight Hairstyles

This is one of the most common haircuts for long straight hair. While the top hair is moderate in length, the sides should be trimmed. If your hair is naturally curly, use a special spray and a flat iron to straighten it up. Often straight mens hair styles require a bit of boost, giving it a go with a strong mousse or gel.

Customize Your Personalized Short Sides Long TopHaircut

Short sides long top haircuts have been on the rise for a couple of years now and will certainly not fade away in the near future. Their amazing versatility allows you to tailor your hairstyle to individual preferences to suit your face shape. Using different colors, fabrics, shapes and textures, you can style the top section of the skin. The sides may be offset, blurred, or shaved in turn. We also prepared the set of the best short on sides long on top haircuts to keep up with the latest trends.

and even Caesar look really nice with shorter sides, so if you like these haircuts, you should probably consider making them more fashionable. Such hairstyles are accepted by celebrities, and what person on the red carpet doesn’t want to look like Brad Pitt?

Shaved Sides And Messy Pomp

but don’t want to give up completely on disheveled short male haircuts, then the ruffled pump with shaved sides is just what you need. The messy hair men give the impression of being comfortable and breezy, which is very attractive to women.

It Long And Wavy

is, of course, very desirable to wear with pride. On the sides, a short undercut or fade will make it look really good.

Side Sweep Long Top, Short Tapered Sides

Short Sides Long Top for Children, with Taper, Fringe and Part

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Best Boy Long Top Short SidesHaircuts

Hairstyles With Bangs

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Best Boy Long Top Short Sides Haircuts

Haircuts With Bangs

Growing bangs does not take much time or effort. Bangs can already be considered a small strand of hair hanging over the forehead. Nonetheless, there are several ways to cut your front hair. You can make it flat, tapered or stacked. Nonetheless, with men’s short haircuts, bangs come out amazing.

Faux Hawk

BestIdeas For Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

Most cool men hairstyles are created because short sides long top haircut is highly versatile. For example, while on top, you could fade or undercut the sides, rising medium-length hair to style a pomp, quiff, fringe, side section, sleek back, faux hawk, pebbly over, etc. Now, let’s look at our choices more closely. More from Medium Length Hairstyles

Slicked Back Undercut

is a perfect example of a retro style that has been brought back. With thick, long hair on top, the high-contrast look of the undercut makes it a cool cut and style for any guy.

Short Sides, Long Top Men’s Haircut


How To Bleach Hair So That Not To Go Bald Afterward

Short Sides with Messy Medium Hair on Top

Short Sides with Long Top in Braid

The reason is simple: it’s amazingly popular. In fact, it seems it’s not going to go out of style. Here we have some traditional haircuts examples with some imaginative elements that make the whole look even more stylish. This isn’t all you can do with your body, though. Freestyle design experiments make the most trivial flattop innovative and exclusive. Changing the color of the hair will refresh it and add some luminosity. Don’t be afraid to mix new and old things in order to get something totally different. Rock in any shape and color you like your short sides long head hairstyle. Square, circle, triangle, black, yellow, green–you and your imagination are entirely up to it. Don’t care what people are going to say, just do it if you really want it and need it.

Textured Quiff Hairstyles

You can get one of the most fashionable mens medium hairstyles with a textured quiff. No matter how long you have grown up, you get the desired size and dimension by simply pushing them back. Long top hairstyles on the short sides provide plenty of room for your imagination. You can choose how to cut and style your tops and sides. We hope we have given you enough great ideas to help you settle on the next haircut.

Short Sides Long Top Hairstyles

Long haircuts on the short sides are becoming increasingly popular each year. One of the reasons for such a phenomenon is that because of the length of the sides, these modern haircuts allow men to style their hair in many different ways while requiring very low maintenance.

Low Skin Fade with Brushed Up Hair and Beard

A thick, full beard adds well to any men’s haircut. If you have a lot of hair on your head, find a fade beard.

Side Hairstyles

Men’s World Herenkappers return to create a unique form over shorter hair.

Side-Parted Pompadours

is no longer enough for you to make some exciting changes by clicking on each side. You are making the side part more defined in this way. With men’s extra sharpness short hairstyles, by shaving in a hair line, you can turn your side part into a hard one. Divtionally, to set a high fade, you could carve another line below the hard part.

Textured Hairstyles Bangs

In spite of your hair type, long hair with side bangs will perfectly frame your face with a textured look. Cutting the hair in layers and applying some oil is the best to shine men’s hair styles.

Modern Pompadour with Low Fade

High Temp Fade with Pompadour and Design

Short Spiky Hair Fade

High Temp Fade with Pompadour and Design

and top knots are all raging these days and are clearly a hot favorite among long-sided short-sided boys. It’s also a very flexible look that depending on your mood can be worn in different ways. Only pick up the long top and tie it into a knot. It pulls your hair out of your eyes and lets you play, study or work out.

Fade On The Sides And Long On The Top

For a very contrasting look, combine the short hairstyles on the sides with long tops. On the sides, you can choose different types of fades. If you’re looking for a highly detailed look, consider a high fade haircut because the long top is beautifully accentuated by the side shaved hair.

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