Rockabilly hair refers to styles that made rock and roll music common during the advent. These were high-volume greased styles that tended to look very neat and polished. Modern rockabilly hair is inspired by these retro styles and has created a host of hairstyles, ranging from classic pompadours and jelly rolls to more trendy assumptions of these styles. These pictures show some of the looks prepare to be inspired the most sought after!

Pomp It Up

This was a gently tapered undercut. In the pompadour style, the long hair on top was slicked back and given volume.

Copper Roll

The sides are rasped bare in this style and then the hair is rasped to the top. The front section was curled back at an angle and the high curl leans slightly forward onto the front.

Tapered Sides with Tall Top

Once again we see the clean cut sides tapering up to a highly defined part. The style is in front of a high wave, sliced to a brilliant finish.

Smooth and tall

An eye-catching aspect is the square shape of the temple. This straight shape plays with the above hair’s tall curved shape.

Curving Curl

In this look, the high brushed over the fringe tapers off, but rather than straight back, it curves gently around the side of the crown. We can see a blended razor slice under the close parting.

Straight Out Rock

This image shows an undercut running along the neck nape. The rest of the hair is long, brushed from the neck, bringing forward all the hair. The hair was then fixed with the product in place.
Rockabilly Spin

Here a very unique look was created with the hair pulled in two long fold-overs at the back. Those drop forward creating a look in front of a high volume.

Endless moves

The hair has been styled in this very chic rock and roll style into a rounded wave curving on the head. His locks are cut back, adding to this look precision and shine.

Bring back the curl

From the right temple, the hair was combed to fan over the head. Detail was applied to the front section with a close peak and curl.

Classic Rockabilly

The hair was cut short on the side in this classic style, creating a well-defined parting. The hair at the top was styled as a high curled wave tapering backwards.

Lift Revival

Flap hairstyles are released While still looking soft and touchable, this style has great volume. The light brown fawn and discreet highlights are helping this pop hairstyle.

Two Tone Under Cut

His hair was firstseparated with a long, rounded segment to create this rare look. A perfectly formed coif has been cut into the top portion of hair. The hair is cut short under the section and another section has been made. The hair is at its shortest under this partition.

Punk Pompadour

This style combines punk and rockabilly appearance. The sides are shaved high and the hair on top is thicker, tapering to shorter in the back of the head.

Sleek Upstyling

Jagged sideburn lines contribute to this look’s rockable feel. While the longer hair was styled, a high undercut was applied.

Concert Hair

Seek the look of this easy 50s! Here medium-length locks were severely combed back, with the slightest light in front of them. Add some grease to complete the look to hold it in place.

Flicked Fringe Detail

This standard short sides and long top do has been enhanced by ironing a small hair section in the front and flipping it over the smooth back locks.

Jelly Jive

The look you see here is called a jelly roll the top hair was split in the middle and then curled into two long rolls that sweep down to meet each other. The sides are usually trimmed with razor in this look.

Classic Dark Lift

In this case, a beautiful lift was created not only by styling the front portion of the hair but also by giving it a ruffled look.

Rock Fusion

One of the things to love about this popular style, which begins high in the middle and tapers backwards, is that it can look great on almost any guy and it’s easy to keep. As you can see, this is a look perfect for company as well as fun!

Fashionable Forties Do

Its brown chocolate hair is the perfect addition to this smooth style. The look is tall in front and brushed back all the hair. The upper and lower locks are separated by a small high partition.

Retro Sweep Style

The hair was thoroughly rasped over the ears and slowly polished into a high undercut. The hair is swept straight up at the front of the head and tapers towards the crown. Adding a sharp square detail above the temple added extra interest.

All Shook Up

Lots of little elements come together to create a great hairstyle in this look. The brushed hair has a beautiful wavy texture, gliding into a blended undercut. Then there were added sharp razor lines around the face.

Sectioned looks

Instead of the usual smooth, back-slicked feel, this style combines texture with the surface. To create small waves that blend together, this hair has been sectioned and ironed.

Blonde dancing

We usually imagine dark hair styles when we consider rockabilly. This image, however, shows that blonde hair in high-top styles can look just as trendy.

Elvis left the building


It was such a hit when the flat top haircut came around that it has never died down for more than three decades now. Those guys who still flaunt this hairstyle look cool and it reminds you of the beauty that many years to come will never lose their taste. If you still have some great memories of this iconic style, there are styles that will send you a standing ovation to go there.

Curly Wild

If you thought it wasn’t a curly hair style, here’s proof you’ve been wrong. The high middle patch is left to make wild waves, and it’s such a genius development that you can testify.

Real Flattened Look Throw Back

This is the way it was done in the years. Thick mop and relatively short on clean sides, and you’ve got what was the best top at that time.

Medium Spiky

Copies a military cut but the large patch strings are spiked on this one. Even if it is mixed with a thick chin beard, it is impressive.

Tidal Matrix

Typically cleaned on the edges, leaving a high middle landing. It then proceeds to divide the top into tides: the back section moves forward as the front moves backward but with a slight sweep.

Midget Trim

The length of this type can be short and still move. Faded sides only give rise to a vertical climb that ends abruptly just below an inch from the scalp.


The sides are rasped and the top is adjusted to a compact size. The genius in this cut is the front three-fork appearance. One of the ends of the fork is painted to a dramatic end.

Stubby Short

The skin side is blurred. The top is heavily trimmed to show how the razor can make the barber intense. But it just goes that far and the results are eye-catching.

Real flatbed

Hair trimmed to a thick compact, it looks sturdy and the top is pronounced to be admired positively.

Wide High Top with Faded Sides

The sides faded to the hair, the high end started immediately after fading and then extended as it went upwards. It’s such a lofty look combed into a smooth, refined look.


It’s the highest real top but it has a radiant yellowish color added. It’s very pronounced on the tips and you’d fall in love with what you’re seeing.

Vicar’s Cap

Styled into a broader bottom than the rest, it looks like the barber was trying to create the look-a-like cap of a vicar. It is in contrast to clean sides and in every sense it is mercurial.

Smart Look

Vertical upward strands form a canopy at the top and end with blunted tips that create a flatbed impression. It’s a creation that has caught up with celebrities and you’re going to see them show it off.

Classical Trim

Short and exclusive for those who do not want the high end to be noticed. Before it finishes with a longer but tamed peak, the sides are arranged in different lengths.

Slanting High Cliff

This hairstyle starts with a cliff-like look on the front. Slanting backward, it naturally ends in the faded back and dissolved on the sides in the bareness wilderness.


A military guy can be seen here and it’s all attractive to have it here too. Such a mind blowing appearance is a short straight middle patch and cleared sides.
Tapered slope

The hair is cut to a relatively short size and then curled into a short stub-like look. It’s what you’d want for easy maintenance with cleared sides and a short straight parting line.

Medium Brown Flat Top

This style is a catch for many men today, expertly trimmed to medium size. It’s a stunning look with clean faded sides. The sleekness starts from the front and in nice straightness falls backwards.

Wavy Hawk

The black bottom and brown top waves on the sides. It’s long and the bare sides are in comparison. With this haircut, you’ll get the look of a star.

Smart Guy Side Sweep

With side sweep flatness it can be as stunning as you like. The sides are clearly divided by a straight line and the sweep starts at the front hairline immediately.

Long coiffeur

Only the low sides are trimmed, but the rest of the hair is blunted. The sides and top are thick and bright. There’s an effort to make a flat landing into the top patch.

Side groove

A grooving line separates the top section from the sides. The hair is left with its tips at the high end and then given a slight side sweep intended. It’s a great finish that gives the flattened haircut landing a new dimension.

Ooozing Slid Back

Who said that with modernist imagination this style can never be touched? Here’s a slid back top guarded by cleanly shaved sides on the sides.

Glowing Waves

This may still include the top glow. The hair is peeled backwards, but not in fine strands, leaving in it a rough tone.

Acute Edge

His ability to get close and acute with the edges makes the flattened top earn his honor among the best styles. You can trace the patch here by looking at the side edges that reinforce the thick middle portion of the patch.

Brad Pitt has been in the spotlight for a few decades now, and he’s arguably one of the greatest male actors ever to have won several awards and bagged countless nominations for himself. Brad Pitt is also known for his good hair aesthetics in addition to his acting prowess. He’s got a healthy hair that can look good at every haircut or hairstyle you can think of and he’s tried many styles over the years. The following are some of the most popular Brad Pitt hairstyles of all the looks he’s worn over the years.

Short Wavy-Casual Look

This style is designed to give a cool but casual look to the man. It is best suited to people with shapes of the chest, triangle, oval and round head. It has sliced the sides of the clipper and back with the top cut jagged. Maintaining it is also very easy. All you need to do is get daily trims and make the hair shinier by using some good product to keep.

Short with Tapered Sides

This is a very simple haircut that Brad wore for the Oceans opening night screening in Vegas. In this style, while the sides are chipped in for a textured finish, the hair is tapered into a longer top part. For guys with thinning hair, it’s an incredible style as it can add some volume to their hair and fits most face shapes including oblong and square.

The Slicked Back

Brad likes to slick his hair back even when wearing different styles, but the slick back is the main style in this style. The hair is cut to a medium length then added to it some smooth material. The hair slicked back with a comb to finish the look. This style is appropriate for all sorts of face shapes and medium to thick skin, but people with long foreheads may not want to wear it as it is more likely to expose it.

Clean Shave

The moment of clean shave hair is about the beard, not the hair on the head of Brad Pitt. What makes it an appealing hairstyle is that it’s unusual to see Brad on his face with a clean rasped beard and not a single drop of hair. Lack of hair on his face helps to draw more attention to his hairstyles that are a smoothly cut short hair in most cases.

The Flowing Locks

Brad can hardly be seen with any locks on his hair because even if he has long hair, he likes to keep it straight and pull it into a man’s bun. He had some good flowing locks, though, a few years back. Brad had some luscious flowing locks back in 1993 and he looked nice in them, particularly as he also had a short well-trimmed beard to go with the locks.

Red Tone Brad

Hair colors are a good way to add some style and class to your hair, but choosing the right color is the secret behind a good look. Brad Pitt proved this to be true when he chose to go all black with a hint of red hair. This style looked fantastic to him, especially as he had a short, beautifully trimmed hair on top which had a longer length. And his red choice was also right because it wasn’t too light and it wasn’t too dark either.

In 2003 Brad Pitt’s angelic look at the Golden Globes was pulled by the Angelic look

and most people consider it one of his best looks ever. He was sporting a hair of moderate length and his head was cleanly shaved. What makes this look unique is that with his hair, he went all natural. The hair was split in the center then swept to the sides each of the two sections. To complete what is described as the anglic look, the back was brushed back.

Waved Out

Brad Pitt waved all out when he was awarded the Golden Globe in 1996. He paired a nice suit with this hairstyle to finish an elegant look that left people talking for weeks. The short but very soft waves on his head made his hair look more textured and voluminous, and at the middle of his head he had a small and nearly invisible section. This slight departure gave the front waves some direction, while the back hair was also slightly sliced back.
Short Messy Style

Short messy hair is a great style particularly when you want to wear a casual look and Brad likes to wear it sometimes. For Oceans , he wore this style, and it looked pretty good. The messy short style involves cutting the hairs in a uniform size and making the front hairs a little longer than the back and sides. The hair then becomes messy with the fingers, and a product of styling is used to keep the style longer.

Brad’s Curly Hair

It’s hard to tell what Brad’s natural hair looks like because any style he’s wearing looks natural to him, and curly hair is no exception. Brad used two distinct ways to rock the curly hair. He wore a long curly textured hair in the first style, which had what looked like a side parting. The hair is shorter in the second style, and the sides and back are tightly cut, leaving a longer curly hair at the top of the head. The superstar looked fantastic in both styles and a lot of people tried to copy the two styles for that reason.

Feathered Look Long Hairstyle

The long hair is cut in this style to give a man a light and feathered look. It’s a style best suited to men with fine and medium hair that looks like casual hairstyles. As it looks best on them, this style should also be worn by men with round heads. Regular trimming is needed to avoid split ends, and some products are needed to hold and give some shine to the hair.

Brad’s Fauxhawk

You probably wouldn’t expect Brad Pitt to wear this hairstyle these days, but in his younger years he tried it somewhere in the past. The faux hawk is a good haircut, and it fits most styles of faces and skin, but Brad still seems to add a spark to an already good style, bringing it to a new level. For his younger face and hair texture, his faux hawk looked incredible, but if he wore it today, he’d probably look pretty good too.

Short Spikes

Brad Pitt has on many occasions worn his spiky short hair, but the most famous is when he wore it in the Fight Club movie. Though in the 90’s this cut was more popular if you remember how good he looked in the short spikes, he would still stand out with the same style today. In this style, in the top section of the hair, the short spikes are left while the sides and back have been trimmed and swept to the sides.

Relaxed Bob

Bobs not only look good at women, and Brad proved this in September 2011 when he wore a relaxed Bob. The relaxed bob blended well with the features of his head. Separating the center hair and slicking back in style make his face look more symmetrical. And so for men with oval, triangular and square face shape, this design will be appropriate.


Pitt still sometimes bleaches his hair, but he seems to prefer a semi-bleached hair rather than a full hair bleach. Semi-bleaching produces a unique color contrast, and on medium lengths and short hairs it looks good. Side-parting the semi-bleached hair often adds some elegance, giving a plain yet fashionable hair to the wearer.

1Straight Long Hairstyle

Brad Pitt only rarely wears a straight long hairstyle, but it looks beautiful in it when he does. The aim of this form of style is to give the wearer a comfortable, casual look, requiring long layers of hair that are jagged cut and left to fall to the shoulders to give a nice finish to the hairstyle. It is perfect for medium and fine hair, but every month or so it will need to be trimmed.

Blonde Pitt

Brad Pitt decided to go all blonde with his hair a couple of years ago. It was during a time when he had long wavy hair, so he dyed this blonde to spice things up. Blonde is a natural hair color, but it looks best on people with thick, voluminous hair like Brad Pitt’s, so you can say he knew he’d look good even before trying this style. He then paired it for an eye-catching look with a well-kept beard.

The Classic Undercut

The classic undercut is the hairstyle of the early 1900s, but it is very popular among young people today. It also happens that Brad Pitt has ever rocked one of the best styles. Nevertheless, the sides and back are not as short as in other undercuts in his version of the undercut, but one could still see that it is an undercut. Also for an elegant look, Brad mixes his classic undercut style with a side part. Few other male celebrities will look as good as they do.

The Fury Hairstyle

One of the most sought after celebrity hairstyles is the style that Brad Pitt wore in The Fury. This cut is so popular that the Fury Hairstyle has even been called. Fury hairstyle is an undercut World War variant. It’s less traditional than other undercuts, and hair stylists and experts have described it as an extreme undercut, which makes it different from other undercuts. You need to go extreme with your undercut to get the cut all you need to do and keep a proper length at the top.

Feathered Fringe

is a beautiful hair style that makes the hair look and feel lighter. This medium-length haircut involves many scissors trimming with the top hair left long enough to cover the forehead all the way to the eyebrows, especially at the back. A feathered fringe look is a style that Brad wore in 2010, more casual or outdoor. This goes well with any type of hair, but as they are easier to work with, thick hairs should look better.

Sun-in / Mullet Mix

Pitt’s current hair styles are far away from what he used to wear in the 80’s. He seems to have been a little conservative in his younger years trying to follow the trend without overdoing his styles. The Sun-in / mullet combination that would still look good if worn today was one of the most popular hairstyles he used to sport. It is a hairstyle of medium length with some skillful hair trimming and shaping.

Sophisticated Soul Patch

Few men are able to pull the look as good as Brad pulled it in May 2014. The hair is cut in this fashion to a length that is just enough for the hair to easily slick back. It is important to use some smoothing and styling product in the hair to keep it for longer and to bring out the beauty associated with this style.

Man Bun

Nowadays, Brad is rarely seen in a man bun. He seems to have chosen to have it in his younger years, but at some point in the near feature we’ll probably see him wear it again. His easy man bun ties the hair together like any other bun, but at a lower position than the typical man’s buns, he prefers to tie his hair into a bun.

Brad Pitt’s Pompadour

Brad’s shaved pompadour is a hairstyle you’ll probably see more on the streets because he’s a trendsetter and his fans are always waiting for him to come up with a style they can copy. At least two inches of hair in the crown leaves the cut in this fashion. This allows the hair to be brushed back. While the back has a much softer fade, sides are shaved knife. To wet the hair, the styling gel is applied, and then it is brushed back with a comb, then the look is air-dried.

Hairs highlighted

Brad had a sharp short hair with highlights at the beginning of 2007. The highlights rendered an unusual appearance of a rather bland spiky haircut. Brad must have known that his short spiky hair won’t look that great, so with some nicely done highlights he decided to turn things around. His stylist had the highlights correct from the color choice to the design that was modified by the highlights. Highlights can make any hair look amazing, so people who want to add some color to their short hair can have a good idea.

BrushBack Hairstyle

This is one of Brad’s easiest styles over the years. This requires a hair that is brushed back with a comb of moderate length. What made Brad’s head more appealing to this style is the appearance of some gray hair patches on his head. This style is suitable for men whose hair color has begun to change due to age in their early fifties. Simply keep medium hair length and comb it back to wear this look.

Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are easy to wear styles because all you need to do is cut your hair close to your scalp. But not every man can look great in the buzz cut, but as usual, when he wore it on Oceans , Brad manages to pull this look. His face shape and hair texture are what makes him look great in a buzz cut. This cut needs virtually no upkeep at all, so it would be perfect for people who do not like to spend a lot of minutes working on their hair every morning on the mirror.

Brad’s Manly Moustache Look

A mustache is a must for a gentleman to look at least as men like to wear one. With a manly moustache, Brad Pitt pulled an incredible look at the end of 2014. His hair was perfectly molded into what looked like an unfinished pompadour as his head was shaved cleanly except for the manly moustache. While this look made Brad look older, he still looked good, and the style was probably copied by many fans.

Quick Straight–Casual

Brad’s quick casual straight style also proves to be the undisputed king of hair styling versatility. In this style, the sides and back are cut short and then combined with the top part of the jagged line. To keep the look in place, all you need is a little molding cream or gel.

The Smooth Operator

Pitt pulled a smooth operator back in 2004 and has since tried dozens of different hairstyles, but it remains one of his best ever ten years later. This look involves a side-parted hair effortlessly swept to the left. It is best to use a good hair product to make the hair smooth. That’s because in this style, smooth hair is the center of attraction. If you’re talking of wearing this look, you can keep a good length at the top as well.

Shampoo Commercial Coif

Brad’s 2012 shampoo coif shows that his hair styles are only getting better with age. The coif is very simple, and there’s nothing very fancy about it, but it still makes it look good. The simplicity makes replicating a style simple, and all you need to wear this style is long hair (at least length of shoulder) and some quality shampoo.

Medium Length Slicked Back

It would still look good even if you were to lawnmower Brad Pitt’s hair. The medium hair length that he was wearing in Troy’s movie proves this. All he had to do with his hair in this film is to comb it backwards without doing anything else. The only other notable thing in this style is the color of the blonde hair, but he probably would still look great in the hairstyle without it.

Piecey Platinum

Piecey hair styles may be somewhat difficult to wear compared to other styles, but if you get the right style, you’ll look great. With his piecey hairstyles, Brad’s stylist seems to have got things right as it was nothing short of perfect. A platinum color and a slight side part with front hairs swept in opposite directions are provided to finish a perfect piecey platinum look to make the already good style even better.

Brad’s Side Part

What makes Brad Pitt one of the best-looking actors is that he has no fear of experimenting with different items, whether in fashion or hairstyle. In this style, he just goes on a medium-sized hair with a side part. Instead, on one hand, the hair is swept to finish the side look.

The Massive Beard Look

Brad once attempted the massive beard look for a while before getting rid of it in his quest to try different hairstyles. His hair was a cut back medium length that looked pretty good, but from his tidy skin, the huge and somewhat shaggy beard attracted all the attention. This style did not last, however, as he was back in no time to his traditional mullet. Although with the huge beard, some men look fine, Brad Pitt is not one of them.

Short Straight

This style is perfect for every occasion. The purpose behind it is to look beautiful and clean. Brad has smoothed up the sides in this style. Often, the area around the ears is made smooth to give a clean finish to the hair edges. Also, the top should be left long to make it easy for a formal look to comb back.

Blond Tips

It’s incredible how something little done right will transform your hairstyle completely and change your look. For his short brush back hair in 2007, Brad attempted this notion. His brush back hair was all right but not exceptional. The blond tips were what made the style stand out, but they could hardly be noticed if one wasn’t sufficiently keen. Looking at this model, you’ll know it’s something different, but if you look close enough, you’ll just see the blonde tips.

Borderline Mullet

Borderline Mullet is one of the most sought-after hairstyles of all time, so it was only fair for Brad Pitt to try it because he loves hair experiments. Unlike other types he’s worn in the past, but, with his hair type and facial features, this one doesn’t go well. The mullet borderline gives him a look he should only wear in a film for a role.

Daddy Look

Fatherhood comes with many changes, and when he first became a daddy, Brad seems to have revolutionized his hairstyles. He started with side swept front hair but started experimenting with slightly different styles when he adapted to the role he became bolder. At some point in his early days as a father, he even wore a short spiky front style.

Idol for Billy

Men’s undercuts are a look to stay here and the very latest fashion is the hairstyle V-cut. Such looks feature primarily tapered neckline cuts and pointed designs. This is a very simple style to customize let’s show you what we mean:

Duck Tail

For this model, the hair was carefully graded upwards from the edges so that the longest part on the top flips back like a duck tail. The hair at the bottom is darker, while the blonde copper layer at the top.

Subtle form

The locks are formed in a square off shape at the back of the neck with a triangular point at the base.

Neat And Tidy

This curly hair has been given a flawless finish by applying a square off pattern over the temples and a slightly angled undercut along the sides finishing at a rounded back level.

Tousled Taper

This hair is tapered to the back point with the angular detail of the razor cut. The hair is gradually getting longer and a laid back style has been allured.

Curl angle

This hairstyle is eye-catching due to a few different factors. The top locks are fused with lighter color and a rough parting on the side. The hair on the back was graded to a rounded edge and has a lot of curly texture.

Front Flip

This sleek, flowing hairstyle has long locks on top, swept back and forth and a deep V-shaped undercut on both sides. The hair is shaved very short behind this V-shape.

V-shaped masterpiece

In order to create this unique style, the hair was first given a sharp V-shaped undercut with a stubble length around the skin. Geometric patterns were shaved in this V-shape.

Apple art

The shaved image patterns in the undercut are sweet! This example shows an apple shape in the undercut while collecting the top locks into a messy blonde man bun.

Rolling Afro

Here the hair was rasped bald in a thick layer extending from the top of the ears in a smooth, rounded shape all the way down. The hair slowly mixes up longer where it has a lot of volume.

Side Story

Instead of skin fade wrapping around the bottom of the head as popular, this unique style sees length grading just on the sides while the back dip matches the length of the top locks.

Soft Styling

This style shows a carefully tapered cut that allows a triangular shape of long hair on top that is shortened to the sides. No severe lines exist and the hair has been neatly sliced back.

Expert Blend

In this beautiful hair style, the hair was expertly blended from short on the sides to long on the top, tapering to a point at the neck base. His locks were given a parting off center that reaches the crown.
Fade down

This hair is thickest in the middle and has a wavy texture adding height. The hair on the back grows shorter and shorter until it finishes with a coat of stubble.

Dapper Style

Because of the clean lines we see here, a V-style haircut is a dapper look for men. Add a little height of pompadour in front of you and you’ll be ready to blast!

Assorted lengths

For this style, the locks were left on top long and dropped down the back into a smooth duck tail. Different lengths of the undercut create flowing lines across the head.

Hot Tops

This hair has the same length from the front to the back and has a bright amber orange colour. The hair shortens from the sides until it becomes next to the ears a clean shaven surface.

Taper Under

is a dark brown hair with a bright yellow color on top. The hair tapers to a point at the neck’s nape and is lined by curved lines and triangular shapes.

Straight edges

In this fascinating fashion, the hair does not end in a V-shaped shape, but is squared off at the base of the neck. A few small lines and a triangle were carefully rasped in under this straight line.

Sharp pattern

Ready for something else? How about the art of hair? A sharp V at the neck was shaved in this image and designs were made with razor cuts.

Under Locks

This hair is quite long and has been collected on top to show the detail behind the neck. Here the hair ends with some line detail on both sides in a sharp V.

Line Style

Information can be seen in the temples and a layer of soft blonde strawberry on the longer hair is on top. The undercut is darker, with small razor cut lines at the bottom tapering to a point at the back.

Man Pony Over Undercut

The top locks here are long and attached to a pony sitting on a rounded undercut. The detail of the line is on the side and the hair is rasped bare alongside the undercut.

Snip Form

Longer locks are snipped on top to create a rounded shape and underneath a graded undercut. The hair on top was divided and the two pieces were rubbed into each other, reminiscent of the hairstyle of the jelly roll.

Wrap Around

The hair was completely rasped over the ears and wrapped around the head. In a small section on top, it melts into a tapered cut with long locks.

Would you like some examples of the best haircut shape? Well, this style comes in many different forms and used to refer to it by other names. By the name œedge up or œ line up haircut, most of us know it. It’s a style that’s been around for many years, attracting millions of men around the globe. I’ll give you examples of this hairstyle in this article to enable you to make a more informed decision about the style that best suits you.

Voluptuous Highlighted Top

This is an imperfect hairstyle version given only to the sides. The sides have a nice skin fade with the highlighted blonde top creating a great contrast. To add more color in this fashion, the top hair is longer and grows outward.
Razor part shape Up

This pomp-style haircut has a unique and elegant look. The beard is disconnected by a bald fade from the temple to the occipital bone to give you more swag.

Curly and Wavy

Curls and waves are the best ways to add style to your hair. This simple pompadour is used to fashion beauty gel into perfect curls and waves. This style is added by a sharp fade for the sides and back.


You don’t need to look effortlessly in a hairstyle shape. To achieve a trendy master haircut, you can incorporate different styles into different sections. A strong fade on the sides of the temple is turned into a bald fade. To make a bold statement, a pump style sits on top.

Fresh Taper Beard

In this model, the textured spiky top and the tapered sides make a lot more flavor. The temple is sporting a bald fade disconnecting the hair from the beard.


It would seem a good idea to add the sleek top to this haircut. However, by flipping the front hair to blend well with the faded sides, more elegance and drama are created. A tapered cut sits perfectly on the nape making it even hotter in this style.

Shape Up for Pressed Pump

Here, the hair is blow-dried and shaped into a pump that is pressed down to add texture to it. For the sides, a skin fade cements the entire look. This haircut creates an elongated face’s illusion.

Neat and Classic

This is the perfect way to achieve the œwow look that gives you many compliments. Tons of texture are provided to the hair with tidy, well-defined outlines. The cool textured pump is separated from the skin fade sides by a surgical razor part. To create a good match for the hair, the beard is trimmed to perfection.

Great Shape Up

This style offers a beautiful look. The top hair is textured and shaped into a classic front lift lever. A skin fade cut is given to the back and sides that transitions to the occipital bone into a bald fade on the temple.


This is a bold haircut. On the sides and back, it sports a skin fade. In order to create a more classic appeal, the top and crown are left longer and given some texture. At the mid-section of the front the hair is trimmed to give you a cool look.

Sharp Fade with Pomp

This is a perfect option for men who want something special and stylish. A sharp fad is given to the temple. The haircut sports a razor bordering on a sleek pump that decorates the top.

Spiky Shape Up

Top spiky textured transitions to tapered sides with a half razor surgical part adding more swag to the haircut. To allow a perfect connection to the beard lineup, a bald fade is given a few inches from the temple.


This style could be a complete match for men with recessed hairline. The top is textured and the touch is classic. The sides were sporting a fade cut extending from the temple to the occipital bone. To give a formal look, a couple of glasses come in handy.

Shape Up for Textured Crop

It can be quite a challenge to create the perfect look in junk cuts. This crop haircut is given some structure in the temple with a clean razor cut which turns out to be pretty all right.

Mild Bald Fade

The bald fade in the temple gives irresistible look to this haircut. It sports an elegant pomade on top using pomade wax to give it a smooth, silky appeal. It’s a great style that’s certainly going to make your day.

Blunt Crop

This blunt crop haircut features a textured polished top sliced to the front and side to create a capped top illusion. The hair is cut down on the sides and nape. For young boys, this style is a perfect match.

African-American style

This is how black African hair design can be integrated. On the sides and back there is a fade cut that extends down to the beard. In this style, a moustache and a small beard around the chin add creativity.

Back party

This is a classic form boasting some imagination in the neck’s nape. A V-shape line of surgery sits well on the nape to make a statement. This disconnects the fading sides from the hair. To give a shiny look, the hair is textured.

Shape Up for Wavy Top

You can actually spice up your appearance by styling the top hair into beautiful waves with a pretty sweet skin on the sides. The fade extends down the beard lineup a few inches.

Faded Nape

This design provides an elegant and inspiring vintage look. A faded cut that produces more of a military look is given to the temple and the nape.

Creative Shape Up

You should go a mile further to develop your abilities and create something that will impress others. Long side flipped locks on top of this haircut sports. The sides are given a skin fade that perfectly matches the nape’s pleasant artistic interpretation.

Thinned Hair Shape Up

size should not be an obstacle to ideal shape up fashion. Here’s how you can insert it into short, thin hair. The faded sides have a good connection to the beard lineup to add to this style’s classic look.

Blow Dried

This is a cool look that puts into play the beauty and elegant appearance of blow dried skin. To isolate the beard completely, the sides and back are faded.

Shape Up for Crew Cut

This is where you get a clean style that makes maintenance easy. The hair is textured and cut to the top with a short buzz. Faded sides with smooth outlines create a formal style for students to match perfectly.

Parted with Sleek Pomp

Today we look at the chops of the mutton; sometimes also called side curtains or side whiskers. This look is achieved by growing the sideburns along the jaw to the corner of the lip; though they may sometimes be shorter. Typically the chin is smooth and can be worn with a moustache or without it. Hugh Jackman’s character Wolverine once again made this style popular and since then many men have tried it out let’s have a look.
Regardless of how you look at it, beards are fashionable to live here. However, it can be difficult to decide what works for you with so many different styles.

Structured beard

In this picture, the beard on the chin and the moustache was squared and separated from the beard.

Side Whiskers and Handlebar Moustache

Here we see a small patch of side whiskers along with a handlebar moustache. He has kept this hair short, while the rest of his face is clean shaven.

Shaved Head and Mutton Chops

His mother’s chops have grown out of the edges of his lips and his hair is thick and bushy, contrasting with his shaved head.


Variations of Van Dyke Beard-Great Coming Back

How to Maintain a Beard-A Modern Facial Hair Tuning Guide




Retro Beard

Curly hair and bushy mutton chops are a great look as the textures complement each other well. He has also allowed the hair on his chin to grow out slightly.

Neat Mutton Chops

Here we see smoothly trimmed chops of the moustache. Also the moustache is cut short and lies snugly above the nose.

Bushy Beard

His beard looks pretty bushy with thick curly hair. He also wears a moustache that gets to the top of the lip.

Side Curtains

These chops start from the very edge of the face and are grown and snipped in a rounded form.

Side Whiskers

In this picture, the hair of the gentleman was grown from the sideburns to the chin. The hair on the chin’s tip is much shorter and divides from one side.

Squared Off

Here you can see how a nice clean cutting edge of the mutton chops and sideburns are trimmed.

Military Inspired

His mutton chops are a medium length and have been combed towards the sides, while his moustache curls onto the edge of his lips.

Shaggy Beard

In this picture, a small soul patch and a handlebar moustache are attached to his shaggy but well maintained moutton chops.

On The Edge

His beard has clean, straight edges that match well with his angular face. There is a slight shadow above his lip and his chin is shaved.

Just Chops

The only facial hair that has been cultivated are his mutton chops, which just reach under the jaw and are trimmed short.

Curly Chops

His mother’s chops are allowed to grow and he’s got a few silver splashes in the beard. The moustache is a bit shorter than the rest of the hair on the head.

Cultivated Facial Hair

His squared off mutton chops, upturned moustache, soul patch, and beard are all separated from each other providing a distinguished and smart look.

Must Have Moustache

In this picture, the facial hair begins in the sideburns and continues down just along the jaw line before going up and merging into the moustache.

Fiery Mutton Chops

In this picture you can see how his beard was allowed to grow under the jaw and how a separate moustache matches the style.

Suave Mutton Chops

Here we can see a thin strip of facial hair growing from the sideburns down to just above the chin. The rest of the face is shaved clean.

Epic Beard

This beard probably took quite some time to grow and you can see it’s been well maintained. His moustache and mutton chops are combed outwards and then down, where the beard sits on his chest. Mutton chops can look great and this look is perfect as they can soften the edges for a man with a sharply angled face. We look good long or short, offering well-maintained and neatly arranged facial hair. Mutton chops are no longer an old stuffy style, but chic and fresh again, so you can expect to see many more side curtains around!

Smart Mutton Chops

His face is completely open in this look and under his lip we can see a little patch of soul. Smartly trimmed his moutton chops and he’s got a very thin moustache.

Matching Top

This man’s side whiskers are the same length as the hair on this head “making for a tidy flowing look around the face.

Sexy Side Whiskers

Here neatly trimmed side curtains feed into a full moustache. The moustache has been grown out and hugs the top lip.

Burly Beard

His beard is very thick and dark and neatly conceals the lower part of his jaw while the chin is open and the moustache is trimmed just above the lip.

Clean Cut

Here the hair on the face is quite attractive as it has a very short skin on the sides of the head and the rest of the face is clean shaven.

Mutton Chops for Work

These mutton chops are being kept smartly clipped and they join together with a trimmed moustache.

Curly Sideboards

Here we see curly mouton chops reaching just below the jaw line with stubborn hair on the chin and above the lip.

Country Style

His mouton chops were allowed to grow slightly attached to this allied hairstyle. He also sports a moustache that has been clipped.

Split Moustache

His moustache has been split into two clipped sections by shaving the middle portion. His mutton chops sit just on the jaw and match the length of his hair.

Flattering Beard

The long thin moustache he wears with short mouton chops has developed. You can see they’re isolated from each other.

Mutton Chops Lite

This picture shows that the face is shaved and that only a small section of hair was left to grow at and below the sideburns.

Shaggy Chin Curtain

Let the hair grow as long as possible for a few months to wear a shaggy chin curtain. You should comb them then, but not too smoothly, and then shave your head bald as the shaggy chin curtain goes well.

Wavy Strands

You can spice them up by making them wavy like this. Although they will naturally grow like this for some men, others may need to do some styling in order to reach the waves.

Manlier Look

Looks better than any hairdo. It should be enough to show you that this is one of the things that defines masculinity that only men grow a beard. And so if you want to show you masculinity, when you want to get bearded, you should shave your hair smoothly.

Urban Beardman

If you want to stand out, do not restrict yourself to specific parameters or boundaries. The urban bearded man is a hairdo inspired by villains, involving long textured strands and an equally long moustache coupled with a clean haircut.

Villain Goatee

Villain hairstyles look good, but without the right facial hair style this look can never be complete. In reality, only with a beard and a bald haircut can you rock the villain look and you don’t have to overdo things to get the style right. All it takes to create a perfect villain is an extended goatee in this particular one.

Disconnected round beards

In this style, the smooth shave first creates a disconnection, but the beard also has another disconnection. Although being a very short full facial hair, it does not follow the traditional style that most men prefer to attach the moustache to the other facial hairs. This alone makes your beard an excellent idea.


Ducktail offers a compromise between casual and formal styles as it is both elegant and appealing for both tastes. For the Ducktail, to establish an elegant look, the facial hairs are kept about one inch long and uniform throughout.

Point End

It’s crazy how something small can make the look completely different. Everything here is simple and straightforward, but the hairs are cut creatively to produce a pointy end that gives it an eye-catching look.

White Strand

Some men are very lucky because their facial hair not only grows in a fantastic pattern but also in an excellent colour. The full beard is medium length with some good texture in this particular one, but what makes it even more impressive are the white streaks under the lower lip.

Beard Dreads

You can wear this incredible beard with ease if you are careful enough and know how to take good care of your body. Here the facial hair is complete, has a pleasant thickness, and most importantly they are very long, producing an exceptional bold look.

Time For Grooming

This style gives you more time to focus on the perfect look of your beard as you don’t have a hair to worry about.

Modern Verdi

Modern Verdi is a long, stylish, but not too fancy, full beard. That makes it different from the traditional style of Verdi is the fact that the moustache is just perfectly cut but not styled.

Dark Curly Perfection

You have to try to spot something special about it when looking at some beards, but that’s not the case with this one. Here dark color, short curls, and the very dark facial hair make it a perfect look any man can wear. The bald head makes things a lot simpler as well.

White Crown

Probably you won’t see anything more amazing than this because it doesn’t get any better. The beard’s length is impressive, but having it there requires a lot of patience and care. As if the length is not appropriate, a white dye is provided to the hair which not only makes it unique but attractive.

Clean Shave

This is another style of beard which shows another reason why you should keep your head bald when you want to be bearded. The beard is clean shaved, but when the strands begin to grow back, this appealing look is produced a few days later.

Concentrating on Beard

Going bald makes your beard look more detailed and visible because there are no distractions caused by your hair.

Super Beard

What makes this style amazing is that almost no effort is put into styling or designing it because all its perfection comes from natural growth. You need thick strands and regular trimming to keep everything growing uniformly to keep this type of facial hair.

Broad Stubble

This wide, subtle style is one of the easiest facial hair styles to achieve. You should let the strands grow for a few days without shaving to get this look. You only need to shape them to finish the design once you can feel and see short facial hairs. They look perfect with a bald head as they are short, making them more visible due to the absence of hair at the top.
With a bald head, facial hairs go pretty well, so going bald with a beard way would be a great idea. Beards have always been a huge trend, but they seem to have become even more fashionable over the past few years, and more people nowadays prefer to keep them instead of shaving them. The options are unlimited with facial hair, depending on how your facial hair grows and their length, so you can wear whatever style you want and still look fantastic. The following are examples of why you should pair your beard with a sleek haircut.

Ginger Beard

Colored facial hairs are becoming increasingly popular at a steady rate and ginger is one of the most popular. Whether the strands are long or short, it looks fantastic, and a man will stand out especially if he keeps a full mustache as well.

Star Look

This style keeps everything short and smooth in the face. Hair is lower than the short stubble and looks like the development that comes from going without a shave for two or three days.

Scruffy Beard

Sometimes all you need is a pair of scissors in this style to look attractive. The beard is trimmed to give a beautiful scruffy look which is further enhanced by the fact that the head doesn’t even have a single strand. The smooth shave and scruffiness build the masculine look that every man wants.

Full and Neat

Full beard can also look formal and professional if you keep it clean like this. Here the hair of the whole face is neatly trimmed to establish an impressive uniformity. The dark color also contributes to adding elegance to the layout.

Thinning Strands

Almost all the strands in this whole beard can be counted, but this is one of the things that makes it look great. The white and gray aging colors also create incredible highlights, and the style is complemented by a simple French mustache.

Attractive look

Overall, with a bald head, facial hair looks more attractive. The one with the shortest hair will always look more appealing when you compare two bearded men.

Players spend nearly as much time on their hair in this modern age soccer as they perfect a pass or a new game plan. In the world of football, an image is all because, apart from the display that players put on the field, their appearance is always a point of discussion. And since most of them are always looking for new deals for endorsement, they need to perfect their look. This has led to the development of many styles of soccer haircuts, some of which are excellent and others are not so successful. Nonetheless, it will draw some curiosity and publicity whether the hair is decent or a total mess. Below are some of the players in world soccer with some unusual hairstyles.
Xabi Alonso–Spain, Bayern Munich

Xabi has been at the top of the game for more than a decade and has played in a few world cups and won many trophies at the club competition, making it necessary for a player of this caliber. Over the years he has had different hair looks, but his neat and unique natural hair is the style people associate with him. Without being shaved and without too much detail, the hair is short, and it is combined with short hair that has no form.

Neymar Jr.–Brazil, Barcelona

Neymar is a soccer world trendsetter. He is very versatile to try new haircuts and never scared. He has tried them all from exaggerated Mohawks to simple undercuts and always looks outstanding in most cases. One of his most prominent cut is his complete disconnection by holding length and texture on top hair. This style works well with any hair type as long as it is well kept and has a round head.

Georgios Samaras-Greece, West Bromwich Albion

Samaras wears long, straight hair, unevenly trimmed and straight from his forehead combed. This hairstyle he blends with thin sideburns cut straight through. His hairstyle has really little remarkable, but it’s also not the worst of all of them. He might characterize his look as flat or average.

Andrea Pirlo-Italy, New York City FC

Andrea Pirlo is wearing a look that every outdoor man should think of trying out as perfect for this environment at some point. Soccer is an outdoor game, making it ideal for the sport to look like it. The hair of Pirlo is medium in length and lined to make it look very thick, and underneath it has a slight undercut. For an eye-catching look, he paires this hairstyle with the full beard on his head.

Mario Balotelli-Italy, AC Milan

If he doesn’t cause pitch issues, Balotelli will still give people something to talk about with his haircuts. Balotelli is one of the world’s most, if not the most extroverted, football players, and he’s not afraid to experiment with new styles. An Iroquois haircut with a Maori-style pattern on the sides of his head is one of his most impressive cuts. With this style, if you’re a little creative, the soccer star showed how exquisite short hair can look.

Mats Hummels-Germany, Borussia Dortmund

The front hair is styled out of the face in the style that Hummels wears to give it a distinctive look. The cut allows flexibility as he can play around from the same cut to different styles. He may spot various shapes, undercuts, spikes, or coloring of gel. Versatility is the key thing that makes this cut fun, and if you get it right then you’ll enjoy having it without having to visit the salon because of the ease of changing styles.

Steven Gerrard-England, LA Galaxy

Steven Gerrard is one of the greatest players ever to have enjoyed the sport, and in many other ways he’s a fascinating player. Gerrard never changed his hairstyle even once for more than years at Liverpool, but he still looked good in the cut he’d been wearing for all those years. Gerrard’s cut is a conventional, simple scissor cut that fits well with all hair types with short back and sides.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic-Sweeden, PSG

Zlatan is one of the few players who managed to pull the bun man’s look almost perfectly. Because he started wearing it a few years ago, his awesome man bun has been a topic of discussion. Wearing and sustaining this style may seem very easy, but it’s much harder than it looks. A man bun’s appearance will depend on the hair type, its length, and how you pull it together as well.

Jack Wilshere-England, Arsenal

This has not changed the haircut style of this British soccer star, although it has been plagued by injuries for many years. His hair look is a slightly longer textured top and sides and back of his head have a gradual taper. Jack’s style works well for those who would like to copy it for thick, wavy or curly hair but it’s not ideal for straight hair.

Cristiano Ronaldo-Portugal, Real Madrid

Christiano is not only one of the best footballers of today’s generation, but also one of the best ever seen in the world, and it is only fair for him to wear eye-catching haircuts with such reputation. When it comes to hairstyles, he doesn’t disappoint as he almost never gets anything wrong. Ronaldo seems to favor very deep, close-to-head scissor cuts with no taper. He also likes a disconnection between the back and top hair and the side hair.

Marco Reus–Germany, Borussia Dortmund

Reus likes to find unusual hairstyles and looks fantastic on him except for a few. He seemed to prefer to wear a subtle Mohawk back in his early years in the game, but things appear to have changed as he grew older. He prefers to wear side-parted styles mostly nowadays, enhanced by undercuts that are either highlighted or bleached.

Jonjo Shelvey-England, Swansea

Although there is no sign of any hair on the head of Jonjo Shelvey, it still counts as a haircut because it has all the characteristics of one. Shelvey is wearing a bald look that looks good on him somewhat. This is presumably because it looks like that, people got used to it. This haircut, however, may be ideal for balding men or those with a receding hairline.

Olivier Giroud-France, Arsenal

A while ago, Giroud complained to the media that they were more interested in his hairstyle than in his target of scoring excellence. The press is always attracted by interesting things people would like to see, so his hair has to be something special. The hair of Giroud is quite similar to the cut worn by his teammate Wilshere. The only notable difference is that the cut of Giroud has a smoother disconnection between the sides and the back, and there is more space left at the top.

Angel Di Maria-Argentina, PSG

Di Maria wears a fake hawk theme but it’s a bit different from his former teammate De Gea. The faux hawk on Di Maria’s head is less detailed in the top section and, unlike other players with a similar haircut, it also seems to leave less hair on the top section. He’s got on top a side taper that makes the crest look more triangular. It may be difficult to replicate because of its rarity, but if your barber can get it right, if not better, you’ll look as good as Di Maria.

Andres Guardado-Mexico, PSV Eindhoven

Andres has a curly hairstyle that he used in the football world to create a perfect picture for himself. Curly hairs may be difficult to work with, but Andres seems to have little trouble with his hair pulling a look. On his curly hair, however, people are divided because while some say it’s organic, others claim it’s an old fashion perm. His curls were able to give him a good image, but take a closer look at them and you’ll see that they’re a total mess, particularly in the top.

Kyle Beckerman-USA, Real Salt Lake

What’s most surprising about the hair of this Major League Soccer Star is that it’s mostly his natural hair and he’s doing some shaping. He still manages to attract a lot of attention, however, and his natural dreads have been considered as one of the best haircuts in world soccer on many occasions. His locks match both his facial characteristics and personality, creating a perfect image for this soccer star.

Wesley Sneijder-Netherlands, Galatasaray

Wesley Sneijder spots a buzz cut which is one of the cuttings known to handle the receding hairline well. One of the simplest hair styles to wear is the Buzz cut, which requires almost zero maintenance. Since it is mostly worn by people with a receding hairline, there is very little hair in the top of the hair and the rest of the head is shaved very close to trying to match the size of the top hair.

Aaron Ramsey–Whales, Arsenal

Ramsey keeps his hairs short to medium and easy to replicate for a fan. His cuts, however, are simple, everyday or routine, so when wearing one of his many cuts, you should not expect to look extraordinary, but you won’t look bad either. One of his best cuts is the Ivy League, which he often likes to wear.

David De Gea-Spain, Manchester United

The Manchester United Stopper wears a Mohawk-based false hawk with the main difference being that its sides are not rasped clean as is the case with a Mohawk. The sides are cut short and the top section is left with a longer strip of hair. Then the top part is waxed or gelled to get out of the ear. De Gea’s faux hawk is unique because before curving it up, he extends it one inch in front. It is suitable for people with rounded faces round or oval.

Theo Walcott-England, Arsenal

Walcott’s short black hairstyles have become his signature, and he has made these designs so popular because they were copied by people from all over the world. There is a straight line in his haircuts where the forehead meets the hairline, and behind the ear and neck and his sideburns the hair is mixed in.

Stephan El Shaarawy-Italy, Monaco

The haircut of El Shaarawy is very common among his fans and other players. Due to the unique head shape that the design makes, it was even called The Pharaoh. His haircut is a Mohawk changed, with the crest lengthening the outline at the head crown. A nice styling gel is required to hold it in position due to the stiffened crest.

Marouane Fellaini-Belgium, Manchester United

Because of his eyes, Marouane Fellaini has a distinct look, and you would easily see him anywhere without even looking at his face. He wears an afro that is viewed as normal by most stylist and hair experts because he doesn’t need to use any products to keep it in place. Fellaini’s hair is naturally thick and curly, allowing him to wear an afro with little trouble.

Robin Van Persie-Holland, Fenerbahce

Van Persie likes to wear a clean look. His hair on the sides is usually shorter and on the top is longer. It’s longer than cutting the crew, but shorter than cutting the false hawk. Some gel or wax is then applied to hold it in place on this hairstyle. This style can look sweet to anyone as long as their barber knows how to cut a longer crew or a shorter faux hawk.

Sergio Ramos-Spain, Real Madrid

Ramos is wearing a casual but soft side with a distinctive look. He has some streaked hair and a dark blonde base color that falls from his forehead. The hair is skillfully lightened, rising up in a non-curly spiky way. The spikes in the top section are moderate in size, but close to the back and sides are trimmed to give him a perfect look that fits his long, narrow face.

Antonio Nocerino-Italy, AC Milan

Nocerino has an incredible haircut that works perfectly well for the shape of his face and the type of hair. With the sides slightly fading, he has a short spiky hair at the end. The haircut is complemented by full facial hair that is kept brief but flows perfectly with his face shape. This style is quite complicated, but it can still be maintained with a regular trip to the barber.

Gareth Bale–Whales, Real Madrid

In addition to his captivating hairstyles on the field, Gareth Bale is well known. Bale is a man with dirt skin, and this seems to give him an advantage because he always gets right with whatever look he chooses to wear. Although over the years he has worn many styles, he clearly favors cuts like quiffs and fohawks and other lifted types of sport. On his face shape, these styles look perfect and give him a sharp, masculine look.

Arturo Vidal-Chile, Bayern Munich

Arturo Vidal is well known for his extreme, rather fierce Mohawk. The Mohawk is a very traditional hairstyle, but it seems that Vidal is breathing into this old style in some new life. Indeed, one of the most copied soccer haircuts is his version of the Mohawk as many fans try to get that Vidal look. The Vidal haircut is easy to copy, and if you want this cut, your local barber should have no trouble.

Miguel Veloso-Portugal, FC Dynamo Kyiv

Miguel Veloso’s haircut is one of the most popular haircuts in soccer today and can be seen on many people. The sides are cut very close in his haircut so that they blend in with the hairs of the head. The top part likely to be the focus of this cut is razor cut to give it an uneven length and add some texture. Top hairs are one to three inches long, allowing them to be swept to one side.

Sergio Kun Aguero-Argentina, Manchester City

Aguero seems to always find the net somewhere and the same can be said with his haircuts because he always gets a cut that complements his look. For short or fading hands, though, he has a thing and a longer edge. He tries a false hawk with a side part or disconnection more often than not. His faux version looks good on him as he has a round face and a medium thick hair.

Johnson Glen-England,

Fine Comb Fancy

Show your individuality like this man by letting the hair of the face grow! He reaches almost to he breastbone and he finely combed the blazing ginger bristles.

Hipster handlebar

This stylish beard covers the bottom of the head and has been rounded in the back. The moustache has been stripped off the edges and has been designed to float over the rest of the body.

Bushy And Full

His beard grew long across the sides and over the chin, covering the lower part of his face. He wears it with a beard full of bristle and the hair has a texture that looks smooth.

Outstanding lines

These beard lines were contoured to highlight the high cheekbones of the beard. The hair is medium in length and a smooth finish has been combed out.

Trend Friend

While the moustache is slightly shorter and lies above the ear, the facial hair has been cut to the same length all around.

Super Shaper

In this view of the profile, we can see how this beard was trimmed from the neck to the chin. For cover the top lip, the sides are rasped to have straight edges and the moustache curls in.

Bushy Bad Boy

For a hot smoking style, add a bushy beard. With the moustache combed into the facial hair, this beard was grown out to obscure the lower lines of the face.

Wave Away

Facial hair need not be straight combed; in fact, this sort of wavy texture is fashionable. It has a relaxed feeling that is created by applying a moustache to the handlebar.

Sexy Long Stubble

This long stubble beard was correctly cut to distinguish it from the moustache gliding just past the lips. His facial hair looks well maintained and a uniform length has been maintained.

Free Spirit

This is where the beard grows to a medium length but shaved straight just below the jaw line. He has a small patch of soul with a thick moustache covering the bottom.
Festival Vibes

Warm mix of long hair and hipster beards. Here we see a medium-length beard with a trimmed moustache on the upper lip that extends partly into the neck.

Classic Big Beard

This beard protects the bottom and neck as it reaches down to the length of the collarbone. It has been combed into a soft texture and a trimmed moustache wears it.


This long beard looks trendy because it is well cared for and rounded along the edges. He wears it with a patch of the heart and a pointy moustache of the handlebar.

Superb shape

The beard had straight lines along the edges and a rounded look over the chin. The moustache is brushed into the facial hair and covers the top lip.
What is it like being a hipster? It usually means you’re associating with trends and projecting a stylish and progressive image. Hipster beards are beards that are consistent with the latest fashions and those seen that break all the rules and are still perfectly on the trend. Curious to find out what’s hot? Love these beards of style!

Hip Gentleman

Dapper hairstyles and hipster beards just like this one can work together and look great! A shaggy, longish beard was combined along the face with smooth shaved lines and a curled moustache for a hipster look for a gentleman.

Dreamy In Brown

Any beard can look beautiful with a little length, some conditioning and styling. He retained the form, rounded his face’s contours, and applied a layer of soul to soften the appearance.

Natural lines are effortlessly cool as we see in this beard’s shape. The hair comes from the chin straight down, but then falls off slowly towards the chest. It’s a plain, no-fuss style of beard that he wears with a moustache of medium length.

Defining Moustache Tips

When your beard is fully grown to cover your bottom face and mouth, it looks attractive to define the look. You can do that as this man did; to have pointed tips by styling the ends of the moustache.

Lush with lift

If given the right style, even baby faces can look manly. The beard begins just above the jaw line in this look and finishes just below again, and the moustache is thick at the ends with a slight raise.

Curly Beard

Curly beard hair has the potential to look unruly but if you keep it trimmed and styled with a medium length, like this one, there is no chance.

Squared Away

This wavy beard was cut into a square off form, eye-catching with its fiery ginger hue. The beard’s moustache, soul patch and front section are a lighter shade which adds to this fine beard’s appeal.

Artistic feeling? In your beard, express it! Using specialized wax to mix and style the stands at the ends of your moustache as you see it here.

Chin Up

This beard is somewhat longer over the area of the chin, adding length to the face. The hair of the face has been grown all around and the moustache is subtly separated from the beard.

Super Clips and Open Lips

This beard has been perfectly trimmed and paired with a super short moustache that extends right next to the lips into the facial hair.

Tidy Top

The top section is formed from the ends of the sides and drawn into the middle of the head to form a convergence. The converged top ends in tips creating a smooth straight line of strings. For a young look, it’s easy and a definite grab.

Rocker style There are people who can’t imagine their head without the type of rock on it. You know they’re not wrong as this is a top-end cut that wouldn’t be thought twice by many people. Perfect spikes are given to the front while the sides and back are faded smoothly. It is designed to provide you with a modern’ coolness,’ making it easier to make a decision.
Of course, no one would resist a simple way to look stunning and this is such an improvement to the faux hawk fade hairstyle. It has been around since the punk rock revolution, but due to the constant updates, its success has never died down. It’s edgy, cocky, and you’re terribly wrong if you felt it couldn’t be taken seriously. Here’s a rich 70cut list that’s going to reinvent your style into a brand new brand.

Acute Kite

Isn’t it a daring move to look like that hawk on your head? Especially if you are a music artist, it’s and you’re the catch. Sides, back and back head drop are groomed into a smooth fall that tempts onlookers to touch it. The top front is left with straight long strings that are bent slightly to the right. Finally, it’s great to put out that secret seriousness.

Crocodile Spine

All skin is comfortable and beautifully oiled. The sides are cleared as the dominant section to leave the edge. The top’s middle bundles are formed into what looks like a crocodile’s spine scales. Girls won’t miss this and you’re going to be their favorite.

Full Sides

Unlike many hawk cuts, this one goes against the grain to cover the sides. They’re touched only to look like they’re shorter in order to keep their attention on top. At the tips, the top patch is made of ascurls and groove backwards. With such an appearance, you can go for your professional commitments and be noted for your trendiness.

Wavy Wild

Some people often find it gross to say yes to the natural texture of their skin. You’ve probably never found a style in every strand that would make your natural hair outstanding. You need tapered sides to do this style and leave your top patch to do its natural wave and roll. You’re going to get the bold photo on your hair that you’ve always wanted.

Subtle Kind

No one would miss seeing how stunning this guy is and all the eye-catching hairstyle has been revealed. The top head hair is pushed to the front to do its natural thing, but not all of it makes the smooth bow. Many strings defy the bow and remain spiked, so you can’t deny the imagination that sits on your head at last.

Rat Tail

This style drew so much fuss in the 80s and remained strong throughout these years but not without some upgrades. While the back is designed to look like a rat tail, the sides are shaved. It’s a beauty to look at as the edges are so concise and beautifully done. The top grows wider and a flat crisscross is formed by strands from the opposite sides.

Messy Top with

Bangs find their way into the fake Mohawk just like their existence and the final results are amazing. In a scattered formation, the top is wide but left. It seems to be rough, but that’s the intention. Some short strands are dropped on the foreline to point to the forehead, but they make only a short contact. If you are interested enough to see how each section complements each other, you can tell their grandeur.

Precise bridged

Every top mop strand is in its place. To create a strong contrast with what is coming on top, the sides are polished into a smooth texture. The bridged situation is at the back head fall where the area of the nape is isolated from the top patches of the chest. It’s an easy cut that doesn’t need a lot of attention to stay intact.

Wide Parted

The way the haircut is split will make it a success or a flop. But don’t worry about the flopping as this is the match of all those who want to go deep in their hairstyle. The partitions form two layers on the edges, which are then faded in varying degrees. The top is understated, with a combing of the bottom.

Block Look

Clear sides give way to a rectangular top with a higher front. The rise starts at the back of the neckline and gradually grows to the frontline. It is grooved on the front in an upward twist, but it makes an abrupt inward turn. Here’s the promise to have it all for the guy who loves class.


Your workplace has a fashion code and you may seem rude to break it with your unsuitable hairstyle. You don’t have to mess with where your bread comes from when your formal look can be served by the professional guy hairstyle. The top is left in medium size and molded into a lofty look with sides shaved and brushed to a smooth fall. It’s a design for those who just need to impress your boss because they don’t want a dull taste.
Baked Crown

The lower sides of the ears are rasped bare to act as the top crown’s origin. The hair is given a slight trim from the front right down to the neckline. At the top, a brown-baked layer is added and runs to the neck the same way. It’s a cute look of a guy that will turn heads wherever you go.

Extreme Long

It’s a show of boldness and appreciation for what you think is your style. Sides shaved to the skin create a contrast that can go as long as you want with the long top. To form a dense canopy, it stays upright and only bends at the edges.

Fohawk Sweep

You must be shocked at this cut’s ingenuity because you never knew you could have a side sweep for the haircuts of the bubble community. Sure, the front top and the nape are split to differentiate between sweeps. It’s wild, famous, and every time you feel like it, you can have that look.

Buzzing Back

Cleansing of the skin on the sides and back. The top is left with what looks like a patch inspired by the military, but there are more changes to this one. Groups of strands are pulled towards the middle from the opposite corners of the top but do not make any contact. They’re leaving a thin line between them.

Long spiky

No skin on the sides but flattened in order to create a traditional hawk top look. The top is left to medium length and then made to form spikes that run at the front. Simplicity is here, and without any jitters you can go to your serious events.

Short refined

Looking beautiful is not such a high toll in a simple hairdo. The back and sides were balanced to a smooth fade not revealing the hair. To achieve a blunt look, the top is elevated but given quite a trim. It’s just the small patch below the front hairline that is left with some tips that are also smooth and polished.

Cardinal Cap

You would notice from the front a shape that looks like the popular cap worn by many ancient clerics. To have a pointed tip and a wider base, the top hair is grouped. The cap-like look is ruined by the back, which makes a wide fall to the backline, though shorter than the tip.

Natural Curly

Wouldn’t it be the most beautiful choice to leave the natural toughness and coils of your hair? You thought you were right. To get rid of any curls, the sides are trimmed here. The top is what’s left with its curls and spikes, and just amazing are the results.

Bangs Wavy Quiff

The best part of this cut is the fact that you don’t have to look perfect. It’s already in great shape and you wouldn’t look any less impressive at a random photo shoot. The sides are finely combed and groomed into a thick layer. With its waves, the top is left and then drawn to the front. A bundle of strands fall as bangs on the front.

Medium Faux

Doesn’t mean this is the length you can have only for your hawk faux, you can make it short or longer. It’s a flexible style that matches your preferences. While the nape is tapered to create a rounded rim, the sides are skinned. To order to create a Mohawk image, the middle and top patch are left long.

Layered Top

It promises to look great to form certain layers with your hair. The layered top combed the sides down, leaving a smooth and uniform field. The top is divided into two: the outer flat layer and the middle spiny top. It would be a perfect look for great performers and in your good appeal you don’t miss a thing.

Long Banged

Boldness is something people would like to show in all they do. For long hawk for bangs, you would also like to show your bravery. In the top-front racing field, superbly fading sides usher. On the front, a dominance that is not normal in many cuts is extended beyond the front. You’re going to be the city’s talk and inspire many others to do the same.

Long dropping sides

If you’re a guy who wants to keep the side mane intact, here’s your pick. At the front hairline, a spiky end is given to the top in medium size. In a bundle that falls over the neck region, the sides are left long and coiffured. It’s a professional-looking design and knowing you’re’ cool’ you can knock doors on all occasions.

Lovely Spikes

If you know spikes that can only be used during war, you should know them for love now. You can see how beautiful a guy you’d be by tending the hair of your sides to form a flatbed while leaving the top patch longer and spiked. A forward flip is given and all you can see in a simple haircut is love.

The Celeb

You’ve seen a lot of hair-style music and film stars. Not only can they have it; you can, too, send girls into a wasteland of admiration. The sides are cropped to form a fading effect effectively, and you can’t say it’s faked. The top strands of the middle and back face back while the front section remains curly and wild.

Slight flip

Just because it’s a top-end style you shouldn’t doubt, it looks polished and stunning. Downward drawn sides and an upward top blotch create a contrast that keeps your eyes watching. The top is combed straight up but given a slight twist, which you may not notice if you don’t want to.

High Smooth

Close skinned sides, marked by a straight line at the end, are the humble foundation of the high top. Only a little touches the patch on the head crown and then finely combes to the front. To shape a’ cavy’ impression, it is given a groovy turn on the front. Both the front and back are going to leave you in awe and you can’t resist the temptation.

Furrowed Hawk

This choice is your best choice for those with coarse hair and who want it in soft tone. The sides are designed to look like furrows from the race and travel upwards. They give way to the craziness that is long at the top, racy and pointing in different directions. If this is what you choose for the upcoming performance, you’re at your finest rocking look.

Young Boys Style

You’d be tempted to think that for big boys only fake hawk fade cuts were planned. That’s definitely not true because even the little boys can get their own pick. The sides are drawn into a drop and marks the start of the top patch where they begin. It is combined upwards to form a thin confluence.

Flat Wavy

It is not always important to be dense and lightweight like the 90s. It can have waves and curls and attain its original grandeur. The first things you will see on this magnificent cut are the fading and painted faces. A few inches from the skin rises the top patch and then flattened in waves with its strands.

Round-Faced Hawk

As you know, each face has a style. The round-faced guys would want something special to complement their appearance, and this is the perfect response to their needs. The sides drawn down and the top adapted to short Mohawk are what you get to appear trendy for your minimal efforts.

Cute Black

Reveals the elegance of your face by cutting off any hair strand on your forehead. The sides are finely rotated to create a smaller surface than the rest. The top is tilted to the back with only reserved combing, but left vertical with a spiky finish.

Buzzing Short

The top patch is dominantly buzzing. This effect is created by what appears to be rough tooth combs that have not finely brushed the hair. A clear cut line distinguishes the sides from each other. There is a shaved mass around the top that leaves the eye to concentrate on the short top-head buzz. If you don’t have a lot of time in your hands every morning to keep retouching your hair, then here’s how to get your way.

Shy Mohawk

The name was inspired by the fact that it is not a complete Mohawk cut since the middle spike top just goes as far as the back head fall and ends in a tapered impression. The sides were shaved cleanly to leave a not – so-wide patch resulting in the’ hawky’ crown.

Swirling Effect

It would not be noticed by many that this is another hawk family cut. You may be fooled by the short and flat landing top, but not after that. As the longer top is styled into complex backward swirls, the sides are shaved to the neck. This gives it an appeal in which you’d feel superior.

Girth Look

Another style that spares the sides but is combed to form a dense mop around the head this time around the front. The top is slightly lifted to create a Mohawk imitation. You can’t deny that redefining your fashion sense is one of the best looks.

Military Imitation

Major haircuts used to be in uniform for boys. That’s no longer the case, though, as you can have the look you like right now. This cut borrows a lot from the military look as the sides are pressed into a smooth bundle while the top looks hilly. The only thing that deviates from the archetypal martial cut is the distortion of the middle tip to rise high and pointing.

Medium Shaggy

You don’t need to get a fine tooth comb to give a polished touch to your bubbles. You can be shaggy in the top part and achieve a star’s attitude. The top is left to dominate your appearance with dropping sides. It’s left rough and once you touch it, you won’t believe the hair’s softness. You can’t complain about taking a lot of time to tend to your hair as you’re ready to go straight out of bed.

Extreme Thick

It is understood that the top of the hawk crown style is thin but the rules are redefined in the extreme thick haircut. The top is left in a thickset with the sides cut to a shorter length. It is allowed to make natural waves that only contribute to the thickness that the barber wanted to achieve is a clear intention.

Finger-Comb Long

This is one of the few styles you see here that you’ll use your fingers to style. The top is edgy left, running down into the chest. The sides are handled as the upper area is tapered as the lower area is washed to expose the hair.


Fade the sides to clear and run the top patch from the neck to the front of the hairline. Here’s the look that you get. The top mop racing the entire head length is left alone with each line. That’s the buzz, and when you see it from a distance it glows.